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Red tape.Cut-the-Red-Tape

Paper trails.

Careless spending.

Needless effort.

Time wasted.

Stress inhibitors.

Instead of going the long way around for answers
why not just cut the corner and go to God first?

He is in the business of shortcuts.

Americans tend to go over, under and in circles to find out what God already knows. After all he is God.

Paperwork is a necessity up to a point, but much of it has been overloaded with junk, regulations and non-essentials.  Thank the good Lord for email, scans and signaled media in the air. At least we might save some trees.

This is one more diffusion from the devil. “Keep em’ busy so they won’t have time for God!”  And we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

Maybe God had a better plan all along; if only we would ask him.

For instance:

The physician discusses your needs and riddles off a list of tests needed to be done to find out what the problem is and how to treat it.  Your insurance or lack thereof’ doesn’t cover most of it so out of your pocket goes your savings to the tune of thousands of dollars.

To find out you need acid reducers?


The auto repairman tells you that noise will require hundreds of dollars of tests.

Only you needed a new battery.


 Here’s a true story.

Glasses were foreign to me until I turned 40. Reading was my issue so OTC was fine. By age 50 normal wear and tear put me in glasses 24/7. Dr. Christina set me up with my first pair. A few years later after my eye exam she stopped me and said,

“Has anyone ever told you about the freckle in your eye?”  Completely blind-sided (lol) by her question my reply was,

“No. What do you mean?”

Dr. Christina, “You have a very large freckle in your eye. Just like ones we have on our skin. Nothing to worry about but thought you needed to be aware of it.”  Fine by me. I went on my way.

Insurance changed and she was not in my network so I had to go to a different eye doctor due to the cost.

After a long term try with contact lens, I told the new doctor that wasn’t going to work for me due to allergies.  Months to try new pairs he forgot to dilate my eyes the year before.

When he did, he looked at me with literal “shock” on his face.

“Did you know you have a very large freckle in your right eye? Can you see?”


He arranged for me to go to an Eye Specialist for tests.

“Why do I need to do that? Dr. Christina told me not to worry about it?”

He thought it needed checking.

Against my better judgment I went. After 2 hours of eye drops, an eye sonogram and who knows how many photos I couldn’t see! Fascinated by the results the nurse had to show me what it looked like. Every one of them asked me “and you can see with that in there?”

For all I knew I may have been born with it.

The specialist entered the room while I was trying to get my focus back.

“All is well. It is just one of those strange phenomena we rarely see, but no problems. Let us know if you ever want to get your glasses here.”  And he walked out.

Once home I looked at Mark and said, “That was entirely unnecessary wasn’t it?”

A few days later the good ole” doc called to tell me he had the results from all those pictures they took! “Well, it turned out as I hoped it would.”

My reply was, “you knew before I went that was the outcome. I just wasted thousands of dollars, time and stressed out energy to protect you. You only sent me to do this because you were afraid I was going to sue you.”
Dead silence. That was the last time I ever spoke to him. Not long after that he left town for lack of business.

After years of medical testing and doctor visits for female problems that came up with “you need a hysterectomy but your insurance won’t cover it” I learned some big lessons.

Much of it was unnecessary and based on fear.  Most of it was repeated so my doctors could get insurance reimbursements simply for the visit.

The Holy Spirit nudged me for years, “no, you don’t need that.”

If God wants to spare us of needless and unwarranted trouble why not listen?

Who knows what or who he might save us from?


Absolute Unnecessary Cruelty

Today, March 12, 2013 at around 1:00 pm our daughter was coming home from work. At the lighted intersection of Hwy 441 and St. Paul’s church road at the bridge, a very large turtle was trying to cross the road.

She turned around hopefully to block the road with the intention of saving the turtle by moving him out of the road. Before she could get to him two cars purposely ran over this innocent turtle. The first car was green with a black driver. The second was a white car but she couldn’t see who was driving.

The turtle was still alive barely, but she could see him crying with his mouth open in severe pain. He was left turned upside down with his shell cracked and his organs coming out of his body. She went back and realized he had been hit again because he was turned over.

She came home crying herself at the horror of this unnecessary and vile act of animal cruelty.  She and I find this to be despicable and a reflection of the mental state of many people.

Who are you who did this?

Do you get some kind of sick kick out of injuring God’s creation?

Do you have any idea how old this turtle might have been?

What was this turtle doing to you?

Just so you know whoever you are we have contacted the local police and they are looking into this matter.

The truth is whether you got caught or not performing this nasty, evil dastardly deed God knows what you did and we know what you did. There is absolutely no excuse for such an unspeakable and horrendous crime.

Not only was this vicious and sadistic behavior, it is shameful.

It is a sad day in America when heartless and malicious offenders like yourselves take their frustrations and anger out on a harmless, and defenseless animal.

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God Rescued me. He sent an Angel. He really did. No joke.

I dedicate this to a real woman of God; a blogger friend who wakes up my laptop with a perky good morning faith I wish I had. Her heart warms me with her joyful laughter as I read her posts. She has blessed me more than she knows and I am deeply honored to call her friend.  God speaks to us in various ways; especially through Godly people as he has used her to do so with me. Please give yourself a treat and visit her blog. If you are like me and a very bad morning person, get a cup of coffee first. SHE IS ON FIRE EARLY!  Here is her link: http://strader612.wordpress.com

This is a true story. I have no witnesses. No pictures; nothing to establish the credibility of it except the truth. For me this event was a major turning point in my life; you could call it “one of my Damascus Road trips.”  Yes, I said it was one of my Damascus Road trips.

The year was 1981 and I was not living the way I was raised. Church on Sunday, choir practice, girl scouts, Wednesday night dinner and Bible Study and then of course Bible School in the summer. These were just some of the reasons I darkened the church doors outside of the fact my parents made me go as a child.   On this hot summer night I was far from any church door.

Driving home alone about midnight there wasn’t a car in sight. This sleepy town was usually in bed much earlier. I however was young and invincible; able to handle anything or at least my pride led me to believe such a lie.

Flat Tire

Flat tire.

Flat tire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Growing up in a family car business you would think I would have been taught how to change a tire. Why bother when I always had someone else to do it for me. This particular night I wish I had learned.

The back right tire had blown out and the car was veering off to the side. It could not have been darker as there were no street lights except for a few in the mall down the road. I managed to steer to the right into this empty parking lot before the tire completely gave out near the one mall light I could get to.

This particular mall was out in nowhere and way down in a ravine. Vision would be difficult in daylight to see the parking lot from the road, but almost impossible at night.

As I turned the car off, a fear set in I had never felt before. It was as if the devil had opened the passenger side door and sat down. It was tangible.  Horrific thoughts saturated my fragile mind.  Fears and torment of whom might come knocking on my windows swept over me like a storm.

I was shaking all over; the sweat poured down my face and I began to cry.  I really didn’t know what I was going to do. At least it was summer and I wouldn’t freeze to death.

Cell phones did not exist back in 1981. Looking back having one would have changed this “earthly hell” completely. I was terrified to get out of the car to look for a pay phone; from where I sat there was none in sight.


The fear by now had completely taken over my senses. Was I going to sit here all night alone and fearful to even look out of the windows of my car? Would it be morning before someone found me? How could I possibly sleep? Some stranger may attempt to open my non-electronic doors and grab me taking me into the unknown to do whatever they wanted. I cried more and slid down into the seat so no one could see me; not that anyone was around. It was then that a still, small voice I somewhat recognized told me to pray.

Weeping” I said, “God, I haven’t talked to you in a very long time, but if you are listening, please help me.”

Drenched in my tears, thoughts of what to do clouded my mind. Terror-stricken to make a run for anything because there was nowhere to run to but being stranded, locked in my car was also just as frightening.  I cried out to God for him to do something. Anything.

About 10 minutes after I first prayed I peered slightly over the top of my steering wheel. There were two lights on the highway in the distance heading my way. A transfer truck signals revealed he would be turning into this large, empty dark parking lot because there was nowhere else to turn. I remember thinking, “why is he coming here?”

He parked the truck about 50 feet in front of me but to the left. My heart was racing; I could feel it beating out of my chest I was so scared.

The Cross

A small black guy around the age of 30 jumped down out of the truck and waved to me. Realizing my fear he stayed about 20 feet from the front of my car and told me I had a flat tire. He said “I am here to help you. Do not be afraid. If you will open the latch to your left, I will get the spare tire in your trunk out and change it.”

He made it clear I did not have to get out and he would keep his distance. I motioned him to go ahead and pulled the trunk latch open.  As he walked around to the trunk I noticed a rather large silver cross around his neck.

There was something very different about this young man. He was dressed in nice, khaki pants, with a short sleeved shirt. He had a baseball cap on his head and a beautiful smile.

It wasn’t his clothes or his smile that caught my attention.  He possessed a natural countenance of joy and charisma. A purity and innocent strength surrounded this stranger as he passed by me.

All of a sudden I felt the evil leave the front seat as if it physically moved.  Peace filled the inside of my car and covered me with protection.

He went to work as I sat there, waiting but not moving. Once finished, he walked in front of the car and spoke,

“You are ready to go. I put the spare tire on; just drive slowly and make sure tomorrow you buy a new tire.”

Holding a 20 dollar bill up to pay him, he shook his head and said “no thanks, the best thing you can do for me is go home, get some sleep and make sure from now on you don’t stay out so late.”

As he jumped into his truck, he waved goodbye and drove off.

The Realization

Safe and secure in my apartment I changed into my pajamas and began washing my face. Looking at myself in the mirror it suddenly hit me.

How could this person I had never seen before know my tire was flat?

How did he know I had a spare in the trunk?  It was the right back tire. It was impossible for him to see it.  For all he knew no one was in the car because I was hiding under the steering wheel.

Retracing his words he informed me I had a flat tire and a spare in the trunk. He also told me he had come to help me.  It was as if he knew this information long before he arrived. Deep in my heart it felt like he knew me, as if he had been coached on my life story. The light went off in my head and I heard that voice again telling me,

“I sent you an Angel.”

Unsure of the true existence of angels at that age in my life, 23, I crawled into bed and pondered this thought. Did God care enough about me to actually do something like this and if so why? I didn’t deserve anything from God.

Years later….

The years have come and gone since that frightful night, but one thing I know for sure. In my adult walk with the Lord, I know for certain Angels do exist because God sent one to rescue me. I have no doubt in my heart or mind this man was a very real Angel.

I have never seen him again.  Don’t know what his name was.  He appeared out of nowhere as if he was sent specifically to rescue me.

He knew me. I could feel that he knew me. The timing of his arrival; the cross around his neck; his transcendent presence. The immediate removal of the fear in my car left as he walked by it leaving a supernatural peace that passed all my understanding.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The details have been reminders of God’s shelter of guardianship over my life.

I felt completely cared for; safely wrapped in a love so pure I knew I had experienced a divine visitation.

How do I know this? God told me. And I lived it.