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Risking the Fires

Just because something is the way it is, doesn’t make it right or God’s will.

The famed parenting tactic of “if your friends jump in the fire are you going to follow them?” holds a lot of truth.

The idea escapes of ignoring the blaze due to our insatiable desires. Who cares how hot it gets; I want what I want and I want it now.

Angles and rationalizations take precedence to acquire our petty ambitions which only leads to more petty ambitions. Never mind the ignorance of right verses wrong, accountability is abhorred.

The term or phrase best suited for this apprenticed mindset is maneuvering, or controlling circumstances to meet our cravings or hunger. In the end is a cruelled fate.

Experience reveals the true nature of such frivolity. Temporary satisfaction may be the result, but so are the consequences.

“I’m not ready” is a useful requisition to explain away our negligence to concede to the fact we have no idea what we are doing. The goal is to get there; no matter what on our provisional expert terms.

How could it be that anyone including the Creator could obtain my gluttonous pity party?

What if the Creator doesn’t want me to have a gluttonous pity party? Duh….

The choices are clear. Do it God’s way or get burned. Whatever your decision don’t blame God for the turnout. He may not appeal to your senseless acquisitions for the benefit of your own good. Or….do it your way but don’t cry as the flames ignite your pants.

Ironically, the idea of “let’s see how far we can get away with it” is passionate today. “Sure, go ahead. There are no police around. Driving 90 mph down the highway is a real trip” until the guard rail becomes part of your face.

Prevention of most anything these days seems to be a lost cause. The “daredevil” in our marked society supersedes the “agony of defeat.” We dream of the thrill of the moment rather than the deterrence of a catastrophic event.

Risks taken for the love of God are the only ones worth pursuing. You want adventure? Bare your soul for the sake of the cross so that others may find the cross.

Impart the truth renouncing the line drawn between keeping a friendship or risk them spending eternity without Jesus.

Humanity sees risk in climbing the highest mountain peaks, or riding the largest waves giving them a seat at the next reward dinner. Photos of such recreational sports may make the cover of National Geographic but at what cost? There have been too many who never came back from that last climb.

Setting priorities of what is important and what isn’t should be the cornerstone of the life of the believer.

The greatest ventures aren’t written in the Guinness Book of World Records. The wagers we place in the hearts of the undiscerning is the offering of an eternal gift.

This gift stands between our reputations and the veracity of our convictions.

The greatest love nailed to an “old rugged cross” bares the centerpiece of all we should stand for.

And that would only be Jesus.





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