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Black Friday is a Cup of Coffee in my Swivel Chair

Sorry, but the Black Friday shopper is not me. Statistics reveal online shopping is up 18% this year. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to sleep out in the cold and get run over by flocks of early morning risers with bad attitudes?

Oh. That’s right. America isn’t in its right mind.

We are interested in beating the crowd with the best deal.

What’s the point in Thanksgiving Day? Why bother?

Newspapers and Media swamp us with ads to buy the latest ipad, cologne or trinket before we carve the turkey.

I remember when stores were closed Thanksgiving Day.

I remember when Black Friday didn’t exist.

So what happened? The love of money took over.

1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

The link below is a short article about a man who took his girlfriend’s son with him for Black Friday shopping. He found what he was looking for but forgot the kid.


Is it me or are we fading into a sinkhole of materialism? I refuse to be a “material girl.”

While stores ravage us as early as possible for any kind of holiday spread, we fall for the atmosphere of wanting the most up-to-date technology, car or jeans.

Who cares about the brand new Lexus Joe and Betty down the street just bought. Of course! How foolish of me. They are up to their neck in debt.

It grates at my nerves the number of people living beyond their means and then they have the audacity to complain about what they don’t have.

Get a budget. Live within the budget. Stop complaining.

The Hostess company has filed to liquidate after mediation failed with the union. No problem screams the protesters! We will get a job with the new owners……duh…..

Really? Before you greedily walked out and forced an 82 year old American dream to shut down did you think about that? Why should anyone hire you? You are a “protesting risk” now.

Funny how our reputations follow us around.




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The Grave of Love

I cannot sit through the “Passion of the Christ.”

God must have known not to bring me into this world when his death actually happened.  He knew I couldn’t even watch the movie without falling apart.

Cover of "The Passion of the Christ (Defi...

Cover via Amazonworld when Jesus really died.

Today, knowing so many years ago our Savior was crucified hits me hard. Imagining how much he suffered and the pain he experienced weighs heavily upon my fragile heart.

Reading testimonies of how Jesus has touched lives and they have been changed is why he was born in the first place. How unbelievable is that? You are born specifically to save everyone else. Grabbing hold of such conviction extends far beyond anything natural.

Years ago when I first realized why Jesus was born I was stricken with questions.

“Was it really true? Did God really do this?”

Not long after understanding the wonder of the most historical event in history, the shock set in. Waves of God’s love poured over me like a waterfall. Pursuing his story and life emerged into a rush to learn everything I could about him. I grew up in a Christian family and church but never experienced anything like this before.

The best term to describe it was I was “smitten.”

God is so much more than what we see.

God is supernatural; his ways are far more than we will ever know.

God is our Father who loves us more than ever. He sent Jesus to give us that love.

God is not just an experience or a moment in time that changes us forever.

God is the center. God is the purest form of life there is. God makes sense when nothing else does.

Allow yourselves to pursue Jesus; reach into the sea of love he gave you when he died.

Allow Jesus to rock your world. He has certainly rocked mine.


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Polls of Betrayal

I never received that phone call. They have never called me. Who are they calling?

A box of Grape-Nuts cereal

A box of Grape-Nuts cereal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No one has ever called me for an opinion poll.

Opinion polls are all over the internet now. They want answers to important issues. Click to vote. But who is voting? Do they care who is voting? No! But I want to be heard….

Yahoo usually has an opinion poll.  Questions like what was Kim Kardashian wearing yesterday or should Roseanne Barr run for President?

Sorry. Important as these issues are some demand our undivided attention.

Serious polls like:

“What do you eat for breakfast?” 1. Toast 2. Pop tart 3. Grape Nuts(Larry Who)

“Do you think Ashton and Demi should get back together?” 1. Yes. 2. No

Should Katie Couric work or stay home?” 1. Work 2.Stay home

“Did Nancy Pelosi break her blue cup?” 1. Yes   2. No

My assessment of life’s mysteries is worth considering. For instance:

What I eat for breakfast may not be any of those 3 unless you are with Larry Who who can’t live without his Grape Nuts.

I am divorced and was cheated on just like Demi. Maybe I could offer her some “womanly advice” on philandering bigamist husbands like Ashton.

Katie Couric seems like a nice lady.

Oh that “blue cup” Nancy Pelosi broke. I have one I can give her.

Modern day is no different from that of when Jesus walked on earth; people want to be heard and understood. The overwhelming command to be acknowledged or seen in high regard is a universal language even to the depths of betrayal and death.

Polls were taken amongst the hierarchy of the Pharisees and Scribes as to the fate of Jesus.

Mark 3:16 “Then the Pharisees went out and began to plot with the Herodians how they might kill Jesus.”

The Pharisees handed Jesus over to the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. His cowardly heart wanted nothing to do with the hanging of this man so he allowed the Jews to do it for him. As they screamed and taunted his name it was evident the answer to their poll was “Crucify him.”

John 19:16 “Finally Pilate handed him over to them to be crucified.

As Jesus hung dying on a horrid cross, Roman soldiers beneath his feet were rolling dice to see who would win his robe.

John 19:23-24 “When the soldiers crucified Jesus, they took his clothes, dividing them into four shares, one for each of them, with the undergarment remaining. This garment was seamless, woven in one piece from top to bottom.

 “Let’s not tear it,” they said to one another. “Let’s decide by lot who will get it.”

   This happened that the scripture might be fulfilled that said,

   “They divided my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment.”

   So this is what the soldiers did.

I have difficulty imagining playing a game of any kind beneath a cross while anyone would be crucified, but my Lord?

If the Roman soldiers were told later he had risen, how did they feel? Was it the Roman Centurion who was impressed with Jesus as he watched him die that won the garment of one piece? If not, which one? Whoever won it, did they have any idea they may have received one of the most important pieces of fabric in history?

A poll decided who would take Jesus into custody.

A poll determined his fate by his own people.

A poll concluded which Roman Soldier won his undergarment.

How could a life be reduced to the numbers of a poll?

How could a life be so inconsequential his trial and sentence were determined by a rowdy crowd?

How could a life be so meaningless his clothing was considered a tossup?

That’s just it. His life wasn’t meaningless, inconsequential or reduced to nothing.

His life is the Alpha and Omega. The Lamb of God. The Prince of Peace.

Savior of the world. Jesus is all that matters. And he is risen.


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Todays News or is it just Heartburn?

Nothing surprises me anymore.

The world is in chaos.

Obama care is now attacking Catholics? Is that smart? Maybe they should pick on a smaller group of people. The Catholics are fighting back. YEA!

I just read where couples can  go to the Netherlands to the “Divorce Hotel” and in two days walk out divorced. I wonder if they sleep in the same room?

Then there is the article on “Show your pets some love.”  What about all those divorced couples who just left the “Divorce Hotel?” Don’t they need love now more than ever? Our cat is showered with love. OH, they want you to buy your pet a Valentine gift. What about me?

Of course there is the mess now with the Susan B. Komen organization. I have never given money to them and for sure I won’t now.

English: Mostly Red Peppers

Image via Wikipedia

Don’t eat hot chili peppers. They cause heartburn. What? Like I didn’t know that? Anybody with half an esophagus has felt that heat!

Starbucks announces 12 drinks on their “secret menu.” A secret menu? Recipes from customers and employees that are kept quiet. LOT OF GOOD IT DOES ME! WE DON’T HAVE A STARBUCKS!

I know we need diversions from the everyday political drama, wars and infomercials,  but woe is us.

My cat is not getting a Valentine present.

Don’t need another divorce.

Don’t like hot chili peppers so I am off that hook.

Where, how much and to whom I donate is between God and me.

The discussion of contraception being sold by Catholics is not even up for discussion. or shouldn’t be.

“Starbucks?” well, I am just mad at them. The owner must not think my town is worth their coffee. So they have lost my business! oh, that’s right. We don’t have their business.

So this is today’s news. These are issues I read on the news wire.

Does anyone care about hot chili peppers as if they didn’t know they caused heartburn? And why would a divorce couple to be want to go to a “Divorce Hotel?” Does your pet know when Valentines day is? Do you think God cares what you do with the money he gives you? Do you think the government would like to be run by the Catholic church? Do you think Starbucks cares at all what I think?

News is not always news. Some issues are reasonable, some are useless pieces of information, others are necessary. Some are the result of a Godless society.

The days of “That’s the way it is” by Walter Cronkite are over. Days of unbiased, respectful news are long gone.

English: Walter Cronkite takes the helm of Con...

Image via Wikipedia

The political divide has taken over; and I for one want to see a different kind of news with a different kind of country.

The prognosticators speak as if they are God.  The media tell you what they want you to believe. You know the saying,

“What you hear most is what you will believe.”

If you aren’t careful, listening to the wrong things will take over your life. It is brainwashing. Manipulation.  Mind control.

Soaking your brain in a daily dose of the news can alter your thinking.

News is not the only limitation here. Entertainment, books, movies, tv are not excluded from mind control.

This is why we need to clothe ourselves with God’s word. The Bible is the truth. It sets us free.

The good news is the saying, “what you hear most is what you believe” can also be true of God’s word.

Instead of drenching yourselves in less than helpful news, or useless TV or movies, or music laced with vulgarities, why not read the Bible?

You will see the world differently. You will see yourself differently.

You might even get your pet a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Or better yet, you might get a call from Starbucks telling you they are coming to your town.

English: Starbucks at West Coast Plaza, Singapore

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All I Wanted Was Some Yogurt

Here we are the day after Christmas. It seems normal again. Not sure if that is good or not but it is what it is.

Español: Un Wal-Mart remodelado en la Ciudad d...

Image via Wikipedia

My list for a trip to Wal-Mart was ready even with my unwillingness to go. It is not my favorite hang out. Shopping there is out of necessity only.

In the back of my mind I thought, “I wonder if there are lines of people bringing presents to exchange?”  To my surprise, there weren’t many. In fact the store was not that crowded. Christmas must have been successful.

If Wal-Mart wasn’t over loaded with mundane, dissatisfied  customers who wanted to exchange that awful sweater for an even uglier pair of pants, Santa must have done his job despite the economy.

Now I want to complain.

Even though a flood of shoppers had not invaded the store, Wal-Mart had set up a rack of clothes a mile long in one of the aisles. Considering the large green carts and the in-considerate customers getting around this unsightly block of pajamas was like surfing in Nebraska.

Weaving in and out between colors of green, red and yellow I was drowning in a sea of smelly flannel. Memories of yesteryear flooded my intellect. My mother who was an excellent seamstress when I was a child made me go to the local pattern and material store so she could sew clothes  for money.  The minute you walked through the door you experienced a maze of every possible color God created. Along with the many shades and hue’s was a stench of fresh, new fabrics. Ugh. It made me sneeze and my eyes watered uncontrollably.

I am highly allergic to dust which I found out later in life. New fabric lends itself to excessive lent which is often accompanied by dust.

Fearing a recurring fit would invade my nose, I darted around people, carts and children. No one seem to care that I was running for my life. How do you explain to a bunch of after Christmas bargain hunters that I needed to escape this cataclysmic heap of flannel?

All of a sudden I found myself locked in a claustrophobic trap. People were not moving. Blocked in by screaming kids, carts full of more flannel, and displays of cosmetics I wanted to scream “let me out of here!”

Now this is where a Christian attitude should kick in. Instead of staying calm and peaceful, I stood there waiting with what I am sure was a face of impatient disgust. Did anyone care? No!  The bargain hunters wandered through the rack of pajamas cluttering up the pathway of the aisle keeping those of us disinterested in flannel from going about our shopping business.

In case you haven’t  figured this out, I don’t enjoy shopping; at least not anymore. The reasons why are for another day.

After a few more moments of blocked traffic I yelled, “EXCUSE ME!”  That got their attention. They moved out of my way.

Yoghurt and raspberries

Image via Wikipedia

Rather please with my authority I rode off into the free world of pet food, yogurt and sweet potatoes. Feeling free without watery eyes I went through the check out and left.

On the way home I thought, ‘hmmm, is it me or are people in general in-considerate?” Was I wrong for expressing myself in such a vocal cord?

No, I think there are many people who just aren’t wired to code. Their antenna’s are pointing in the wrong direction.

They are about as bright as a burnt out 20 watt light bulb.

Maybe I will suggest they ask God to  help them become one of those 60 watt light bulbs I wrote about yesterday.  If they insist on blocking traffic in the women’s underwear department of Wal-Mart, at least they could be a shining light for God while doing it.

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It’s Christmas Dinner At My Uncle’s House, So Who Are These People?

My Parents

Family on my dad’s side come together for a Christmas Meal usually about a week before Christmas. We just returned from a house full at my Uncle’s.   I filled up on  Honey Baked Ham, macaroni and cheese, green beans, sweet potato casserole, potato salad, something else that was on my plate that I can’t remember. Dessert was home made banana pudding.

Over the years we have lost some dear family members and added some new. Some were missing today due to living elsewhere, recovering from exams, throwing their own party or watching the Panthers actually….I won’t say it.

From my great mathematics ability I counted about 25 of us there. Had all attended, the count would have been over 30. This was a landmark for us because last year at this time my dad was recovering from his 2nd surgery in 6 months and was unable to attend.  He is now the oldest of this group at the age of 85.  He lost his older brother in November 2010 to a heart attack. His 2 younger brothers were there; one a retired Presbyterian Minister and the other one who is a bachelor with all the money.

We are all so use to each other it is as if we pick up right where we left off especially for those like me who live 3 hours away. I was in college with my brother and  2 cousins all at the same time. While I was the freshman, my cousins were both Juniors and my brother was a Senior. We had one car between the 4 of us. Re-phrase: There was one car between the three of them because they never let me use it.  I made a point to remind them how this lack of transportation affected my college experience. None were the least bit sympathetic of their outright devotion to the ugliest brown Dodge Monaco on the planet. This boat of a car managed to get them to the “water hole” as it was called for useful time spent on one of 2 pinball machines and some very nasty beverages.  The “water hole” was a corner gas station that offered or still offers a place for the students to hang out in what I would describe as the usual dump. As the typical family feud over the car continued, they blamed each other for leaving me out on the street.

My Cousin Rick

All enjoyed our time together along with a great meal. Conversations rendered themselves to who is doing what, where and why and why isn’t everyone who is suppose to be there not there? After the meal some sat and yawned ready for their afternoon nap, others flew out the door to catch what was left of the Panthers game while others were in the kitchen cleaning up.

I looked around and saw faces that had aged, bellies that had grown and  kids that use to be shorter than me who were now in or out of college that I didn’t recognize.

Standard posture for our family who is close in proximity and heart. When you see each other all the time it doesn’t take long to be together except for those of us who live elsewhere. From one who lives 3 hours away it gives family a whole new meaning.

I am blessed to be a part of a group knit together as we are even in our differences. As the saying goes, “we are blood related” and it is thick.

God in his great mercy gave me a blood line tracing back to the 1700’s that I know of. The intricacies and interwoven connections are indisputably God’s doing. There is no way that my family came out of some “big bang theory.”

Gregg, My Sister Mary Anne and Vicki

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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, But Will He Come To Your House?

Let’s just  ask ourselves a question. Have you been good enough this past year to warrant Santa coming to your house?

I can already hear the “Ummmm,,,,,well,,,,,,maybe?” What is the definition of good? According to Merriam Webster dictionary it is

“A favorable character or tendency, agreeable, fit, suitable, pleasant, virtuous, right, kind, benevolent, commendable….etc.” Did you get the picture? or should I draw one? No, then you really wouldn’t get it.

Growing up I never once thought I wasn’t good enough to get presents from anyone, much less Santa. Had that happened I would have been seriously offended. I was a terrible liar, always ate my dinner, and was the perfect daughter. Why wouldn’t I be good enough? (please don’t contact my parents for confirmation on this or I will find you.)

In my little mind, I did wonder about some of my friends. There were these two boys who lived across the street who were always mean, rude and had big mouths. No one liked them.

I could include my older brother. He never let me play with his toys especially his baseball caps and gun and holster set. He never let me go in his room. He was mean and always wanted to fight. I didn’t like him too much either.

My cousin who was also older always picked on me. He wasn’t mean but made fun of how short I was. I knew something wasn’t right with him when he brought home a baby alligator and made it his pet. His parents were not too happy about this. He had this huge wash pan he would fill up with water for the alligator to stay in. Then one hot summer day he went to check on him only to find he had dried up from lack of water and died.

So far my family is not fairing very well in the “good” department.

There are many religions floating around who expect people to be good enough for whatever it is they offer. I am so glad I don’t belong to any of those. As perfect as I may be I still wouldn’t be good enough.

How can that be? How can a particular religion decide who is good enough and who isn’t? And may I ask who does the deciding? Once the decision is made what is their reward? So many questions.

Is it someone who is better than the rest of us? Have they passed all of the tests? For that matter who wrote the tests? Whoosh. I am exhausted just thinking about how stressful that must be.

Following Jesus doesn’t require us to be “good enough.” We will never be good enough except through him. We have the option to accept him and his deliverance or take a very long trip to Hell, Michigan. http://hell2u.com. Hope you got that one. If not, let me know and I will explain.

Jesus came to save us. Not just some of us. All of us. And he doesn’t expect you to be perfect when you ask. In fact, he meets us where we are. Doesn’t matter what we have done or when we did it. If we all had to be perfect to ask, I guess no one would get in the pearly gates. That should tell you something.

While you ponder the difference between Christianity and those other religions, remember this. No other religion offers a Savior who died for you. No other religion can save you. No other religion offers the Love of God like our Heavenly Father. No other religion accepts you as you are.

No other religion has Jesus.


Scrooge Doesn’t Live Here: Jesus Does.

They are at it again. In fact they have been for quite some time. I am talking about the Thanksgiving and Christmas Police.

They raid the stores the day after Halloween filling them up with turkeys, stuffing mix, cranberries, pumpkin pies, and Horn of Plenty tablecloths. Walk down another aisle and you will find Santa Claus talking to you through a microphone. Beside him are some elves, shirts with Frosty drinking coffee and holiday decorations for as far as you can see. THEY MUST BE STOPPED. IT IS TOO EARLY. 

Growing up we managed to get through Thanksgiving before doing anything about Christmas. Now it is as if they are compiled together for the sake of funding the vast majority of shops, stores and their owners.  Again, it is all about competition with the almighty dollar as the referee.

My husband thinks I am a cynic and has accused me of not liking Christmas.  He just said to me “are you watching a Christmas movie before Thanksgiving?” Maybe if there was something else worth watching like James Bond I would.

If it makes me a cynic that Thanksgiving and Christmas are not about money, giving presents to each other when we don’t need them and dining around the clock with food that is unhealthy and fattening, then I claim that attitude with anger, frustration and a sense of sadness to boot. If I am a cynic because most people don’t celebrate Christmas for what it truly is, then call me a cynic twice.

I have to ask God, “what do you think of the way we have ruined your son’s birthday?” “God, have we completely lost our way with you that we have pushed him aside so that he celebrates it alone and unnoticed?”

Forgive me if I am sounding as if I have no Christmas spirit. It has been hitting me about this time for the last few years.

I am not going to involve myself in the giving of presents. Instead I will donate money to the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews in honor of those I love to help God’s chosen to know the Messiah

I will not stress myself over not being able to be with family due to living away from them, schedules and a myriad of other reasons I can’t control.

I will not allow myself to join in one celebration after another in the name of food or join in the Mutual Admiration Society of Christmas decorations.

I will not appease those around me for the sake of traditions they refuse to change and yet mine were changed for me without my consent.

I will not pretend to be sociable if my heart is not in it or because everyone else is doing it. 

I will not allow myself to be swallowed up in the untrue meaning of Christmas for the sake of not offending someone else, or it is not politically correct.

I dare to be different. I vow to allow Jesus to show up on Christmas morning in my house because he never left to start with.

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“The Signs of Easter”

The Signs of Easter

It was the mid 1980’s that Easter began to mean something real to me. The movie “The Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner was made in 1956 when I was a year old. Watching it at that time was not something I was interested in but 36 years later I was. I had seen the movie before but for some reason this Easter season watching it again made a life changing difference.

My life was in crisis but growing up in a Christian home and family was my foundation. I knew what Easter was about and had accepted Christ into my heart at a very young age, but realizing what Christ did on the cross for me showed up in that movie. Maybe it was the great acting or that it seemed so real. Whatever it was I was glued to the TV set. God uses all kinds of ways to get our attention. At the time I didn’t know that but now I am sure it was God.

Since then I have thought many times of how Moses lived through all that he did. After all he did not want the job of bringing the Israelites out of Egypt nor did he ask for it. Many of us can probably relate to that; doing those requests of God that we don’t want or feel incapable of accomplishing.

I have also thought over and over how Moses like many others in the Bible survived living in the wilderness. I am sure he must have thought that he was going to die out there; no water, no food or shelter and no one to talk to. Or so he thought. Living in today’s society is like the “survival of the fittest.” Just like Moses, we have to lean on God to survive. That is how Moses found his way and it works the same for us. God designed us to need him.

Another aspect that Charlton Heston portrayed so well in the movie to me was how much Moses is just like we are. He basically argued with God about the whole deal; he was lacking in faith that God could and would do what he said, and cried out to God for help on a regular basis. But then putting myself in his position I would not have wanted to free the Israelites either. The truth is God doesn’t need our permission to create us to live out our destiny. He placed in each one of us His calling. It is up to us to discover what that is so he can show us how to achieve that goal.

The destiny we all have as Moses did is very important. Getting there is just as important. The reason being is that seeking to find our destiny is only achieved by getting close to God. I can only imagine what Moses thought at times. Questions like “Why am I here God?” or “How can you use me?” When he discovered he would become the “Deliverer” I wonder what his reaction was.

Did he know his 40 years in the wilderness was part of God’s classroom to teach him how to listen and trust God? Did he realize God had been planning his life since birth to accomplish one of the most incredible miracles in history? Did Moses catch a glimpse of the signs God was giving him about his future when he was younger?

I have also wondered how he put up with the Israelites with their complaining and total disregard for what God was doing for them. It is evident in the Bible how irritated he became with the Israelites. But then who wouldn’t be?

Maybe that is how God feels about us at times. I have learned over the years how great and deep God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness are for us. He goes beyond the necessary and gives us a way out of the messes we make for ourselves.

Twenty years later the cross is my answer to every one of life’s problems. Jesus died and took those problems. I am not saying that I have arrived but at least I know where to go when I need help; the foot of the cross.

This Easter I hope that you will seek Jesus knowing he is the answer. Easter is the recognizable place for new beginnings. It sets the stage for transformation, renewal and blessings. The realization of what Jesus did on the cross should shake the hearts of us all to see the truth of how much God loves us.

As Easter approaches, look for the signs in your life that God is speaking to you. It might be in a book, another person or who knows, even a movie.

This article was published April 20, 2011 on Christian Activities Online Magazine.

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