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Basket Case Sufferings


Deciphering life’s questions and problems is what we do every day. Most have something better to do or we think we do. Pursuing our own dreams or desires won’t make them disappear.

We build mountains out of molehills and exercise the art of exaggerating our misfortunes. But do we really understand sacrifice? Do we honestly know what it feels like to hurt beyond comprehension?

I doubt it. Don’t think so. How could we?

This time of year brings home to roost with me the Cross of Christ. It wrenches my mind so much I fast something for Lent and I am not Catholic.

Over the years I spent qualifying myself as one who in this category used Analysis Paralysis to understand it all. This is not my normal learning process but for some reason the need to analyze and reason it became a walk-through delivery.Via_Dolorosa-09-

The Via Dolorosa was forever etched in my memory.

The crowd is a perpetual clanging symbol only making noise.

As he stumbles by I cry out, “please! Let me help him!”

“At least let me carry his robe! It would lessen the load!”

No one hears me. Anger and retaliation take over.

Maybe if I drag out my Dirty Harry AK 47 and start shooting at some Roman soldiers and egotistical Pharisees I might get their attention.

151473042.OLddHylXSurely I am not the only one here who wants to stop this “death without a trial” injustice?

How can you crucify an innocent man? Do you have any idea who he is?

My broken heart wants to take the wood-splintered cross and chop it up into little pieces so I can burn it.

Selfishness bends my ear as I thank God he never chose me to be his mother or sister.

He sweat blood. His body became unrecognizable from repeated beatings and whippings. Carrying his cross was so inhumane it sent him into a state of shock. He was a barely-walking dead man waiting for his death.

He was thirsty, exhausted, human flesh.

It is a much too grievous and heinous crime to paint with words not to mention how my soul refuses to send him back by reliving it on a blog post.

Our basket-cased sufferings, whines and complaints have no business spewing forth from our emotionally depressed lives. We have no idea what suffering is.

At the end of the Via Dolorosa I stand observing the sacrifice of one who would never have allowed me to stop him from the worst death ever recorded.

“I must go and do this for you,” he would cry out.

As I slide down a dirty, rock wall on this road that is forever colored with his blood, tears gush as my heart aches because I hung him on that cross as much as those cruel, hate-filled soldiers did.

As the thunder roared, lightning lit up a dark sky, the earth shook; and I heard him whisper to my heart,

This is Friday, but Sunday is coming.”





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And Goliath laughed at David?

Evil often gets a “big head” and over steps its proverbial boundary.

Amidst huge bank bailouts, scandals with the IRS, NSA, and Benghazi along comes a story at the heart of David and Goliath.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what your position is or how much money you think you have there are some people no one should pick on.

This in no way undermines the importance of all the above or the “secret corruptions” about to be exposed.

But you don’t mess with a bunch of Nuns.

The story of Saint Jeanne Jugan is truly one for the book of heroes. Born during the French Revolution, her father died and was lost at sea. Finding herself alone she took a job as a kitchen maid for a wealthy family.
Later she began working in a hospital and remained there for 22 years.
She lived a quiet life always working for other people.

One night in 1839 she passes by an elderly woman, outside in the cold who is blind and paralyzed.
With no one to care for her Saint Jeanne took her in to her own apartment giving up her own bed
for the elderly woman to sleep in.

Others in need hear of her kind gesture. Saint Jeanne and a few of her companions begin taking in
what the world would refer to as the “worthless” or sickly of society caring for them as though
they were family. Her deeply rooted Catholic faith along with the strict concern for life started
what is now called “The Little Sisters of the Poor.”

Years following many homes opened across Europe and to date 13,000 are cared for around the world in 31 countries.

Today, in America there are 30 homes with nuns carrying on the traditions set in place centuries ago by one brave but humble woman.sisters

In my book, you have to be an idiot if you choose to go up against any gang of women, but NUNS?


Well, that idiot is our government.

Fighting them in a legal battle over “contraception” which goes against the foundation of the
Little Sisters of the Poor is by far the stupidest endeavor of the Obama Administration.
And the list of “stupid’s” is long.

I am not Catholic and some of their traditions I may not agree with, but this somehow grates at my nerves.
In fact it makes me angry.

How can a government justify extending long term unemployment benefits to people who don’t want to work or waste it on beer and cigarettes while suing nuns for millions of dollars for not wanting to comply with a law that is not only a total failure, but very discriminating and costly?

How can the President and Attorney General Eric Holder sleep at night? What do they see in the mirror?

2 men who have no soul.

Acts 10:42 “And He commanded us to preach to the people, and to testify that it is He who was ordained by God [to be] Judge of the living and the dead.”

They have no idea what they are up against.1395425_10202170463408545_574040824_n

They picked the wrong people to pick on.

David used a rock and a slingshot to kill the seedy, arrogant enemy.

The “Little Sisters of the Poor” are backed by a Supreme Court Judge who pulled a last minute injunction against the government’s mandate.

She just happens to be Catholic and was appointed by the President himself.

Now……do you think God had anything to do with this?

And if he did, what is he going to do next?

(Wouldn’t it be funny if God used these sweet Nuns and their humility to outwit the entire Affordable Care Act?)laughing

To find out more about the “Little Sisters of the Poor” and the great work they do, please click on the link below.