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What does God say about Gender/LGBT? (Part 2)


One might look around and see nothing but evil, wickedness and iniquity. Granted, in the natural it would be difficult to see past that, but that is exactly what we must do.Bible

The importance of getting to know God in a personal manner can’t be expressed enough. It’s the core of life, the focal point of guidance and the answer to every question.

A consistent, faithful follower will read His word, pray and spend time just listening to Him. He wants us to do this because it is in this relationship we find His response to our difficulties and hardships. Personally I have found that God truly does things His way, in His timing.  Most of the replies He has given me to the bombardment of inquiries I have sent His way have never been what I expected or thought. He beats me to the punch every time.

As our nation plunges into the depths of despair and division, God is actually working behind the scenes shaking up that which isn’t of His kingdom. I know, that sounds strange  but once again He does it His way. His purpose is to expose corruption, and anything that goes against His word. Think of it as if you are baking a cake. (Not me because I don’t bake cakes) Flour, salt, maybe cocoa, baking powder must be sifted before placing it in the mixer. Why?
It separates the ingredients.

This is also done as if to strain something. We pour liquid through a strainer to remove anything we don’t want to remain in the liquid.

Now, God hasn’t asked my opinion but I would never think of sifting or straining people, but He does. Often He allows us to suffer adversity to change us; better or bitter.

There’s a grade to see who outlasts the devil. Perseverance, endurance, patience become our forte because giving up shouldn’t be an option.

Frank Sinatra’s, “I did it my way” should be America’s theme song. It’s the road we have traveled that only leads to destruction.my way

America’s self-sufficiency has caught up with us and it has reared its ugly head through many avenues including the homosexual agenda.  We have announced our pride by wearing it on our sleeves for decades now.

God hates pride. He speaks of it over and over in the Bible. He doesn’t mince words either.

Isaiah 2:12 The LORD Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted (and they will be humbled.)

I will break down your stubborn pride. Leviticus 26:19

God is breaking down America’s stubborn pride. Not just homosexuality, but envy, jealousy, greed, lust, thievery, deception, violence, crime, sex and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately I don’t believe America has missed any of them. Much of our sin begins with pride.

We have overplayed ourselves, promoting personal self- seeking desires and unloaded it on everyone else. The result is confusion, fighting and backbiting. Division and hate are the backbone of society as we rage against each other in unrealistic demands and playing favorites. God doesn’t play favorites. (Romans 2:11)

In other words God has allowed us to have our own way. But not for long.

To be continued…..


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Duty and Honor


I did my duty and with honor.

As a South Carolinian I voted Saturday in our Presidential primary.

This is a give-a-way as it was for any registered Republicans.

Let me first say I may be registered Republican but am not happy with our present representatives in government. Coming from a long line of them, my stance is now more conservative than per se Republican. Let me also say I am even more disturbed by the so-called Democrats. At least they use to be reasonable, respectful and had more common sense than they do now.

It has been weeks of mailed brochures, letters and even phone calls of how I would vote.

I am backing up my position on the disrespect of one from the  Democratic Party; at least here in SC by a phone call I received about 2 weeks ago.

Before I could really tell who or what this guy represented he blurted out,

“We are trying to get a heads up on how people will vote here for the Primary. Please tell me who you plan to vote for on February 27th?”

Me, “Excuse me who are you again?”

He never really explained it.

Me, “Isn’t the 27th the Democratic primary?” 

“Well, yes. Who will you vote for, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?”

Me, “Neither. I am not a Democrat.”

Him, “Oh, I am really sorry to hear that! “

Me, “I’m not.”

Him, “Well maybe you should be.”

He then mumbled something because he realized he had not received the answer he wanted.  The phone clicked.

It wasn’t so much his words that bothered me, but his tone. He was immediately insulted and defensive giving off an attitude of exasperation.

This is not a post about political parties.

It’s a post about voting the way God would have us vote.

The candidates I had to choose from are a mixture. Maybe it would be best to throw them all in a bottle and shake them hoping one might turn out to be Presidential material.

And honestly it was only about the day before that I knew who I would vote for because I was waiting on God to give me the answer.

My ideal candidate wasn’t on the stages of the Republican Debates. But I am not God so what do I know?

Well, I do know God has chosen those in the past who maybe weren’t the strongest Christians, the most honorable or popular. He has placed in the Oval Office men who reflected the nature of our country who either were or weren’t Godly but encompassed what God intended for America to see or hear.

Now that may be good or bad depending on your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Bible had many in leadership with a rap sheet.

Moses killed an Egyptian.

David not only slept with his best friends’ wife, he then tried to cover it up by killing his best friend.

Samson and Solomon were addicted to love in all the wrong places.

Peter is the father of betrayal of the worst kind.

But these men had one thing in common.

Eventually they became true men of God who devoted their lives to following Him. Some of their tactics, approaches and schemes may not have been the best choices but God was looking at their hearts, not their methodology.

Who’s to say God can’t or won’t do that with a sitting President? Or Congress or any leader possessing the position of earthly authority?  Who’s to say that won’t happen right now as we participate in bringing to America leaders to fill God’s will?

America is in need of deep prayer to bring people to Christ.

In achieving that, we will place in those positions of leadership the men and women God wants to achieve His purposes.

Make your first commitment to allowing God to fill your heart with His love.

Then you will know how He wants you to vote.






History Repeating Itself?


Listening to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, I realized I had never sat through an entire Presidential State of the Union Address. Why?bibi

Boring. Same ole’ same ole’. People falling asleep. 

So this was a first for me. The Halls of Congress for once kept me waiting for his next words.

Rather sad isn’t it? It took a foreign leader to get my attention.

Yet, this man is no ordinary leader. I believe he is called by God for such a time as this.

He possesses the qualities of a leader; firm, fearless, factual. His charismatic personality roared through the air like a lion. (Katy Perry) His stance was nothing short of a man sure of his position and beliefs. His words carried an olive branch with a sword attached.

Ignoring the political rhetoric here was a behind the scenes methodology of God.

Kim Clement prophesied in 2010 that Benjamin Netanyahu would one day stand before the Joint sessions of Congress and speak to the world.

The Jewish Festival of Purim landed at this time he was speaking. He referred to it in his speech. Queen Esther put her life on the line to save the Jewish people from the evil, conniving Haman. Ancient Persia where this occurred is today modern Iran. History repeating itself?

But what of the outcome?

Mordecai, Esther’s cousin and leader of the Jews angered Haman by refusing to bow to him. Hhhhhhmmmmmmm……..

Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear?

Mordecai spoke to Congress Tuesday. He did not and has not bowed down to the evil confronting his homeland nor has he bowed to our government. In fact, he determined that if we would not listen, Israel would go it alone.

I wonder if Speaker Boehner has any idea the part he played in this story.Speech

Esther broke protocol. She was not allowed into the King’s court without his invitation. But she approached him anyway putting herself in danger for the mission. He accepted her request I think because he was so curious.

Speaker Boehner asked the Prime Minister to come and speak; not the President. He broke protocol for the mission. And by the crowd I would say it was the right thing to do.

My conclusion of this historical, Biblical meeting is the same outcome as it was for the Jews  during Esther’s time.

God will preserve his people.

God will (is) expose(ing) those who do not support his people.

God will bring the truth to the forefront punishing those who do not support his people.

And like Esther and Mordecai’s belief in God stood and faced the devil, God received the glory.

History all over again.


And one more little note where God tied in a treat to the Prime Minister’s speech. 

What happened 84 years ago from March 3?


Favor or Favors?

Favors are everywhere.

Government. Politicians. Work. Schools. Churches. Friends. Family.

What is the phrase, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours?”

Ladders of success are crawling with the favors of control, manipulation and influence.

“You owe me.”DIY Party Favors

“Next time, it’s on you.”

“Will you do me a favor?”

Favors are Satan’s counterfeit to God’s favor.

Favors are exploits to barter for an expected gain or benefit. Favors always have strings attached; an obligation meant to command another to exchange an advantage.

There is nothing Godly about favors. Once done and if repeated, the relationship will falter and eventually infuse hate to the one who is owed.  The comfort zone is lost when one person owes another.

The Favor of God is planting or sowing into the life of another without expecting anything in return. God rewards those who have a heart for people no matter how they are treated.

The Favor of God is:

Giving favor or assistance to those around you
Solving problems for someone
Creating an atmosphere of love and goodness with those you come into contact with
Using your gifts of skill and proficiency to aid in the promotion of others
Be respectful of expected conduct and behavior that is unlike your own
Following orders from those in authority over you with an attitude of completion

If we diligently exercise the “Law of Divine Favor” the rewards will bring miracles, promotion, and supply of abundance, wisdom and open doors otherwise never found.

Favor can turn enemies into friends, crisis into wonders and award reputations of integrity.

God’s favor will open that which has been hidden within a person to positions of power and importance in 24 hours’ time.

Favor will produce more favor. Increase and growth follows those who seek God’s favor.

Expect favor; pursue it. Know that it takes more than what we have as humans to obtain it.

The foundation of favor is God.

And the reward is Him.