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The Unfolding of the “Round Tables”

Have you noticed the unfolding?Knights-of-the-Round-Table

The unraveling?

Matthew 10: 27 “What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.”

Truth will always outlive deception. Given time, vindication is mounted on the walls of inaccuracies.

Hebrews 4: 13 “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

God sees all evil and hears all evil.

Mounting evidence precedes the fall of the arrogance through trails of covered up words. In our technological age, rumors and hearsay can be traced by a genius “hacker” who has nothing better to do on a Friday night.  Electronics has become the friend of the “whistleblower” and the enemy of the dispatchers. And then the appointed “stooge” gets thrown under the proverbial bus by their own.

A commonality of deception is to hide in the dark. Hopefully no one will turn on the light. Make use of whatever closet you can find. Warm or hot weather isn’t the time of year to build a fire in the fireplace.

Another joint venture of deception is once it gets started you can’t turn back unless you all of a sudden gain a conscience. Pile on one lie after another; protecting “King Arthur” and the Knights of the Round Table.

The only problem with that is the Knights couldn’t get along with each other. No different from any other government group (except they fought with swords/spears) King Arthur attempted to settle the feud of who took precedence. Hence, a Round Table creating equal and favored seats so no one had a sense of deeper dignity than his fellow knights.

But every “Round Table” has a Lancelot. Only in some cases it may not be Queen Guinevere they fall in love with, but power and money.

The American Way of government is now more of who won’t get thrown under a bus but who survives it when it happens. The victim crawls out and finds a spear to penetrate the hearts of those who once were allies.

The informers are silenced and relieved of their duties. Treated as snitches for telling the truth they lay their lives on the line.

In every case, one side seems right until the other side shows up with testimony to boot and flips the light switch.

Months after the fact, the proof has surfaced.  Lives that were lost could have been saved; lost in the shuffle of red tape and fabrications.

There is no excuse. And this is more than a conspiracy.King-Arthur-2004-king-arthur-875459_1000_674

It is evil. And justice needs to be served.

King Arthur and his Round Table of Knights are being exposed.






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Resurrection Day: A Coming Together

For the one who seeks, searches and yearns to get to know the Savior, there is one moment in time unlike any other.

This flash of revelation makes sense of everything.

Photo by John Randolph Harrison

Photo by John Randolph Harrison

The why, what, who, when and where of life is answered in an instant.

It is a “coming together” of the spirit, soul and mind centered on Jesus.

Questioning how a person can be the solution to every problem that has ever existed seems impossible, but it is what it is.

In the blink of an eye God will reveal truth; pure, unadulterated truth in the form of his son. Genuine life given to all mankind out of the simple love of God for his children.

Beginning this journey can come in the humor of God’s character even for the seriousness it represents.

God is God and he can do what he wants, when he wants. He has a wild imagination when it comes to saving souls; even to the inspired use of props unlikely fitting for his purpose. But it works.

Whatever he uses, be it a friend, book or movie the end result confirms the death and Resurrection. Somehow it leads to that hill of death.

As the horror sets in of the Cross of Christ, that moment in time places the searching soul at his bloody, pierced feet and nailed hands. Noticing the beaten and bruised body, and the disfigurement of hatred the reality that the lost soul had as much to do with Jesus crucifixion as the Roman soldiers did who physically hung him.

Understanding his misery, pain and agony is the stepping stone of why he went through the worst death in history. Every sin is re-posted on that cross but his blood shed cleared the defendants who committed them.

The repentant sinner’s heart is cleansed, purified and saved from eternity away from the Father. He has opened the gate and let us in.

There really is no comparable to match this outcome.

The “coming together” lends itself to total redemption for humans that don’t deserve anything good. If that doesn’t change a person, they haven’t truly been to the cross.

Folks this is no movie.

Photo by Randy Harrisonhttp://www.pbase.com/jrandyh

Photo by Randy Harrison

The hill of death may be today,

But as Jesus hung as “The King of the Jews” on Friday, his love for us looked past the pain.

Jesus was looking at Sunday.


Black Friday is a Cup of Coffee in my Swivel Chair

Sorry, but the Black Friday shopper is not me. Statistics reveal online shopping is up 18% this year. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to sleep out in the cold and get run over by flocks of early morning risers with bad attitudes?

Oh. That’s right. America isn’t in its right mind.

We are interested in beating the crowd with the best deal.

What’s the point in Thanksgiving Day? Why bother?

Newspapers and Media swamp us with ads to buy the latest ipad, cologne or trinket before we carve the turkey.

I remember when stores were closed Thanksgiving Day.

I remember when Black Friday didn’t exist.

So what happened? The love of money took over.

1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

The link below is a short article about a man who took his girlfriend’s son with him for Black Friday shopping. He found what he was looking for but forgot the kid.


Is it me or are we fading into a sinkhole of materialism? I refuse to be a “material girl.”

While stores ravage us as early as possible for any kind of holiday spread, we fall for the atmosphere of wanting the most up-to-date technology, car or jeans.

Who cares about the brand new Lexus Joe and Betty down the street just bought. Of course! How foolish of me. They are up to their neck in debt.

It grates at my nerves the number of people living beyond their means and then they have the audacity to complain about what they don’t have.

Get a budget. Live within the budget. Stop complaining.

The Hostess company has filed to liquidate after mediation failed with the union. No problem screams the protesters! We will get a job with the new owners……duh…..

Really? Before you greedily walked out and forced an 82 year old American dream to shut down did you think about that? Why should anyone hire you? You are a “protesting risk” now.

Funny how our reputations follow us around.




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