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My family could use prayers

My dear blogging friends,

This morning my dear, sweet father James Craig went to be with the Lord.

He was 88 and a wonderful, loving father and devoted husband.

Our daughter and I will be traveling this week to be with my family and the funeral.

Truly it is amazing that I am at peace right now. However I knew last week it was coming as God spoke to me about it  and it is only God’s love within me holding me together.

Any prayers would be appreciated.


Thank you


There are Phone Calls, and then there is That Phone Call

Have you ever received the phone call you never wanted to get? Have you ever made a phone call that gave you the answer you were expecting and wanted to have?

I have had both. July 2010 the phone call I never wanted came through my receiver. My dad was very ill and had been admitted to the hospital.  I packed my bags to make the 3 hour trip to my family and my sick father. I admit I didn’t handle any of this well. I was noticeably shaken and to be honest the sense of fear that came over me was almost more than I could handle.

My dad was in so much pain. By the time I got there they believed he had diverticulitis. They continued treatment and kept him in the hospital.

God had a plan that only my mother saw. She told me later God is a God of order and peace, not disorder and none of this was peaceful.

After 4 days in the hospital, filling him full of pain killers, fluids, antibiotics, Lexipro and who knows what else my dad’s colon ruptured. Watching him screaming in misery made me nauseous.

Time was crucial but God had a plan. 4 days of antibiotics had killed any poison that entered his system from the rupture. Emergency surgery in the middle of the night ended up with the surgeon cutting a foot of dad’s colon out.

The surgeon said the next 3-4 days were critical; if he made it through then he would be in for a long recovery. That of course was not what any of my family wanted to hear but God had a plan.

Today, after 3 surgeries in less than a year; 1 major and 2 minors dad is 85, walks to get exercise and enjoys learning how to use the laptop we bought him.  Even his doctors and the clinic are amazed at his recovery. My greatest fear in all of this was that dad would not have the desire to get well. He has proven me completely wrong and I am so glad. In some ways he is healthier than he was before this happened but God had a plan.

God allowed antibiotics for 4 days to prevent what could have been fatal. The surgeon was the best in town for that kind of an operation. He just happened to be on call at midnight on that particular Sunday night? I don’t think so. He was also my brother’s golfing partner.

That entire year was not only one of the most difficult I have ever experienced, it was a wake up call. God had a plan and I didn’t see it. It made me question my faith. I am sure God by now was wondering what else would he need to do to show me his “faithfulness.”  OK GOD! I think I got the message.

Then there is the other phone call. The one we find out that what we thought we were believing is exactly as it turns out to be. Faith has worked in my favor today because God has a plan.

As soon as the legal dust settles, I will blog about God’s faithfulness to me in a situation that started out good, ended up bad, and is now on-going. God is a good God, he revealed to me today, the path to take or not,  and that what I was thinking was a confirmation of what I believe God was telling me.

Until that time, always know that God has a plan for everything.

Proverbs 16:7 When my ways are pleasing to the Lord, he makes even my enemies to live at peace with me.

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