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America, Bless Israel Now!

Hear ye, hear ye! America wake up!

It is no laughing matter the state of the union we are living in today. Our country has imploded itself to evil unlimited. We have strayed so far from God we have no choice but to return. You would have thought 9/11 would have been more of a wake-up call than it was. Now we are literally shaking.

This present government has done everything in its power to undermine Israel. And for America that is almost the last straw where God is concerned.

America was founded on Godly principals no matter what atheists or agnostics say. And for the record those who claim such a position have yet to win the argument, “how can you fight against something you don’t believe in?”

We must repent. We must support Israel. We must remove the evils we have allowed to enter. We must get over ourselves.

Recently a 4 hour mini-series titled “The Dovekeepers” was on TV. Roma Downey and husband Mark Burnett made the movie based on the story of the “Masada.” Adding some Hollywood to the movie it was a love story; and a reflection of the Jews in 70 A.D. and the Roman Empire. Besides the history it portrays it also reveals the sins of Israel. You may find yourself in one of the actors.

Without being a “spoiler” I hope you will find a copy of this film and watch it. Understand it is based on truth.  Read the true story of the “Masada” and how the people of God at that time in history survived.

Below is a short video of Israel including the Masada. I hope you will watch it.




“If you look at the world you will be oppressed; if you look at yourself you will be depressed; but if you look at Jesus you will be at rest.”

Corrie ten Boom

Jesus is our “Shield” Genesis 15: 1 “After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I [am] your shield, your exceedingly great reward.”



Oh, those stones….

Have you ever wondered why God created stones?pharisee

Stones can be used in home decorating

Support for a levee

Crushed stones are good for mulch

To throw at Paula Deen


Some stones make beautiful jewelry

The Pharisees were such a devious group of Jews.  They strolled around in their expensive capes, adorned rings, and bracelets made of polished stones. The word “Pharisee” means to set apart or separate; a division this ancient sect took seriously.

Non-Pharisaic Jews and common people along with Gentiles never measured up to their educated, law abiding rules and doctrine. Today, they may be referred to as modern day Ivy League Academia or the “Venomous Vipers” of Religion and Institutionalism.

The story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery (John 8) is one of my favorites.  Now some of you may beg to differ here and that is fine, but my interpretation of Jesus’ actions are almost sarcastic!

In the “Bible” miniseries, Roma Downey and husband Mark Burnett portray the scene as an eloquent twist of Jesus’ disgust and repudiation.  Jesus actually picks up a stone, stretches his arm out and walks in front of each Pharisee as if to hand it to them individually. While he saunters by he says, “he who has never sinned, throw the first stone.”

One by one, their heads drop as they leave unable to punish this disgraceful reprobate of a woman as they planned.

Jesus outwitted them; stopped them in their filthy tracks with wisdom and knowledge in one sentence.


Isn’t it just “human” to deny the truth and return with a “blasphemous” attack? How dare Jesus humiliate them in public? How dare this man who claimed to be their “Messiah” choose to protect the lowest of low instead of guarding their sanctimonious reputations?

Jesus is a master of words and often made people angry. In Matthew 15, Jesus once again frustrates the Pharisees by referring to them as “unclean.”  The disciples told him he had offended them; as if Jesus cared.

He replies,”Every plant my Father has not planted will be pulled up by its roots. Leave them. They are blind guides.  The blind leading the blind means they will both fall into a pit.”

Stones have been gathered for centuries in the wake of self-glorification repetitiously playing out the enemy’s goals.

Puffed up ego’s and overreaching plume’s can only stretch so far before they are smashed.

Such is the rise and fall of fame and fortune as it sits in the halls of “pride and prejudice. “

And the pits of today await the stone throwers and their “useful idiots” as they are now lined up in no particular order.  Their view is blocked so the “sinkhole” in front of them isn’t showing up on their radar.

Don’t worry. They don’t usually all fall in at once.


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I Dunno

Whoops! I did it again.joyce-meyer-header

Yep, that’s right. You know; that old thing of doin’ the right thing but it didn’t quite come out the way I intended?

How often can I do this and get away with it?

Well, just keep asking for forgiveness. That way doin’ the wrong thing over and over gets redeemed. You know, like it gets fixed.

So, you sayin I can keep sinnin and then go to Sunday mornin service and repent?

Yep. That right. Why not? That’s what everbody else does ain’t it?

Well, I dunno. My mom never told me nothin like that.  She always says we need to be good; you know. None of that hanky-panky stuff cause one day we get caught and might not make it to Sunday. Then what do ya do?

Oh, I dunno. I guess go to hell?

Sorry, dumbing down will not excuse anyone.

We have the idea that as long as we play ignorant, or in other words “ignore” the truth, it will go away, not apply to us or eventually change.

Eventually change to what?

Whatever we need it to be.

After all God extends his grace to those who repent.

“You do not have a license to run the traffic lights and get away with it.”  (The actual line from the movie was: (Q) to Bond: “You don’t have a license to run the traffic lights. You have a License to kill.”)

The grace needed for those who really don’t understand the Bible, or God may be a result of no Holy Spirit intervention. You will have to ask God what his extension of grace applies here, but you are held accountable to a point of what you presently know and live by.

Reading articles about the man who has just stepped down as the Presidential Pastor, I was shocked at his viewpoints of the President’s faith.

Joshua DuBois, a Nashville Pentecostal Preacher has been Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships for the last 7 years.

Speaking of the President’s Christian beliefs he said and I quote, “President Obama is a Bible-believing Christian — he believes in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus,” he said. “But he also believes that the way you live your faith out in the world is critically important.” He added the Christian faith had shaped the President’s life.  From an article of the http://www.tennessean.com/



What Bible is he reading?

My Bible does not promote homosexuality, abortion, welfare, unfair taxation, class warfare, gun control, national healthcare or socialism to sum it up. It specifically speaks over and over and over of the Nation of Israel as being God’s country and people and how God will deal with those who go against his promise to the Jewish people.  I wish I could say for sure his latest and only trip to Israel this past month illuminated a glowing love and concern for Israel, but it only left me with the question, “is this for real?

My Bible is explicitly against these issues yet this Preacher claims the President is reading his Bible every day and living by it?

I really hope I am wrong here. What accountability does this Pastor have? Does he have inside information from the President he is obviously not telling us? Most likely, but if he agrees with this President’s mandated proclamations that are opposite of the Bible, what is he preaching?

Believe me. Nothing would make me happier than to have President Obama step up to an unscripted podium and say,

“I have been wrong about many things such as supporting gay marriage, abortion, gun control, budget issues, welfare problems, class warfare and ISRAEL. God has revealed this to me in a way I cannot refuse.  I have repented of these evils and know now I must change the way I live, lead and speak. I ask for your patience as I am a work in progress like many of you. But, I have seen the light. There will be many of you who will be shocked, angry and question my decisions now, but it is my prayer that as God has shown me the light, he will also show it to you.”

Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”


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Resurrection Day: A Coming Together

For the one who seeks, searches and yearns to get to know the Savior, there is one moment in time unlike any other.

This flash of revelation makes sense of everything.

Photo by John Randolph Harrison

Photo by John Randolph Harrison

The why, what, who, when and where of life is answered in an instant.

It is a “coming together” of the spirit, soul and mind centered on Jesus.

Questioning how a person can be the solution to every problem that has ever existed seems impossible, but it is what it is.

In the blink of an eye God will reveal truth; pure, unadulterated truth in the form of his son. Genuine life given to all mankind out of the simple love of God for his children.

Beginning this journey can come in the humor of God’s character even for the seriousness it represents.

God is God and he can do what he wants, when he wants. He has a wild imagination when it comes to saving souls; even to the inspired use of props unlikely fitting for his purpose. But it works.

Whatever he uses, be it a friend, book or movie the end result confirms the death and Resurrection. Somehow it leads to that hill of death.

As the horror sets in of the Cross of Christ, that moment in time places the searching soul at his bloody, pierced feet and nailed hands. Noticing the beaten and bruised body, and the disfigurement of hatred the reality that the lost soul had as much to do with Jesus crucifixion as the Roman soldiers did who physically hung him.

Understanding his misery, pain and agony is the stepping stone of why he went through the worst death in history. Every sin is re-posted on that cross but his blood shed cleared the defendants who committed them.

The repentant sinner’s heart is cleansed, purified and saved from eternity away from the Father. He has opened the gate and let us in.

There really is no comparable to match this outcome.

The “coming together” lends itself to total redemption for humans that don’t deserve anything good. If that doesn’t change a person, they haven’t truly been to the cross.

Folks this is no movie.

Photo by Randy Harrisonhttp://www.pbase.com/jrandyh

Photo by Randy Harrison

The hill of death may be today,

But as Jesus hung as “The King of the Jews” on Friday, his love for us looked past the pain.

Jesus was looking at Sunday.


The 2nd Day


A wise person once told me, “When a person(s) start losing that which is important to them, they become mean.”

America has become a mean nation.

50 some years ago we kicked God out of our schools which began a “ripple” effect to public venues and wherever the atheists/agnostics pursue a removal of anything Christian.

The list of losses from jobs, to homes and vacations to raising taxes, mandating affordable health care that isn’t affordable is grieving our pocketbooks. Don’t get me started on “the pain at the pump.”

Wickedness has spread like wildfire into wasteful spending, abortion, gay rights and a generation of uneducated youth. Crime and violence is rampant setting the stage for a fight for the 2nd Amendment.

Take away a person’s right to bear arms in their own defense is like telling the cat to stop chasing that mouse.  Take away the hole in the wall the mouse is used to running into and he has no defense from a furry, predatory feline.

The cat will instinctively chase the mouse who will instinctively run and hide. You could stand there all day long fussing and fuming at the cat for chasing the mouse and it would do no good. The cat will just think you are stupid.

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty what we think we are losing is not the center of our personalities fuming.

It is the plight of our hearts; the mood and position we have established within us.

Our greed is destroying us. Keeping up with the Kardashians isn’t sensible much less important.

The outer skin is revealing how deep the cuts are.

I had a conversation with someone who works directly with customers. A common thread are those who approach them with an attitude of hate, critical mindedness and frustration. Unfortunately, this worker gets the brunt of their ravaged plunder. Taking out their prejudicial trash on an hourly worker is cowardly at best. Knowing this worker had nothing to do with this defiled wreck of a human, the animosity and antagonism was uncalled for and wrong.

This atmospheric condition looming over our nation is a disconnect from the Cross of Christ.

The cover of the April 8, 1966 edition of Time magazine asked the question “Is God Dead?

Many believed this as the Atheist movement began to take off. Our nation defaulted into ungodliness, immorality and all things unsacred.

As a result we laughed and mocked him as he wearily carried his cross up that hill.

The crown of thorns was pushed deeper into his skull while his friends cried “He is the King of the Jews.”

Others pounded more nails into his hands and feet instead of removing them.

The card players rolled the dice to win his soiled robe as he hung bleeding and bruised.

Crucifying him over and over we wonder why we are stuck on the 2nd day.

In between the 1st and 3rd day left us in the depths of the grave promoting death instead of life.

While the antics of evil captured the souls of America, he arose in glowing fashion spreading peace, love and joy.

Resurrecting the truth, he really was the “King of the Jews.”

He is very much alive, waiting for the world to acknowledge his presence.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the 3rd day.

Mark 16:6 And he said to them, “Do not be amazed; you are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who has been crucified. He has risen; He is not here; behold, here is the place where they laid Him.”






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Kings, Queens and the Jack of All Spades

The game of Rummy at our house is an at risk activity.

deck of cards

deck of cards (Photo credit: Fatty Tuna)

We are compelled to annihilate each other to the point of no return.

The competitive nature reels through our veins as if our lives depended on it.

Having been a marked adversary in college for the game of Spades, Rummy is now a daily battle of wits, intellectual fervor, and at times the hurling of cards across the kitchen table.

The opposite player redeems himself at a certain point of losing, to risk it all. The all out desire to win suddenly becomes a match of wills, seemingly clever tactics of sly or cowardly choices or the acceptance that “there is nothing left to lose here.”

Noticing this obvious change in one’s attitude, the winning opponent is set on the defensive. The losing adversary quickly collects more cards than the manufacturer made filling his hands full of Kings, Queens, Jacks and hopefully all the Aces. The race is on as the two or three players try to remember what cards the losing player acquired.

There have been times when this process has been an ill fated loss for the one holding the most cards ending with a shower of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades all over the floor.

Reminding ourselves when it is all over it is just a game is it is just a game. However, it is never over for the loser. The dream arises of the next official competition and the display of unknown skills to show up bringing shock to their opponent’s system.

Risking it all sets in motion a willingness to do whatever it takes (removing from that the alternative of cheating) to win.

As in cards life often requires risks.

One will do almost anything to find water when the well is dried up.

Another will do almost anything to find food when your cupboard is bare.

Unfortunately, we go about finding food and water in all the wrong places. The disappointment or let down is a circle of events bringing us back to the empty well and cupboard.

Grabbing for any crumbs or the few rain drops over our heads we fail to see the bucket of fresh water sitting beside the dried up well or the basket of fish and bread next to the counter. It was there all along but we would have had to risk it all to receive it.

Many would starve or die of thirst before admitting the truth. The pride of risking it all for the one who risked it all for us simply isn’t politically correct or acceptable in a society of self-sufficient idiots.

Whoever gave us the idea we are perfect and don’t need a Savior should be pushing a barren cart around the grocery store or viewing the mirage of water in the desert as a means of prideful restoration. Who cares if you have no money…you’re starving. Can I please have that cup of water?

All of a sudden risking it all for a morsel of food or a few sips of water overrides the opinions of others, the embarrassment of lack or the dispute of your priorities.

John 4:7-10 When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, “Will you give me a drink?”  (His disciples had gone into the town to buy food.)

The Samaritan woman said to him, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” (For Jews do not associate with Samaritans.)

Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”

So what was wrong with it in the first place?

Why are we so resembling of the Israelites? Because we are the Israelites; Complaining, whining, mumbling nomads who would rather have a fashionable, favorable, and noted reputation than eat.

Why would we extend ourselves an eternity with the Creator of the Universe for a few years/decades of mutual admiration from the distrusting society of political correctness?

The enemy has shown us the delicacies of the world. He has blown out of proportion the treasures of a moment of fame or fortune. He has thrown us an empty cupboard or dry well of lies that we fell for, hook, line and sinker.

Having been there and done that more times than I would like to confess, at least now the hook has been removed from my throat. And I say that willingly.

It was my choice to stop following the crowd and follow Jesus even as I stumble and fall repeatedly. He is the Savior of “effort” and gives his grace infinitely.

He helps me up, brushes the dirt off my weary soul and comforts me with his presence.

The keynote is letting go; realizing hitting bottom is often where Jesus is found.  Not because he wasn’t in plain sight, but we refuse to recognize him until our cup has no refill and the waitress has gone home.

No one else can do for us what Jesus did and does.

There are no substitutes, filled glasses or cupboards that will end our famine or thirst.

He did it all; and in one weekend that changed the course of history.

Playing Rummy, it is so easy to risk it all when losing because you have nothing left to lose.

So it should be in life, but we don’t have to hit rock bottom.

Just look up. The cross is no longer underground.

Jesus carried it up a hill and left it there. He doesn’t need it anymore.

But we do if for no other reason but to remind us that he did risk it all for us.

John 7: 15 The woman said to him, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water.”





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