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The Crucifixion: “The Bible” Mini-Series

Life-Changing Experience for Diogo Morgado

The star who plays Jesus on the History’s miniseries says, “I just saw my whole life in a flashback in front of my eyes” while filming.





The Grave of Love

I cannot sit through the “Passion of the Christ.”

God must have known not to bring me into this world when his death actually happened.  He knew I couldn’t even watch the movie without falling apart.

Cover of "The Passion of the Christ (Defi...

Cover via Amazonworld when Jesus really died.

Today, knowing so many years ago our Savior was crucified hits me hard. Imagining how much he suffered and the pain he experienced weighs heavily upon my fragile heart.

Reading testimonies of how Jesus has touched lives and they have been changed is why he was born in the first place. How unbelievable is that? You are born specifically to save everyone else. Grabbing hold of such conviction extends far beyond anything natural.

Years ago when I first realized why Jesus was born I was stricken with questions.

“Was it really true? Did God really do this?”

Not long after understanding the wonder of the most historical event in history, the shock set in. Waves of God’s love poured over me like a waterfall. Pursuing his story and life emerged into a rush to learn everything I could about him. I grew up in a Christian family and church but never experienced anything like this before.

The best term to describe it was I was “smitten.”

God is so much more than what we see.

God is supernatural; his ways are far more than we will ever know.

God is our Father who loves us more than ever. He sent Jesus to give us that love.

God is not just an experience or a moment in time that changes us forever.

God is the center. God is the purest form of life there is. God makes sense when nothing else does.

Allow yourselves to pursue Jesus; reach into the sea of love he gave you when he died.

Allow Jesus to rock your world. He has certainly rocked mine.


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