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Talking Donkey’s for Sale

If you are a true skeptic of the Bible, this story is one for the record books. God is creative and enjoys using and performing the extraordinary. He is the Master of Billboard rights; Producer of theatrical plays and Director of taking that which is evil and turning it around for his purposes.

Balaam was a sorcerer; a self-imposed dream interpreter who hated the Jews. He was evil and actually believed he could change God’s mind about Israel.  He joined forces with Balak, the King of the Moabites to curse the Israelites for the slaughter of the Amorites. The battle was a result of this wicked nation trying to stop the Israelites from passing through and their sin.

Balaam tried to use God for his love of money. As he and Balak schemed to curse the Israelites he was met with “fees for his divination” from Balak’s messengers. (Numbers 22:7)

If your donkey all of a sudden began asking you, “why are you beating me? What have I done to deserve such treatment” what would you do?balaam

As the story goes Balaam’s donkey was stopped by an angel Balaam couldn’t see.  How embarrassing. But not for Balaam. As the angel appeared to him he fell on the ground as if to be repentant of his sin, yet sincerity isn’t a positive characteristic of the wicked. It didn’t last long.

God basically forced the words he wanted to come out of Balaam’s mouth to the King of the Moabites. 3 times he blessed the Israelites instead of cursing them.  Balaam told Balak he had to speak blessings; if he didn’t it was probably physically painful.

How many of us need a talking donkey?

Most of us?

The church itself needs a lot of talking donkeys.  The vision of the angel in front of Balaam was invisible to him, but not the donkey. Like us, we can’t see past the donkey ears to what is ahead because we have pushed the angel and God to the side roads or the ditch.

The vision God wants for us is to see the good in everything yet the first thing many see when walking into a freshly painted room is the one spot the painter missed. Where is your focus?

In a beautiful field of flowers many will find the dead one first.

Your harvest of corn is growing better than usual but that one stalk is covered in bugs.

The latest so –called Christian movie is full of the love of God, but don’t go see it because the producers are New Agers.

If God told me to walk into a bee hive even though I am allergic to bees, I would obey him, but that is the only way I would do it.

The Bible is full of bad people. Murderers. Adulterers. False Prophets. Evil Kings. Stupidity. Fearful Prophets. Prostitutes. Hypocrites. Religious Zealots. Betrayers. Money changers. Thieves. Liars. Idol worshippers. Sound familiar?

Did God tell Abraham when he committed adultery “Forget it? That promise I made to you to become the Father of many nations won’t happen now. At least not from you.”

Did God tell David after he became King, stole his best friend’s wife and then murdered him, “You really have blown my plan. My lineage to the Messiah was to come from you, but not now. How could you do something so stupid?”

NO. God went right ahead with his plans and used them anyway. And what happened?

He took the evil and turned it into good.

He took their sins and put them on Jesus.

He took the darkness they were living in and brought them into the light.

Are we limiting God by nit-picking evil out of the good he produces?

Have we stooped so low we believe God isn’t powerful enough to remove the evil so we have to step in and do it for him? Have we become such great believers in ourselves we can dictate to non-believers or the backslidden from going to see a movie or read a book about God that isn’t quite up to what we as Christians believe the Bible wants it to show?

Isn’t God capable enough of revealing the differences of an imperfect movie made by humans to the awesome perfect wisdom and knowledge of his own theatrics?

Give me a break.  Anything we do will be imperfect and God will take that imperfection and do for us the same thing he did for Abraham and David.ugly-donkey.jpg

Who wants a talking donkey?


It was a Donkey, not a Horse

Jesus riding in on a donkey was not the “Kingly” parade many expected.  (John 12:14)

No jewels or crown; no priestly robes. An entourage of Royal Guardsmen did not pave the way.

The grand stallion was nowhere to be found.donkey

The local headliners for the Jerusalem Journal:

“”King of the Jews borrows a donkey to make his entrance.”

Living in the hills and sandy vales left nothing to be desired as far as his looks. He probably could have used a good barber too. John the Baptist must have taught him how to cook fried locusts.

This scene has bewildered the world.

Why didn’t he arrive with a cloak and dagger armor?

Why wasn’t he dressed for the Red Carpet?

If he was the “King of Kings” where were all his riches?

No wonder the Pharisees and Sanhedrin were shocked. This man didn’t represent them! He was a nomad; a man who smelled like fish.

“Bring us the real face of the Jews!”

It is just like God to do the opposite of what people think. However, had Jesus galloped in riding a beautiful white stallion dressed in ornamental designer wear preceded by an imperial escort what could the outcome have been?

A representation of the unattainable.
An ideology for the few and far between.
A derelict society due to the evil nature that lives within.
A misguided approach to the love and compassion of the Almighty.
As it was and is, the Son of God rode a borrowed donkey; dressed in a dingy cloak and dusty sandals.

His eyes gleamed of the Father’s mercy and grace for his people. His face glowed like the sun. His presence was charismatically hopeful and endearing. Wisdom poured from his words like rivers of knowledge and understanding.

He was the total epitome of unconditional love and purified holiness.

Once a saint or unbeliever discovers even these few qualities of the true “King,” riches, gems, and the overflow of material possessions lose all credibility.

It is through such heartfelt expressions we receive golden crowns and precious stones for ourselves in the wake of a new life with the Resurrected Christ.

And some of you thought the donkey was only meant for a simple ride into Jerusalem.