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The Liberated Woman: Eve, Esther, Ruth etc. etc. etc. (Part 5)

There is no doubt our society has hit an all-time high with doing; doing this, doing that, doing whatever. It didn’t hurt that the feminist movement aided in turning people into materialized robots. Give mothers and their adult daughters a longer to-do list than they already have.

Women should assert themselves aggressively and powerfully avoiding any natural instincts of being a “woman.”  Women’s lib decided listening, being open hearted to the hurting or exercising passivity at any length should be denounced.

Proverbs 31 is the design God gave to us womenfolk.  The key is balance.

God gave women the ability to listen well, receive others in need and honor God in everything they accomplish whether that is staying at home or working outside of the home according to his will.

He wants us to be the shoulder for others to cry on, enjoy the love and blessings that come with a family and use her wisdom as God leads in the world market.  God never told us not to work outside of the home but when our family, husband and/or children suffer at the hands of one who chooses to place it first, it should be addressed. But, he also never told us to go to the extreme where we end up “burned out” or exhausted.

When we allow God to lead us, give us direction and bring out in us the talents he has placed in us, he will provide whatever we need.

He has given Godly women the ability to hold positions in his church to further his gospel.  With the need in the world as it is, church work can be infinite.  Even then and maybe more so in this extension of liberty we need to set examples of stability and steadiness.  It is all too easy to get caught up in the activities of the giver instead of spending time alone with him.

Having had the opportunities to do all of the above, I can tell you success is not found behind a desk, filling up a large apartment complex with renters, or delivering lunches to office complexes. While these are achievements in their own right, there is no satisfaction like a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The victory lies within his presence opening up a world most people never find.  Within that domain are the secrets and solutions to all of the questions, requests and essentials we need to do whatever he created us to do.  That can and should lead us to the vocation(s) he has trained us to accomplish.proverbs 31

Finally, the Proverbs 31 woman reminds me of the “gal” who has found and lives in the center of God’s will.

And that my readers produces winners.

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The Liberated Woman: Eve, Esther, Ruth etc. etc. etc. (Part 4)

Whoever came up with the idea men and women are alike, physically, mentally and emotionally must have missed Anatomy class.  Feminist decided to show the world women can and will outshine men.999423_607585829285922_404105196_n

The designation is women must achieve total success in a corporate laddered world equal to men. Attain your goals no matter what it takes; even stepping on the feet of others for the satisfaction of reaching the top. According to these radical suffragettes it isn’t who you are; what you do is all that matters.

Forget the genes God placed in us. Women are personal and relational; men operate from a physical dynamic of competition and goal ambitions. These are not a “fit” for feminism.  This forbidden critique does not apply with their ideals that the more a woman achieves in the working world, the more desirable she becomes.  If that is the case, 95% of the female population isn’t worthwhile according to the women’s movement.

While in this mood of women evolving, they didn’t take into account the undesirability of being over-educated or thriving more than men. This touchy subject tends to counter the male ego. Some can handle it, others wouldn’t dip into that pond. Competition in the operational sense is a given, but can be and usually is totally destructive in relationships.

The feminist movement does not understand God wants and has given the female gender great gifts to pursue, but the Joyce Meyer’s of the world are few. The key point here is God thankfully doesn’t judge us on our achievements. So why should we? Think about it.

In the Bible were mentioned the paralyzed, blind and demon possessed. If God measured people by the activities and business they accomplished on earth where would it leave them?

Why did God create women to reproduce in their younger years?
(1 Timothy 2:15)

1.       He knew the energy it would require chasing children?

2.       He knew the risks of childbirth as one ages?

A feminist attitude

A feminist attitude

3.       He knew the risks to the new born?

4.       He gives a spiritual covering to those in the condition of pregnancy?

5.       He knew the temptations and spiritual deception when a woman denies her role as a mother in a career



Another fraud brought on by these driven pressure groups are acting like a “lady” or “womanly” is a sign of weakness. Oh give me a break.

Redefine women. Don’t be kind, generous, good, sweet, loving, and relational or Heaven forbid emotional. Then don’t come to my house when I am watching “Touched by an Angel” because I will smack you upside the head if you laugh because I am crying.

If these women would get it through their thickheaded brains God will take what he has already given us and build on it.

 Luke 21: 14-15 “But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves. For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. “

Do you know why God tells us this? As Christians we will have to fight off the enemy; relentlessly deal with persecution from even those closest to us and possibly face death.  And the feminist think we are silly, stupid and frail?

To be continued….

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