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Knee Deep Blockheads

Knee deep in the media world is a conspiracy so loud and obnoxious we have overlooked one very important issue.brand journalism

Journalism use to be real journalism. You know: when political views weren’t at the forefront of a story or article. Oh, some may have been leaning one way or another but the war had not started and it wasn’t as noticeable as today.

Sad to say this but it is difficult to know who is a real journalist/reporter. Ratings have become the competition for no-news,
sick-news or whatever they can find to report.

For instance: Do I really care about the filth and unpatriotic insanity cascading from Michael Moore’s big mouth?

Or what about the “five mistakes people make when buying pet insurance?” Really?

Of course there is the toothbrush causing a delay at the Atlanta Airport. Investigators held up a flight due to a suspicious noise coming from a travel bag. Turns out it was a vibrating toothbrush.

But…sometimes it backfires. Yes, the newspaper in New York that splashed gun owners in their area on a Google Earth map have been referred to as “insanity.” Ex-burglars turned criminal investigators reported “having a gun list is like gold.” Why would anyone rob a house with guns in it? The following link is the story which is actually funny but not really.


Air Force One: Protected

Air Force One: Protected

Escaping the Middle East crisis, worries of nuclear war, crime and violence is virtually impossible.  There is always another accident waiting to happen, natural disasters one after another and a new strain of flu. The devil is front page news.

Our technology as advanced as it is allows for much more to be seen than ever before. Stress and anxiety surround you first thing in the morning before your feet hit the floor; I would label it “misery overload.”

And then…..one of those many random questions you asked God 2 years ago shows up with an answer(s).  A fleeting moment of thought becomes a “brain freeze” because that particular question results in a jaw-dropping, shock absorbing divine utterance you didn’t see coming. A one sentence deliberation that changes your outlook completely.

After digesting a resolution that confirmed to some degree your own position, it is so powerful it rearranges the priorities of what you think, how you think and future responses.

As we recline in our recliners observing the people we do not know, it is easy to assume what we view as genuine, or concrete. Listening to opinions, political views rammed down our throats and pictures of the unimaginable is a marketing tactic gone awry. Feed them what you want them to hear over and over until they believe it. Listen, read and pour into their conscience a wrong so wrong, dwelling on anything else is impossible. Doing so would place you in the “pool of intolerant inconsiderate blockheads.”

Unexpected forerunners from high places somehow land in your path and awaken a deception the devil has unfortunately mastered. He laughs as many fall prey repeatedly to his lies, fraud and double-dealing.

What he doesn’t know is the stamps of wisdom God has placed in the center of what appears to be the most insufferable conditions.

Hebrews. 4:13 “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

Those stamps of wisdom are cementing their footprints of God’s truth in the sand of the hearts of many right in the middle of the devil’s wake. He just hasn’t figured that out.




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