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The Miscalculations of No Coincidence

Around 16 years ago I received health insurance at my job after going for 7 years without it.

During the 7 years of no health insurance, I never got sick.

As soon as I was placed on a company plan I began getting sick which has lasted in differing forms since that time.

Since the early 90’s I have owned a computer in one form or another. Until this year I rarely had any problems on any of them; and the only virus/tech protection I used was AVG.

In February of this year I bought an ACER Aspire with Windows 8 to replace my 6 year old laptop that never had any issues. As the ACER crashed over and over, I boxed it up and sent it back.

In June, with no laptop of my own, I stole my husband’s Hewlett Packard. After 3 weeks the hard drive crashed. It wasn’t worth repairing and my husband forbid me to touch anything electronic ever again.

August 6, I buy a brand new Dell Inspiron also with Windows 8.

The interface crashed, the hard drive had to be restored, and this week the software crashed.  Within the first month, Dell had to replace the entire top half of the laptop.

When it began crashing Tuesday morning, I began on and off conversations with Dell agents for almost 20 hours over the last 2.5 days.

The agent who gave me the diagnosis told me there was nothing left to do but a System Restore; I was almost in tears. Due to corrupt logins I was unable to copy the few documents I considered of value so it was a risk.

However thanks to Microsoft’s new SkyDrive, my documents remained unharmed.

Trying to make sense of it all, God revealed to me a pattern. It is easy to miss the reality of certain circumstances while we are in the middle of them. Considering the devil can only do repeat performances or copycat masquerades, he showed me how comparable the attacks were.

The game is the same, but the focus has changed. (1 Peter 5:8)

He relentlessly charges for a season at a time to wear us down. Giving no breaks, he aims to break our spirit.  At times, the torture of repetition becomes almost unbearable until he makes a mistake. And he will always make a mistake.

He may crawl through a crack in the door, but when we are in Christ, God shuts that door before he gets through crushing his big mouth of deception shutting him up.

As he attempts to try again and again, he begins to wear out as long as we stand on the Word of God. And then the light of the Holy Spirit snuffs him out.

Moments of temporary insanity tried to creep in but then God would shower me with his calm presence. I may not have passed the test with flying colors, but as I have written before, God is long on effort and grades on a curve.

I now have a heads up on future strikes he may attempt to pursue.

Attacks of unyielding persistence, positive reinforcements begin to surface.

After 5 hours yesterday on the phone reinstalling all kinds of programs, the agent commented on how many calls were on my record. I told her,

“I now know everyone in India! Who else can say that?” LOL!


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This is the Day….

I have to remind myself this is the Day the Lord hath made. 

For sure I am convinced the enemy does not want me on a laptop.  

After owning this new Dell for 6 days I am shattered when I turned it on this morning  to find the horror of the RED ALERT! YES; Viruses had already attacked. 

Of course, the first thought was, “NO! PLEASE GOD NOT AGAIN!” 

Without the ability to do on-line chat I called Dell. 

And you won’t believe what happened. 

A sweet, nice girl from India became my friend. She spent time working with me for 2 hours removing those vile ills. 

While waiting for the repair programs to do their work, she began a conversation asking me how my day was going.

She was very appreciative to have someone to talk to about life, instead of Google Chrome, Malware or the 1000 ways now to get a virus.

I managed discreetly to usher in “religion” somehow….that had to be God. She told me she is Hindu. I asked her “what does that do for you?”

She replied, “I am not sure what you mean?”

Me, ” Have you ever thought about what being a Hindu means?”

Her, “No, not really. I have Hindu friends.”

Me, “Oh. That’s nice. Do you know anything about Christianity?”

Her, “Oh, I have Christian friends too, but we never discuss religion.”

Me, “That’s nice. You know there are differences in the two?”

Click. All of a sudden the phone connection stopped.

Me, “Hello? Hello? are you there?”


Me again, “Hello? Hello? Where did you go?”

About 2 minutes later she came back on. It hadn’t disconnected but we lost each other temporarily.

Her, “Cathy, are you there?”

Me, “Yes. I am. Can you hear me?”

Her, “YES! But I thought I lost you. This is so strange. Whatever my phone did has never happened before…..”

What the devil meant for harm, God turned it into good.

The devil tried to stop the conversation, but what he doesn’t know is I planted the seed before his UNRULY INTERRUPTION!

Also, I have a new friend who will be my personal Dell Assistant whenever I need one.

So much for the viruses. Just another tool God had in his pocket.