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Where is the Tag Police when you need them?

Usually there is plenty of room for scatterbrains; most of the time I do not fit in that category.  Maintaining those moments are either “elder moments” or that ah-ha!

You know life is busy and full of who knows what when you come back from a trip to the store only to find out the brand new blue jean shorts you wore still have the price tags on them.

The cardboard tag attached to the back of the top of the jeans is still stapled in place. But worse is the plastic strip that slides down the back of your thigh giving homage to the size and style.

Once discovered you begin to wonder who noticed.tag2

Then you wonder what they thought; did they laugh and point it out to their friends saying, “She must not know the tags are on her pants! LOL!

Then you wonder why someone didn’t tell you.  At least I wasn’t hunted down by the mattress tag police who so rudely write, “DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG BY ORDER OF THE LAW.”

It is a stark reminder my brain may not be functioning as it use to but then again maybe it has just gotten too crowded in there.

Responding to a comment lately of my love for reading, I have to wonder if God is trying to tell me “don’t cram so much in that little head of yours” or if I just forgot to take the tags off.

Recently statistics revealed people who are on the internet, pc or phone a lot tend to let other things become “null and void.”  I submit to that as a valid customer of the literary scene or blogosphere.  The conjuncture of the price tags is a result of brain overload.

Keeping our minds clear is essential to focus. Focus is necessary to reach successful achievements.

Keeping our focus is as serious as what we read or listen to. What goes in must come out.   The information, good or bad we receive will ultimately become our focus or direction.

If you listen carefully to the subject matter of conversations, you will quickly notice what is important to the person speaking.  Today’s world is full of noise, garbage and lies.  The choice is ours individually what we do with it.

Ramming your brain with loud, negative abusive music or foul language will produce adverse and gloomy moods and actions.  Unfavorable attitudes and pessimistic dispositions are no fun to be around because those temperaments are contagious.  Persistent cynicism breeds cynicism.  Eventually what you hear repeatedly will become what you believe.

Empty your brain of such miserable burdens and begin to fill it with positive, uplifting Godliness. The importance of depleting the vulgarities is absolutely necessary to make room for the Holy Spirit to immerse your thoughts with God’s word.

The difference is immediate and once you start this process the desire to retreat is lost.

God speaks of becoming empty vessels.

2 Kings 4:3 “Elisha said, “Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don’t ask for just a few.”

In other words, fill your empty vessels with the truth.

Now that is noise worth listening to.