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The Queen of Character

Sometimes I think the women in the Bible get left out of the limelight. Most of them didn’t have rap sheets like some of the men.  Oh there was the occasional Bathsheba’s or the prostitute but she did a 180 and followed Jesus.

The men managed to pull off some rather radical sins.

Giving up their Birth rite
Running away from God
Tax Fraud

And then there was Esther.

Born a Jewish beauty who had no idea God would use her to save her people from annihilation, Esther was marked by God to do the unthinkable.

Her humble lifestyle had taught her to trust the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Both her parents had died so her cousin, Mordecai raised her.

If I believed in coincidences, and I don’t, her story would be full of them. To the non-believer reading about her for the first time, one occasion after another epitomizes the events of a planned architect.

The first Queen of Persia, Vashti was deposed for refusing to meet with the King when he requested it.

All the young virgins of the surrounding areas were rounded up like cows in search for a new Queen.  

Forced to leave their families and homes, their lives would never be the same.

And wouldn’t you know it. Of all the beauties on earth, the King finds favor with Esther. Go figure.

The women were given preferential treatment.

For months they were given training. The best of the best were called in.

Miss Manners would teach them what to do and how to act.

Weight training and swimming exercises may have been taught by Olympic Gold medalists.

Clothes from Calvin Klein and makeup from Cindy Crawford were brought in to aid in the transformation process.


Details of how Esther saved the Jewish people from a man -made law to annihilate them marked her as a Queen with brains and beauty. It also gave her great favor with her new found husband.  

Esther was a woman after God’s own heart. She exemplified the wife who knew her place, but exercised her knowledge and wisdom for the good of the people and the King.

Esther was solid in her beliefs and values. Her steady foundation kept her aligned with God.

Her heritage was ingrained in her soul so much she risked her own life to save Israel.

Esther’s love for God was revealed in her trust in him. Her humble posture showed an inner strength and courage outlined with respect for others.

No wonder she became Queen.Proverbs31Pool

Modern society could use some Esther’s.

Proverbs 31


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Faith Unleashed

Faith is a tricky thing. It actually grows when you don’t realize it.
The more time you spend with God, reading his word and praying faith seeps in and makes a home.

Coming from a no-faith place, I remember telling God I didn’t really understand it much less have any.

He quietly led my thinking to the simple everyday tasks or actions we take where faith is automatic or taken for granted like,

Sitting on a chair
Driving a car
Eating or drinking food or liquids believed to be healthy
Lying down on a bed

Faith is taking these natural acts and transferring it to God. In other words trusting God whoever made the chair we are sitting in isn’t going to collapse with us in it.

Certain areas of faith are harder to put to the test than others. It shouldn’t be but it is.

Why is it easier to believe God for that perfect job than healing?
Why do we trust him more for protection than providing our every need financially?

There is no difference. He promises all we need no matter what it is which covers everything from a new car battery to food on the table.
The more a person has tends to lead to self-sufficiency which removes the need for God. One thing for sure is if you find yourself in that league, be prepared. God keeps him promises; even the one that says, “God giveth and God taketh a way.”

Many in the Bible were graced with the label as “faithful.”
Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Esther, Job, David, Solomon, Samson, Daniel, Mary, John the Baptist.

Then there were those who had faith grow as the word was written about them or by them such as Paul, John and the other disciples. Mary Magdalene and the two sisters Mary and Martha who observed the raising of their brother from the dead. Watching a scene like that would make anyone’s faith explode!

The times we are living in are in need of Abraham’s, Moses’, David’s and Esther’s.

So where does God go to find such examples?now-faith-is-the-substance-of-things-hoped-for-the-evidence-of-things-not-seen-hebrews-11-1-kjv
How do we know anyone like them even exists?

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The Liberated Woman: Eve, Esther, Ruth etc. etc. etc. (Part 4)

Whoever came up with the idea men and women are alike, physically, mentally and emotionally must have missed Anatomy class.  Feminist decided to show the world women can and will outshine men.999423_607585829285922_404105196_n

The designation is women must achieve total success in a corporate laddered world equal to men. Attain your goals no matter what it takes; even stepping on the feet of others for the satisfaction of reaching the top. According to these radical suffragettes it isn’t who you are; what you do is all that matters.

Forget the genes God placed in us. Women are personal and relational; men operate from a physical dynamic of competition and goal ambitions. These are not a “fit” for feminism.  This forbidden critique does not apply with their ideals that the more a woman achieves in the working world, the more desirable she becomes.  If that is the case, 95% of the female population isn’t worthwhile according to the women’s movement.

While in this mood of women evolving, they didn’t take into account the undesirability of being over-educated or thriving more than men. This touchy subject tends to counter the male ego. Some can handle it, others wouldn’t dip into that pond. Competition in the operational sense is a given, but can be and usually is totally destructive in relationships.

The feminist movement does not understand God wants and has given the female gender great gifts to pursue, but the Joyce Meyer’s of the world are few. The key point here is God thankfully doesn’t judge us on our achievements. So why should we? Think about it.

In the Bible were mentioned the paralyzed, blind and demon possessed. If God measured people by the activities and business they accomplished on earth where would it leave them?

Why did God create women to reproduce in their younger years?
(1 Timothy 2:15)

1.       He knew the energy it would require chasing children?

2.       He knew the risks of childbirth as one ages?

A feminist attitude

A feminist attitude

3.       He knew the risks to the new born?

4.       He gives a spiritual covering to those in the condition of pregnancy?

5.       He knew the temptations and spiritual deception when a woman denies her role as a mother in a career



Another fraud brought on by these driven pressure groups are acting like a “lady” or “womanly” is a sign of weakness. Oh give me a break.

Redefine women. Don’t be kind, generous, good, sweet, loving, and relational or Heaven forbid emotional. Then don’t come to my house when I am watching “Touched by an Angel” because I will smack you upside the head if you laugh because I am crying.

If these women would get it through their thickheaded brains God will take what he has already given us and build on it.

 Luke 21: 14-15 “But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves. For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. “

Do you know why God tells us this? As Christians we will have to fight off the enemy; relentlessly deal with persecution from even those closest to us and possibly face death.  And the feminist think we are silly, stupid and frail?

To be continued….

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The Liberated Woman: Eve, Esther, Ruth, a prostitute? (Part 1)

The way that Republicans attack women is so offensive to me. And the way they talk about religion is offensive. I may not be a practicing Jew, but why we gotta talk about Jesus all the time? And it’s baffling to me how a poor person in Georgia can say, ‘I’m a Republican.’ Why?”    Mila Kunis


Researching her history she grew up in the Soviet Union where anti-Semitism pushed her parents to leave. Her words read like someone who came from a foreign country only to make millions in the very nation she is slamming.

She is the perfect example of a self-superior feminist. In fact she is producing a feminist themed series for television centered on the women’s liberation movement of the 70’s.item location specialist

 My involvement with the feminist movement was graduating from college with absolutely no training to be thrown into a working world where most women had never gone before.

Prior to that time, it wasn’t expected. The generation before mine was not grilled with questions like, “what are you going to do when you graduate?” or “do you have a job yet?”

We women are very capable of a lot of things, but right now the number of single, Caucasian mothers living below the poverty level is around 24%. That figure has risen by 15% since 2001. Between 38 and 45% of multiracial children live in poverty.

Having been a single mother for 12 years it is by God’s grace both of us survived it.

So what does the poverty rate have to do with being liberated?instructions

What is the liberated/feminist woman?

The secular definition is being set free of anything that women find oppressive. It is freedom from sexual attitudes that men are superior to women. The stance is to gain full, social and political rights for equality for women.

 The idea that all women should be working outside of the home has been
overdone, overrated and a detriment to many who never asked for it.

The hardest job on earth is that of the mother. God knew raising children would be difficult which is why he gave them 2 parents. The single parent is often alone, exhausted and broke. The feminist movement has not changed the pay scale between men and women. It has laid a guilt trip on many females who choose to be a mother at home instead of bringing half cooked bacon into a messy house. But the single mother has no choice. She must be bread winner and 2 parents all the time.

The system is broke. The family has fallen apart. And many are suffering.

Feminist have pushed the belief we women are suppose to do it all; be everything and everywhere all the time. The expectation is no different for the single parent. Somehow understanding the huge strain of one parent having to be two parents hasn’t sunk into the thick heads of society.

I can tell you from experience. It is not possible without a lot of help and God. Single parenting is a 24/7 job. If I am not mistaken even Jesus needed to get away and rest. So why should we be any different? Breaks for rest or peace of mind when parenting do not exist.

Blaming the feminist movement is not my point here, but the demand to be politically correct parents or single parents is not Biblical.

So….how do women become liberated Christians? Or is that possible?