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The Yellow Brick Road might Lead you to Joe’s Crab Shack

We all do it.

Some may not want to admit it, but we live our time on earth searching.

Many may believe it is a sign of weakness. Who cares?idiots

We weren’t all born with the genius of Einstein (and hopefully not with his hair) but an innate sense of curiosity or how can I beat the system?

The growing up years are a formidable era to seek for whatever we believe will bring us joy and happiness.  Spare yourself the effort and learn from those who have already walked down that “yellow brick road” of discovery only to be told, “I am not a wizard.”

What you think you are looking for is not at the end of the rainbow or the gates of Emerald City. Usually it is right in front of you but blinded to 20/20 vision.

You ask, “But how do you know?” I just do. Ask me.

The task before those of us who walked down the “yellow brick road” and passed the Emerald City in a bolt of lightning have to step back at times and pray.

As a parent, watching children make the same mistakes we did is like living them over again.  Yet, certain personalities push the buttons of educating themselves by process of elimination, “inquiring minds” or simple stubbornness.

Either way is attemptable and may end in complete harmony with God or contempt. Which way works better? That depends on the heart.

Would most of us have learned what we know now had we done it differently?sylvester the cat

Would I be the person I am today had I bypassed the “yellow brick road?”

How different would the Exodus have been had Moses not killed a man?

Joseph ended up in another country, imprisoned and beaten for 13 years for abiding by the laws of God…..you might say he was the good guy.

Paul was the educated elitist down the hall of Harvard; yet misery followed him once he came to know Christ. Were his actions of accusations, persecutions and obliterating many Christians a result of his sin prior to his conversion?

The search becomes a journey lending itself to growth and maturity. It might be said we do it to reach a comfort level, or accomplishment or just getting through it to end the pain. The incentives creep out of the woodwork like mice hunting for the ultimate block of cheese. The trap is set; but the cheese smells so good….The mouse must decide if the allure is worth an ambush.

Baits are always set; how we respond to them depends on what kind of fish we are.

Do we swim and grab it? Do we mosey around it a while hoping it will fall off the hook by itself? Or do we ignore it and find an easier meal at “Joe’s Crab Shack?”

The answers to life’s searching questions take on many trips. Long trips; short trips and even side trips. It’s the side trips that always getcha…

Whether you are a mouse wanting the “big cheese” or a fish eating crab, God meets us wherever we are.

Whatever messes we made, or delusions we believed, when we reach for God he always reaches back with something good.

He knows our hearts and how to repair them.

After all he was a carpenter wasn’t he?





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Unhinged Jesus Fans

We are a nation of distrust. The church has disintegrated into more projects, staff meetings, and entertainment to entice new believers. Unfortunately this has brought with it a sense of “unbelief” in actual spiritual matters.

There are many prophets on the horizon. Why wouldn’t there be?

Photo by Randy Harrison

All through the Bible God gave us prophets. He wanted to give us reflections of the future. Why?

So Christians wouldn’t goof up or muddle through life as train wrecks or unhinged Jesus fans.

Get this: Moses had to practically yell at the Pharaoh about the coming plagues. He laughed at him. He probably wasn’t laughing when all those bugs, frogs and flies landed in his bed.

Isaiah prophesied the coming of the Messiah many years prior to Jesus’ birth. Isaiah 53:5

Daniel reminds me of a radical prophet. No one can say his life was boring.

1.    He was a “dream interpreter” Daniel 2:44-48

2.    Is famous for making friends with lions  Daniel 6:1-28

3.    Was a handwriting expert. Daniel 5: 1-29

And then there was Jonah. You can run but you cannot hide.

Paul was considered an Apostle and a prophet. Trouble seemed to follow him.

And of course God had a few women prophets or prophetesses.

Miriam: the sister of Aaron aided in the Exodus from Egypt. I wonder if she realized her impact on women’s ministry or if they considered her a “feminist.” Exodus 15:20

How about Deborah? She was not only a prophet, but a judge, and military leader of Israel’s army. Do you think she was given the same rank as the men? Judges 4 & 5:

If I had been Euodia and Syntyche I would have rebelled against my names. What parent would do that to a child? Anyway they were considered by Paul as co-workers in spreading the gospel and active in evangelism. Philippians 4:2

Most of the New Testament disciples were prophets; Matthew, Andrew, John, James. Etc.

The general public is often suspicious of prophets.

“Oh, I don’t bother with prophets. Most are false anyway.”


“Prophets don’t exist today. Anyone who claims to be is questionable or crazy.”

If there was ever a time in history when we need prophetic insight it is now. Why would God leave us empty handed?

Do you believe God inspired prophets in the last 20 years to prophesy 9/11? or how about the grim reminder of hurricane “Sandy” this past week? Do you think had we been listening we might have been able to better prepare or even pray that God would intervene in such disasters?

Milford, CT

God wants us to prophecy. 1 Corinthians 14. Prophecy encourages, edifies and comforts others. Had I not been listening closely to the Holy Spirit at various times in my life, I would not have known what to do in certain crisis situations that arose.

As I have spoken before God loves to be creative. He enjoys giving a “Word of Knowledge” over and over and over! Maybe I am hard of hearing or something but he did that in January and February of 2007.  Every morning the first word that I thought of was “move.” It was like written before my sleepy eyes in bold print. I didn’t want to move again!  We moved in August of 2007. Had God not prepared us early, my husband might not have the job he now has.

Another example of God’s humor is he enjoys telling me ahead of time what mail I am getting! I know that sounds silly, but he loves to remind me about certain bills or the tax statement is on its way! Usually I would sense in my spirit what letter was going to show up. Without a doubt within 24-36 hours his specific piece of mail was in my box.  Finally I asked him,

“God, why are you giving me a heads up on my incoming mail? “

God: “I am interested in every area of your life, including what you receive from the Postal service.”

I was humbled.

Either I missed a memo about the “ousting of prophecy” or it was never written.





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