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How to Throw a Successful Pity Party



Inspired by Ellay’s Space, a blogger who wrote about her own quandary of throwing “pity parties” she shed new light on the subject.


Admitting she had them it was time for a change. What a confession! Most people will have a pity party about their pity party.

Years of illness, heartbreak and “burn out” gave me the opportunity to further my knowledge of how to throw countless and lofty “pity parties.”

Self-pity by definition is indulging in one’s own sufferings, hardships and difficulties as self-absorbed unhappiness.

The source of pity is often found in the sandbox.  Throw it at those you dislike who bully you into feeling sorry for yourself. When you can’t steal your siblings toys or get the same bicycle your friend did down the street, it is a loss of “human rights” not to weep, complain or throw sand in the name of selfishness.

Having mastered this great art in our younger years we move into adulthood; only now we aren’t throwing sand.

The list of civil liberties is almost anything;

⇒Your best friend steals your boyfriend (you were ready to dump him but you don’t want her to have him either)

⇒An uneducated idiot gets the one job you wanted; forget buying that new car

⇒Your marriage falls apartwhine

⇒That friend you had? Just dumped you for a better model

⇒Illness hits you blindsided and you wonder how this could happen to me.


Does this sound familiar? The following are assets to a celebrated pity party:

∗Amplify the pain. Whine and moan over all your losses announcing to the world your “heap of troubles.”

∗Remain gloomy. Live in darkness. Throwing graffiti isn’t permitted.

∗Complain to the homeless man.

∗Send a letter to Gweneth Paltrow confirming you know exactly how she feels.

∗Stay in your pajamas all day as a requiem to your position.

∗Sit on the floor and repeat:

        “Everybody hates me. Nobody loves me. Think I’ll eat a worm.”

∗And whatever you do remember the basis for your party is to get as many as possible to simply feel sorry for you.

Getting to the heart of self-pity is understanding the destructive nature it presents. There is nothing good about it. It is a root of depression and fear. Like so many of its friends, despondency, rejection, gloom, anguish, etc. the seed of self-pity sinks deep into our character and nature solidifying a pattern of narcissistic behavior. In other words, “it’s all about me.”


What does God say about self-pity?

Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God”

1 Thessalonians 5: 8 “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

God says it was and never will be all about us.

In fact, it isn’t about us at all.1003520_705847879441919_5093802_n