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Aiding the Enemy?

The following post is a summary of the first part of an article by Rick Joyner. I completely agree with his points. The full article can be found:


Do you know who these are?554970_10151510483480100_1277578796_n


→Justice Department

→Department of Homeland Security

→Defense Department

These are the government leaders and groups who signed up to keep us safe.

How are they doing?

Actually they are handing us over to the enemy. Past evidence proves Homeland Security failed to listen to information about the Boston terrorists.

Boston shut down for one 19 year old college student.

Millions and millions of dollars were lost that week due to the hunt.

The marathon bombing evidenced a trial run before heading to New York for a repeat performance by these two deranged individuals.

The fine line between gun control and government control hit that week. The bombers used bombs; not guns.

The local governing figureheads told the residences of Boston/Watertown to remain inside their homes. Did this mean security groups were in charge? Was that a guarantee they would find and catch the lone killer?

What about Bostonians who had guns in their homes? Could they have aided in tracking the 19 year old faster and with less cost than the government?

What about those who didn’t have a gun? They might want to buy one now.

It was Martial Law by an incompetent, blind and illiterate government. My personal opinion is Janet Napolitano has no business directing anything, much less Homeland Security.

The President himself responded after these attacks saying we cannot completely defend ourselves from “self-radicalized individuals.” What?

His efforts lean towards aiding the enemy placing Americans at risk. If the present leadership stands on that ground, then we need new leadership who believes we can fight and win against self-radicalized individuals.

Who or what group of people have performed more terrorist attacks than any other?

The Obama Administration contends it is:

Right-wing extremists

 * Members of Second Amendment rights groups

 * Christians who believe in the end-time prophecies of The Bible

 * Military veterans


But, look who did these?

2013: Were the two young men who bombed Boston included in that group? Chechnya militant Muslims

2012: Benghazi? Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

2009: The Underwear Bomber? Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab of al Queda

2009: Fort Hood? Nidal Malik Hasan connected to Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki

2001: Where did the 9/11 terrorists originate? Islamic al-Qaeda terrorist group.

2000: U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole from Aden, Yemen. al-Queda linked to Bin Laden

1995: Oklahoma City? Left winged Terrorist Timothy McVeigh

1993 World Trade Center in Basement? By Islamist Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman

1988: Lockerbie, Scotland Boeing 747? Libya terrorist group

This list doesn’t come close to the terrorist activity around the world in the last 20 years. From what I can read, none are from the groups the Obama Administration has targeted. They are all left winged militant Muslims trained by or linked to al-Queda or Osama Bin Laden.



Our Federal Government is now anti-Christian and pro-Islam.

                                                            Rick Joyner


Proverbs 13: 34 “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”


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Why weren’t Watertown residents told to get their guns?

The following is an article written today by Dr. Keith Ablow, Psychiatrist and Fox News Contributor.

Dr. Keith Ablow

Dr. Keith Ablow

Before the capture of Dzhokar Tsarnaev, with the heroic police manhunt for  him in full swing in Watertown, Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick and public  safety officials admonished residents there and in surrounding communities to  stay inside, lock their doors and answer only for uniformed police officers.

These steps, while perhaps wise for many residents of Massachusetts, also  suggested that all residents of Massachusetts were defenseless and should act  accordingly.

One piece of information, for example, was left out of every press conference  that took place in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings:  If you  have a licensed firearm, make sure it is within reach, that it is loaded and  that your family members are nearby.

The reason that residents of Watertown and Boston were not told to  keep their guns close by is only because of the liberal political tide that  seeks to take guns out to sea with it.

This directive, in my opinion, would have been a proper public safety message  and public health initiative to safeguard many homes in Watertown and the  metro-Boston area.

It also would have avoided the unfortunate subconscious message to Bostonians  that they cannot or should not take steps to protect their own lives and their  loved ones and their homes in the future, in one very clear way:  By  exercising their Second Amendment rights to own firearms and to use them when  gravely threatened or attacked.

It strains the imagination to wonder why any adult in Watertown,  Massachusetts who does not currently own a gun and who lived through the horror  of a terrorist hiding out in that city would not be applying for a firearms  permit this coming week.  So, too, for Boston. And, of course, citizens  around the country would do well to learn the same lesson.

The reason that residents of Watertown and Boston were not told to keep their  guns close by (or to congregate in the dwellings of gun owners) is only because  of the liberal political tide that seeks to take guns out to sea with it.

Almost inexplicably, gun control efforts from the president and members of  Congress continue, despite recent mass attacks with a knife (in Texas, where 14  innocent people were slashed) and in Massachusetts, where bombs made of crock  pots, ball bearings and nails brought horrific casualties.

Were Dzhokar Tsarnaev or someone of similar ilk to seek a home to enter in  the Boston area or any other town or city in America, I can say with near  certainty that an NRA sticker clearly visible on the front door or an adjacent  window would make him choose another door to break down.  And, in any case,  a gun in the house, at the ready, would have been the best defense against being  another of his victims.

Read more:  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/04/22/why-werent-watertown-residents-told-to-get-their-guns/#ixzz2RDBPVLUA

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Yes. God was there

Life isn’t the same as it was 4 days ago.

What we didn’t see coming is an unfolding of America. Just one more installment of warning.

Planned hostility was no coincidence this particular week. The outrage of such a precise weapon took time and patience to construct. Clues as to why it was where it was and on tax day are yet to be discovered. But make no mistake, someone or some group is trying to tell us something.

Some may be asking “where was God?”7ef33dc2-f21d-3702-8f8f-8eb8fa4e078e
“Why did God let this happen?”
As horrific as Monday’s bombings were, I have no doubt God was in the middle of it all.

The bombs were built for catastrophic damage much more than was accomplished. Maybe God had something to do with that.

God was the doctors, nurses, EMT’s, on-site clinic workers, policemen and security.

He arrived as Pastors, preachers, ministers, Rabbi’s, Priests, Chaplains and lay people to pray for the injured and lost.

God came as family members, friends and neighbors to offer comfort and love anywhere it was needed.

th (2)He reached out as counselors, therapists and social workers to aid in mental and emotional support.

God showed up with a mighty multitude of his angels to fight off the darkness that has become America.

The battle wages on into a war but God’s presence will overshadow any attack.

How do I know this? Because had God not been there, Boston would not exist today.
The enemy determines to kill, steal and destroy completely. The devil would have finished the job had God not been standing in his way.

If anything, the extension of God’s grace and mercy covered Boston Monday.
Without God’s every day intervention, the earth we inhabit would have blown up long ago.

Jesus’ death and resurrection conquered the “prince of this world’s ultimate conclusion, but he still has some power left and he is exercising it.
As individuals and a nation we need to seek the Cross of Christ in a heart of humble need for redemption.

America deserves punishment. We need to repent, now. Doing so will allow God to show the devil the exit door out.

While God waits for us to seek him for this soul searching revival, don’t think for one minute he is that easy to get rid of.

Our attempts to run away from the cross are a fleeting moment of reprieve. God may pardon us for a while, but it won’t be long before he comes looking for us.

He knows how clumsy we are and how many mud pits we dig for ourselves.

While we look the other way, he stands guard at the next “quicksand” we get caught in so he can retrieve us. He pulls us out; washes off the glop, gunk and slime for the umpteenth time and says, “Go, and sin no more.”ninja-angel-sodom-bible

Running away from God doesn’t work. I know I tried it.

You see, he can be rather annoying. As you are making your way into the world as a 22 year old self-sufficient, invincible idiot, he follows you around.

He bothers you. A whisper here, a tap on your shoulder there and what is worse is when he begins to sound like your mother.
If that isn’t enough he also gets his angels in on his sneaky tricks.

Finally, you ask God,
“Why are you following me around? Can’t you see I am trying to do this on my own?”

God, “I could but I won’t. My promise to you is that I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I love you too much to ever leave you alone.”







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And they wonder why…..

The signs are all there. A continuation of one crisis after another.

Storms, blizzards, hurricanes floods, earthquakes.

The 2013 Hurricane season is almost upon us with predictions of major hits.

“Sandy” victims await the promised aid that never came.

And they wonder why.

The first bomb went off hurling shrapnel like bullets.

Marathon runners fell to the ground.

Screams, and cries resounded down the street.

Billowing smoke rose as shock set in.

Someone yelled, “Run!” and they didn’t just mean the marathon runners.

Horrific as it was, the 2nd explosion boomed not far from the first.

By now sirens were going off all over.

Police, EMT’s, and medical personnel appeared on this all too familiar scene.

And they wonder why.

Results of on-lookers, runners and observers close to the bomb site described the setting as a carnage of limbs, and blood-spattered faces.

This gruesome and dreadful replay is one more reminder of a deadly past.

“This is America! Such evil doesn’t happen here!

But it just did. Again.

And they wonder why.God

In an instant, the world changed again.

The fiery darts of the devil just grew into explosives of malicious wickedness.

High Security Alerts are launched around the world.

Fear and the unknown have replaced any thoughts of peace and safety.

But this was in the United States? The land of the free and the self-sufficient?

And they wonder why.

News reports, speeches, and journalistic views hit the airwaves.

In the halls of Congress, a halt in “business as usual” is brought to the floor.

The President speaks on national television labeling this act of sacrilege as “terrorism.”

It was spoken, this great city was prepared for such an event of defilement.

And yet, they still wonder why.

Immediately the clash of religious liberty is forgotten; ejected from its seat of the ACLU and the mouths of atheism.

These are real people, wounded, injured and killed from the mentally ill minds of demonic hate.

They aren’t running to the walls of the courts who have decided to throw out truth.

They aren’t running to the politicians for emotional support and guidance.

They aren’t seeking help from the ill- advised and spiritually lost.

No. They are crying out to the Creator of the Universe; the God they have kicked out of every possible corner of this nation. The God they ran out of our schools, public properties and desecrated his name with contemptible and despicable actions. They are reaching for the Father of us all who sent his son Jesus to save us from this vile “forever.”

In the immediate aftermath of this unnecessary, abhorrent violation of human rights, leaders, correspondents and newspersons who have abandoned the Christian faith were calling for people across the land to pray for God to intervene.

Any still, they wonder why this stuff keeps happening.






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