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Is there anything worth laughing about?

Sometimes you just have to laugh! LOL!

I know the world around us is no reason to laugh right now, but someone has to be cheerful or how will anyone see the light?

Our Pastor spoke this past weekend of how funny God must be. I agree with him.

Think about it.laughing

The Bible is full of far-fetched and at times preposterous stories!

What right minded, stable adult would believe God actually parted the Red Sea?

What Ivy League Professor would be able to accept this guy who ran from God ended up in a huge fish?

And how about Daniel? Thrown in the Lion’s Den and they weren’t hungry?

Growing up I never thought twice about “not” believing any of the Bible. It was what it is.

I never questioned the validity of Adam and Eve living in a perfect garden until Eve talked to a slithery snake or David knocking out a giant with a slingshot.

However, as an adult now I can see why some people might question the accounts of Paul and Silas chained to a dungeon wall praising God in the middle of the night as a fairytale, legend or narrative.

Imagine waking up one morning thinking, “I’ll join the Peace Corp; go to China and teach Farsi.

Or write on your to-do list for your spouse,

“Honey, I am going to California to pan for gold. Be back soon!”

Your other half may be glad you find gold but think “have you lost your mind?”

So it is with God’s great imagination and unlimited eye-catching scenes. Many have found his ingenious resourcefulness to be improbable.

Revelation 1: 5 “and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth.”

Whose idea was it to create a perfect world?

Or part the Red Sea?

How did Jonah get into that whale and survive 3 days? (Just the thought of what he might have been sitting in is revolting)

Not only are these tales true, they are miraculous, bizarre, extraordinary and clever!

The Bible is one big story with one Big God as the writer and administrator.

If God is the author of such awesome exploits, would that imply he has a wit about him? A side of slapstick satire? A source of comicality or sparkle?

So here we are in a world of disarray, nations falling apart with people who have no clue, where is God?
What is he up to?

Parting the Nile?

The Bible

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Lost in the Garden

The last 2 days I spent  planting flowers and herbs to spruce the yard up. My 2nd trip to Lowe’s needed the attention of my expert gardener husband for advice on buying teeny, weeny, little plants for some very small pots. Herbs filled them nicely but not before I actually lost my husband in the Lowe’s garden center.

Now how one can lose a 230 lb., 6 foot man in Lowe’s Garden center is a mystery to me but I did. He had the cart, I had the car keys so I knew he wasn’t going anywhere without me. The one day I go off and leave my cell phone at home was the day I really needed it! Oh the joys of texting to find you’re long lost love.

Strolling around in between rows of pots, planters, marigolds, roses, and intense shoppers he was nowhere to be found.  I must admit how silly I felt losing my husband and spending my valuable shopping experience searching for him instead of the wonderful indulgence of God’s green earth.

The look on my face must have revealed “a woman in distress” as those with a “green thumb” paraded around me as if I was standing in their way. Had they known my plight, maybe they would have offered to aid me in my desperate search instead of frowning upon me as if I was covered in fertilizer.

As I stood in the middle of the center, hands on my hips, straining my eyes to locate this man of my dreams a young female employee stopped and asked,

“Can I help you?”

Me, “I have lost my husband and my cell phone is at home.”

Employee, “Well, we could page him like we do lost children.”

Laughing I thought what a great idea but knowing he would not want to be categorized as a young child lost in the Lowe’s Garden center, I declined.

Not long after, I spotted his baseball cap. Letting an all out “yell” he looked up only to see me approaching with a very quick sprint. After calming me down he whispered,

“Do you have to be so loud?”

Me, “I couldn’t find you anywhere, so yes. Loud works for me!”

Once we were home, he slipped upstairs to his “Man Land” for a much needed nap while I continued my 2nd day of hard labor to win the “Yard of the Week” award.

The hot sun drained me of much needed toxins but leaving me drenched with sweat. If it had been warmer, I would have ventured into our pool for a quick dip.

Today, my body needs a good massage. Muscles in my legs and arms ache in any attempt to move. Bending over repeatedly did a number on my upper back.

Admitting I am no longer in my vibrant youth, rest has been the order of the day after church. Attending church was a major accomplishment considering it took all I had to avoid falling asleep not to mention limping around like a cripple.

A few weeks from now the aches and pains will be worth the beauty of watching my flowers grow.

This parallel is far from what our Savior did on the Cross, but the resemblance is the same.

Jesus saw the other side of the Cross. Jesus knew his sufferings would show up as saved souls on the backside of Calvary.

As my flowers grow and come to life, the gesture of God’s love will be a reminder to me of all Jesus did on the cross.

The dirty soil in our lives springs into petals of color and beauty as we lean heavily on the Cross to purify and cleanse us.

And in the process of getting lost in God’s garden is this “green thumb wannabe.”

1 Timothy 4:4 “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.”






WordPress, Blogging, Writing and a Revolution

These past few months I have been trying to blog everyday. Postaday2011 was the incentive.  Not that I have that much to say, but, oh…yes I do.

Blogging  is like writing what I am thinking about in the moment or if a revolution has appeared on the streets. (OWS) Those revolutions just seem to get me all riled up so a rant is needed to expose my zealous emotions for how un-sensible they are.

Blogging has become my passion. A few months ago it crossed my mind before I started how much I didn’t want to get involved with the obvious thoughts of others; especially those who may disagree with me.

Blogging does that.

As time passed, that nudging feeling kept creeping into my everyday life as if  I don’t have enough to do already. Somehow God’s nudge has become my message.

Writing for http://www.believersbay.com for the last year or so as a columnist got me thinking about this. The site is also on WordPress and presents a number of Godly  men and women who write whenever about God from a common sense standpoint. The editor and I are writing a book that we hope to finish by next summer.  That is if life would stop getting in the way so I could concentrate better.

I always wanted to be a writer. Had no idea what to write about until God showed me he wanted me to write about him. It has taken many years for me to know enough about God to be able to pursue putting it on paper. Or cyber space. Or the restaurant napkin. Or the grocery list.  Whatever.

Some of my topics have presented themselves as works of art; (don’t laugh). Others have been serious debates. One or two are strictly my opinions that may have lingered into temper tantrums.

Mostly, my blog posts have been to make a point about Jesus and how he has changed my life.  Re-phrase: or how he  is trying to change my life.  In genuine love I have tried to allow God’s humor to spill over into the scribble of the pages since he has been given a bad rap in the area as a clever comic.

You see, I see his humor. I am his humor. He laughs at us because he wants us to laugh at ourselves. God wants us to laugh with him. So why not write down his funny side so others can at least read it?

If you are like me, I never saw God as funny growing up. It was all “hellfire and ?”  So how was anyone going to see the sparkle of God’s love?

My understanding now of God is he is so creative and does it with such glee we are no match for his rivalry. Having said that, he would like us to learn he is far from grim, dour and gloomy.

You are smart enough to discern my journey has not been one of peaceful distinction. In fact my life seems to be marked by one crisis after another. Some are results of my big mouth; others simply fall into my lap without notice or permission.

Crisis finally sunk into my soul as a daily occurrence. Accepting crisis as a life sentence showed me to the door of God’s Comedy Club.  Once you enter, you will never be the same.

He may allow you to go through one maze after another, but he will shine his light with his whimsical genius so you can walk out laughing on the other side.

And while you are crawling this maze of survival, grab the latest piece of technology and start blogging.

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Copyright December 2011: For all you blogging burglars hear this. If you so much as think about stealing a word from one of my postings on this blog this is how you will suffer. First, you will read the entire Bible through. Then you will repent of your sins, get on your knees and ask Jesus into your life as your Savior.

Once done, I will proceed to flog you, place you in stocks for a week and then decide whether your fate will be by either throwing you into the Lion’s Den or hang you in the gallows. Either way at least I will know where you are going or I will be satisfied knowing your thieving soul was saved at the last-minute.