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“He will Split Rock”

There are critics and then there are reviews. What we need is a reference to God in the world today even if it comes in the form of a TV mini –series. “God is with us.”

“The Bible” on the History Channel and re-run on Lifetime has become a hit.  From the beginning to the end 10 hours have condensed the greatest book ever written.  Understandably it is unreal to believe that everything written could be shown in the allotted amount of time.

“Listen carefully, there are conditions.” Exodus 23: 22

You would think Christians would understand that God can use anything to bring lost souls to him.  Knowing God as I do, he is most likely less of a critic than those who make a living do it.

Abraham & Sarah

Abraham & Sarah

The first 4 hours have done what the Executive Producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey hoped for. In fact the ratings have soared far outweighing their expectations. “God has kept his promise.”

Why do we have to critique everything? Why is it we are so particular or “legalistic” about the details of such a performance?  Some of the reviews by Christians would leave a non-believer confused, bewildered and less likely to pick up a Bible and read it which was the point of the producers in their quest of such a project. “God will guide your choices.”

Instead of viewing the production as a creation for dialog, placing real questions in the hearts of those who watch it and leaving one to ponder the works of God, negative assessments have surfaced.

Sure, Hollywood spiced it up.
“For God said Rahab must be spared” Joshua 6: 17

The stories are not word-for-word from the Bible, but are noticeably connected.

Special effects are a real attention getter but also quite impressive.

Acting and production is professional and well prepared.

Dramatic images of the Supernatural create curiosity.
“He will split rock” Joshua 5: 13

However, it reflects the Bible as it really was. The question of those who are continually against war will realize how God fought battles for and with the Jewish nation over and over. The stories bring to light the supernatural power of God adding flare for those who are always seeking drama and action. “Your duty is to drive the Philistines away.”

Even Franklin Graham endorsed the movie mini-series.

He said: “The Bible Series… will likely cause a viewer to want to open the pages of Scripture.”

As an inquisitive Christian, it did exactly what Franklin Graham spoke. The passion and detail presented in these stories initiated a curiosity in me to pick up the Bible and read it. In fact the Monday after the 2nd series, I read the entire section about Joshua taking over after Moses died. Hopefully, non-believers will too.



If anything, so far the mini-series reveals the power God has with those who seek to follow him seriously.  There is no question the movie depicts the love, devotion and obedience to God through the representations of Noah, Moses, Joshua, Samson and David.

Isn’t that what we need?

“Shout a great shout”
Joshua 6:10






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Are you part of the Solution or the Problem? (2)

Have you ever prayed a prayer like this?

“Dear Lord, I really hope I am wrong about this. God, I want to be wrong. Please show me your will.”

Countless issues have come along when this cry became a daily prayer. Repetition has given me the answers from God on each one. When you do it over and over and nothing changes, you can almost guarantee you are right. God keeps quiet; a silence that speaks. In that stillness is his response.

At times, I have sat down with God writing the pros and cons of the quandary hoping to convince myself how wrong my conclusions are. It never works. Don’t mistake this for a self-imposed wise-guy. The days of checking myself in to eat many of my words began decades ago.

Once this process begins, my prayer has additional comments like: “God if this isn’t your will, please remove whatever needs to be removed and replace it with you. If I am right, Lord, please show me how to deal with it.”

For instance; pretend you overheard a conversation you probably weren’t suppose to hear. Finding out your best friend is involved in some rather questionable activity is a shock.

Confronting them about the accusation, they deny it. As best friends you want to believe them, but something tells you they lied to your face. Later, the truth comes out and your best friend is no longer the person you thought they were.

Unfortunately, our nation is living on the edge of many delusions of grandeur. Those in high places use their persuasive rhetoric to convince people of their lies. There is no guilt whatsoever in refuting the truth to get what they want.

More shocking are the Christians who have changed the Bible to fit their desires. When did Bible doctrine change on marriage? Who decided living together before marriage was ok? When did the art of lying become Biblical? When did the Bible change concerning war? Has “thou shalt not commit murder” been removed from the 10 Commandments?

God is still the same and so is his word.gun control

My confession here is I have hoped I was wrong about the church. The President. The direction our country is headed. Even, people I know.

Learning years ago my instincts were good, but the Holy Spirit is perfect brought me to this place of questioning.

It appears easy to follow the “crowd” who seems to be in control or changing the rules. Why fight it? Why not go along with them?

The answer: 1 John 2:21 “I do not write to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it and because no lie comes from the truth.”

Too many are making decisions and judgments for others without a Biblical base. After reading the following article written by Richard Pierard, a well-educated historian, Professor and Baptist, my perception of the church has been correct. I totally believe changes need to be made in the church, but this is not the way to do it, nor is it Biblical.


People like him make the rest of us look bad. He believes he knows the changes Evangelicals need to make. He wrote:

  1. Southern Baptist need to get rid of Dr. Richard Land: Ethics and Religious Liberty President
  2. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association needs to fire Franklin Graham
  3. “Christianity Today” magazine should cater more to centrist liberals instead of making knee jerk republican positions. The founder of the magazine is Dr. Billy Graham
  4. Evangelicals need to get off of the abortion issue while supporting the right to arms, the death penalty, and the war in Afghanistan and deny the very real threat of climate change.

This Professor Emeritus of History from Indiana State University, and Fulbright Professor at the University of Frankfurt may be educated and a lifelong Baptist, but I question if he really knows Jesus.spirit filled

Forgive me, but I think he is representative of the problem.





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Verbal Repertoire

‘Our Nation Has Lost Its Way’

“I will not—cannot—vote for a candidate, regardless of their political affiliation, who supports same-sex marriage and advocates abortion. God will judge our nation if we continue down this path.”

                                                                       Franklin Graham, President, BGEA     

Dr. Billy Graham
Franklin Graham

Please read Franklin Grahams’ entire letter about the state of our nation at the following link:


Facebook is riddled with after debate comments, slams and compliments.

News outlets, political organizations and the likes of Michael Moore having what was labeled as a “meltdown” after the debate has over shadowed any other news.

Reading political rants about the differences in the two candidates and their verbal repertoire has intrigued me.

How? The question mark is how can an intelligent, knowledgeable, Christian have any doubt about the President? Prior to the debate he made clear his stance on Gay Marriage, abortion, and Israel.

These three issues are enough for any Christian to see the President’s will is not God’s will. One can claim Christianity, but living it or acting upon it automatically reveals the true nature of the heart.

As Christians, finding one or two areas that one candidate may oppose that you may believe in, does not alter the point. The point being abortion, gay marriage and 100% support of Israel trump any other belief.

The idea we are or should depend on any government for our basic necessities is frivolous jargon.

If we as Christians will vote as God sees fit for us to do so, he will take care of the economy, our debt and any issues that need his attention.

God can get money 24/7.

He has great connections with Heaven’s bank.

God has a hidden treasure chest just for debt.

He is the author of a stable, growing economy.

He ranks highest among healers and physicians.

God is the provider of all things welfare.

God’s army includes a strong, military base on earth.

He is the Department Head of Environmentalists.

His expertise in running any country cannot be matched.

He is “King of Kings” and “President of all things Presidential.”

BUT, we must first agree to live life Biblically.  What is the verse?

Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

When we place God first in our lives, he will supply abundance; not some, not a little, not a portion, or just partly, ABUNDANCE of everything we need.

The cliché phrase, “God does this for our own good” is that “God does this for our own good.” As we become more like him, our desires fly out the window and in flies God.

It was as clear as day how uncomfortable the President was on a stage with Mitt Romney. He appeared intimidated by his wisdom, and his facial expressions disdained and beaten down.

He was reserved, quiet and emerged as one who would rather be doing something else on a Wednesday night. He manifested himself opposite of his usual boisterous, arrogant, and cavalier personality.

Mitt Romney was factual, statistical and prepared. He was ready, excited and persuasive. No mask was involved or needed. His performance far exceeded the usual eloquent speaker beside him.

For the record, I have prayed for months for this election and our President. It was my hope he would grab hold of the opportunity of a lifetime that God gave him.

The President is not a man after God’s own heart. His heart is after a man he met once who left a legend of anti-colonialism in his wake. Spearheaded by this inoculation of piracy of colonized nations, a basis for a world order, the President’s ideals are opposite of our founding Fathers.

Evidence of his radical upbringing along with his anti-Israel avoidance has shouted loudly from the Oval Office for the last 4 years. His endearment to countries of violence and hate; his questionable involvements and lack of peace making derivatives claims no unity for America.

If anything, he has divided this country.

One dissemination remains.

There may be variations of policy or platform from each candidate,
but the groundwork is completely opposite. Both can’t be the truth.

John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Thomas Sowell