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Heather McCoy update!

The following is the link to the TV appearance that was supposed to be a few months ago but happened 5/14 on the Balancing Act on LMN with Heather.  It is wonderful and our Heather is a true inspiration. If you think you are having a bad day, listen to how her days have been since she was born. 







Feline Fever

The last 2 days were detoured by our precious cat. She started doing some strange coughing, and her meows were sounding like a kitty in real pain. Her dreariness and all of sudden loss of appetite warranted a trip to the dreaded Vet.

At almost 11 years old she knows what it means when I pick her up and carry her to the car.  The open carrier in the back seat is the sign to her of the worst place on earth to go.

Normally she begins a “wail” or “whine” before she fights me with her claws as I have to force her in to this prison for animals. However, her very sore throat allowed for the most pitiful sounds I have ever heard coming from her usual big mouth. She must have felt so bad she clawed the top of the carrier in an effort to stop this meeting where other strange cats and dogs end up in the same room with her.

Her determination not to attend this visit was worse than most. Finally I pushed her into the cat carrier but not before she showed me her sharp teeth which were ready to bite off the hand that feeds her.

As soon as the doctor checked her he gave her two shots; one for pain and the other was an antibiotic. The pain meds kicked in quickly but she was so exhausted she laid on the table with her head and little body as close to me as she could get.

The ferocious feline had suddenly become a very frightened little kitten who didn’t want the hand that feeds her to leave her alone for a second.

On the way home it hit me this must be the way God feels about us, his children.

We do what we can to claim our independence from the Creator of the Universe while he is doing what he thinks is best for us by getting our attention even if it hurts.

Trying to explain to a 10 year old, once feral cat she needs medicine is like God giving us his “book of life” that we place between two bookends, forgotten and unopened.

Her stubbornness to keep from getting what she needed is a reminder of how we fight God as he patiently waits for us to desire to seek him of our own accord.

But, like a ferocious feline as soon as fear sets in, we search for a Cross on a hill where we can fall into the arms of the one who created us.

Romans 8:15 “For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.”



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Andy Andrews: Recipient of 3 Purple Hearts

The link at the bottom takes you to some of the War stories of a dear friend of ours.

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews is a recipient of 3 Purple  Hearts for his bravery on D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge.

Trained as a “machine gunner” his expertise led him into the trenches of battle during WWII.  Andy was one of the first personal witnesses to the Dachau Concentration Camp a few days after it was liberated.

Andy, a strong Christian leaned on his faith to get him through every day. At one point in this summary he tells of how soldiers read passages from the New Testament from Bibles issued to them by the Army. That’s right; the Army handed out the one book they felt would give them what they needed to fight and win. And fight and win they did.

About 15 years ago, I was fortunate to sit down with him one-on-one and listen to him tell me his personal stories. I’ll never forget how he told me he lost 3 pairs of glasses in the war. His response was,

“They were all shot off my face; 3 different times.”

He told me how he and his buddy were in a foxhole with their machine guns ready and waiting on the enemy. He described the atmosphere  as “eerily quiet.” His buddy made the mistake of raising his head just above the top of the foxhole only to have it blown off.

He learned to cook potatoes in one of their kitchens. Lots of potatoes.

He described times when he would be in an abandoned house or building only to meet face to face with the enemy. One time he hid in a closet as a number of them walked right past him.

“The truth of those young, German soldiers, ” he told me, “was they were just as scared as we were and didn’t want to be doing what they were being forced to do any more than we did.”

And we think our lives our tough.

Here’s a great big “Shout Out” to all Military. 



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Stained Plans-In admiration of Heather McCoy

Years ago I spent my summers working in our church conference center. Many wonderful and endearing friendships came out of those memorable seasons. And also some real jerks.

And there he was.  The man of my dreams.

Girls flocked around him.

Guys envied him.

Me? I just wanted him to notice me.

When he finally did, I knew I had met my first love. Ugh. Gag.

The next year in high school would be a very long one. Knowing that seeing him wouldn’t be until the next summer was excruciating.  UPDATE: he spoke to me one time.

The future held no other course but to once again see him from a distance.

What could be wrong? He came from a very prestigious family. Intelligent. Political minded. He spoke with clarity and as if he knew more than most. His looks sure didn’t hurt. He was perfect.

The last summer before college he was there. He had a girlfriend. She was there too.

My dream was shattered.

The first semester of college was extraordinary.

These were the days when you actually went on dates to get ice cream, or a good meal 25 miles away considering the food we ate was well, “mystery meat?”

Half way through the semester one of the college staff members invited me to a homecoming game at a nearby arch rival college.

Making a quick trip to the hot dog and coke stand but who do I run into?

Yes. He was right in front of me. And this time he really noticed.

He asked me for my phone number.

He called. We went out 5 times. Our last date he became angry over the most ridiculous and trivial matter. He dropped me off in front of my dorm and drove off. I never saw or heard from him again.

Good riddance jerk.

The pattern of always needing something to look forward to ran through my veins until one day God showed me that was no way to live.

Attempting to have a calendar of “fun” was forcibly changed.  Survival mode had set in.

Soon, the joys of looking forward to anything good became thoughts of waking up without being scolded or yelled at by a sinister husband.

That changed into thoughts of how soon and quickly can I leave him.

Once I became a single parent, even the daily hardships were so much better than what I had lived through with a possessive, controlling, compulsive liar.

10 years into the role of being everything to everyone, I yearned for peace and quiet; to be honest I wanted to run away. For most single parents, this is the life led.  Exhaustion, weariness, inability to do it all and unmistakably labeled. By then, just waking up and realizing I was still alive was my future plans.

I had all but forgotten what it was like to remotely think of having a vacation, or a day to myself. In fact, those thoughts rarely occurred and when they did I laughed it off as a silly notion. HOW DARE I THINK OF HAVING, MUCH LESS PLANNING A DAY TO MYSELF?

The man who knows the value of a good meal, is the man who is starving.

The woman who is ill knows the value of good health.

The family who lives in poverty knows the importance of having a roof over their heads.

Now the truth is I don’t make plans. God broke me of doing it so long ago that living one day at a time is my plan. Or God’s plan.

In the midst of all the years of pain, loss and difficulties God taught me so often we make plans that are stained with greed, selfishness and personal promotion.

Whatever our plan may be, if God isn’t in it, it will never live up to our expectations. Disappointment will be a dominate factor until we make up our minds to ask God what he wants us to do.

Blessings pour from the abundance God has for us as we learn that his ways and thoughts are always better than ours. Living for God one day at a time rejects any idea we are missing out on anything or are settling for less.

Heather McCoy is a perfect example of living life one day at a time. She understands the true meaning and importance of health.  While most of us take breathing for granted, Heather has waited her 20 years on earth to be able to breathe normally. She aligned her plans with God’s mission which has proven to be a miracle of healing.

Her walk has been in the classroom of God’s “divine nature.” She graduated from the college of God’s chosen.

As she continues to improve and recover from a double-lung transplant, her story is reaching people all over the globe offering hope, joy unspeakable and a love for living life as God intended; as a true disciple.

Heather’s cross has been heavier than most to bear but she learned early on from the Master Cross Bearer how to carry it better than anyone I have ever seen.

The musician and the singer. CF transplant buddies. Friends forever. — with Nicole Marie and Heather McCoy.

The musician and the singer. CF transplant buddies. Friends forever. — with Nicole Marie and Heather McCoy.


God is good! What a miracle! Heather is awake!

2 minutes ago via mobile

My baby sister walking after only 36 hours after having a double lung transplant. She is definitely a fighter!! God is good! — with Heather McCoy and Julie Newman McCoy.

Heather walking 36 hours after double lung transplant surgery!


How to have a “Not so Typical Yard Sale” for Heather McCoy

Saturday, October 06, 2012, Central Carolina Technical College, plus USC Sumter and a number of school groups came together for a very special yard sale.

As you may have read in previous blog posts, Heather McCoy is awaiting a double-lung transplant at Duke University Hospital. In an effort to help her family with the mounting medical costs, many friends, colleagues, staff and even a local Girl Scout troop worked diligently to bring this bazaar together.

But….this wasn’t your typical garage/rummage sale. It was so much more.

My goal was to take pictures. Driving onto the campus with my trusty, little digital camera I almost ran into the kids washing cars. Up in the “Dunkin Booth” was a volunteer Professor waiting for his next bath. Across the sidewalk were displays of food, clothes, trinkets, computers and even a couch that graced the front yard.

Immediately I knew why I had waited to wash my car. Why should I do it, when I can get these kids to?

Handing my keys along with some cash, I left them to do their job on my very dirty PT Cruiser.

Except for a few children who had to sit still, asking for poses, or “smiles” for the camera, most were happy to have their picture taken.

As I walked the campus, I felt an awareness of a discernible excitement. Looking around were faces of joy, children gulping down Orange Slurpees and curious shoppers. There were friends laughing, amusing facial expressions and a common, unspoken camaraderie. The connection was as tangible as if all these strangers/acquaintances’ had known each other their entire lives.

Immediately, I recognized this distinct observation.

Hovering over this campus were two notable presences.

“The Spirit of Heather” was written on the sidewalk. Her face shone in the smiles of those who know her well. Compassion for her appeared as one “car washer” sprayed the other girl instead of the car. Peace flowed from words that mentioned Heather’s name.

Heather may be at Duke hospital in the physical sense, but her spirit captivated this parking lot.

Sweat pouring down my face; my clothes soaking wet from the hot sun, I felt a 2nd presence in the air. It was like a shield in the sky; a guard covering the school grounds from one end to the other.

It felt as if those who walked on this soil or burning pavement were wrapped in a protective armament of a love so deep you would never want to leave.

Inside this shelter shouted the Holy Spirit expressing his description of God as he surveyed the activity surrounding this little corner of the world.

Our loving Father was in the midst of the flowers that bloomed, the dogs that got public baths and the cupcakes covered in a delicious chocolate frosting. God sat on the leather couch for sale. He hung around the clothes on the racks and enjoyed the spirit of retail for a child he dearly cherishes.

It wasn’t the monetary fund God acclaimed or the need at hand.

God was thrilled with the hearts who gave up a day for the love of a friend. He knows the hard work, extra hours and effort given for one who is unashamed of speaking his name to the world. He showed up on Heather’s behalf.

Making my way back to my shiny, cleaned  PT Cruiser, I felt blessed beyond words that I can write.

Overwhelming me was the truth that miracles happen when God is present.

God says in Psalm 107:20 “He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.”

Maybe God was letting me know the purpose of this “not so typical yard sale” ended with a different note than expected originally.

Maybe God graced that parking lot with his presence as the gift that he is; and for the shared component of affection of one of his own.

God’s miracle healing power has been packaged up with love from a small, bright spot in the road to Duke Hospital for Heather McCoy.

Please enjoy the slideshow from this “Not so Typical Yard Sale”

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