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The Christmas I will never forget…

It’s been a while since I blogged.

2014 has been a year marked by loss, illness and unexpected shockers for me personally.

Yet on the flip side has been the evidence of God in every circumstance and pain.

The valley has been deep and long but I have truly felt the presence of God walking with me step by step.
It gives recognition to his provisions one day at a time.leeches

Christmas was a first for me as I spent the morning in the emergency room. I barely got through opening gifts when I almost passed out. I surprised myself by asking Mark to take me to the hospital but I had nowhere else to go.

It was early enough the waiting room was for the most part empty so fortunately they took me back immediately.

When the doctor arrived who was obviously not interested in working on Christmas, asked me my symptoms. I will spare you of the details but suffice it to say they were quite unpleasant. After a quick exam he looked at me and said, “If all checks out you have Viral Gastroenteritis.”
He left the room and I never saw him again.

He ordered blood work, chest and stomach X-rays along with a constant check of my vitals.

The nurse filled 3 vials of blood. I wondered if I had any left after that.

After the x-rays, the nurse returned to hook me up to an IV.

She informed me that, “yes” I did have what the doctor diagnosed.

We discussed eating the BRAT diet only for a few days to allow my stomach to rest. So much for Christmas breads and cookies now. 3 prescriptions and I could be on my way. It was my choice to finish the IV to give my immune system a much needed boost which I thought was a little strange.

I asked the nurse, “Do I need the entire drip?”drip

Nurse, “You can if you want but your electrolytes checked out very well.”

So the sugarless Gatorade and Power aid drinks had done their job.

After the drip finished we left. 3-4 hours in the emergency room on Christmas morning was more than enough.

Once home, the bed called and a good nap was in order.

Rather curious as to my lab report which the hospital gave me, I began a search of what these medical terms meant.

According to the report, all the blood work came out normal and or better. The only questionable level was the one producing a stress result. Mine was a little higher than it should be which is why the nurse asked me about my life before we left.

“Are you stressed out?”

Me, “ugh, yes. This year has been one of the most difficult I have ever lived.”

After giving her a few details she understood especially after I told her of recent developments with other people in my life who are going through major life changing concerns.

After absorbing all the lab work results, I sat back in awe of God.

It wasn’t the Viral Gastroenteritis that I was experiencing, but how God has kept me healthy in other areas that are of great importance.

The results revealed that after years of antibiotics for sinus and other infections, Probiotics have worked to keep me from getting what is called Clostridium. The doctor was concerned that may have been a factor, but turns out it wasn’t even close.

The lab results also revealed my kidneys, liver and pancreas are functioning very well. God has truly blessed me with almost perfect blood pressure. 

While the enemy had been filling my mind with his evil diagnosis’s  for who knows how long, God came up with a victory I didn’t see coming. To be honest I was overwhelmed with His healing power running through my ill body.

Years of strange sicknesses and chronic infections finally revealed they had been attacks. It simply doesn’t make sense for lab tests and blood work to show up perfectly normal over and over while illness has ravaged me for almost 18 years. I sensed these results were a major blow to the devil and his sinister plans for me.  As he tried to ruin my Christmas, God turned it for good. 

God’s truth often works where we aren’t looking. And sometimes he allows us to go through something unpleasant to find out how he is preserving us behind the scenes. 

Many times it isn’t what we think we face and endure as much as it is what God is protecting us from.

For me, that list must be very long.

God is just plain awesome.  

2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.