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John the “Scammer”


Just when you think it won’t happen to you, it does.

A few weeks ago my laptop almost crashed. Literally. It began screaming and sounding off alarms….do not shut off….do not close….call this number……

Had I known then what I know now I would never have called that number.

The guy who said he was ‘John” from Microsoft wasn’t. Or whatever his name was.

He had the drill down pat.

He was nice, professional and loved to be a Microsoft tech agent helping people gain their privacy back. Yeah, right.

Had I looked up the real phone number to Microsoft I would have caught him sooner than later.

My Dell was suffering.

He walked me through the process of repairing it all the while lying through his teeth.

According to Microsoft, the real one, these scammers are everywhere. The fraudulent phone numbers they sent to me was a mile long.

These scammers con people into ordering their tech support, then get the unsuspecting customer to give them access to their computer. Little did I know my virus protection had run out and that’s how “John” or whatever his name was, got access to mine.

They also lie to you and tell you to buy a Google Play card, call them back once you do so they can install it which helps to protect your PC and then use it themselves. NOPE. NaDa. Not happening.

Once it was fixed or I thought it was a few days later as I was surfing, all of a sudden I lost control of my mouse. Then all these porn sites began to appear on my screen. The mouse was obviously being controlled by someone else…..because I couldn’t move it. I would try and click the exit button to remove the sites and they would take it over again.

Checking my installed programs I found one, “logmein” that looked unusual. Google told me that was one of many, scammers use to scam into the most vulnerable laptops.

They don’t care; it’s all random.

Explaining this to my husband and daughter, we realized the guy who was supposed to be helping was the villain himself.

He continued to call me and leave me messages of which I didn’t respond to any.

Within the next 24 hours we had to change everything. Thank the good Lord, nothing was stolen.

Thanks to Experian, we now have Fraud Alerts on our accounts. Even if he tried to get a credit card in our name, the companies would get an automatic alert to stop it.

Hindsight is often a learning tool. Looking back, the signs were there.

Red Flags jumping like screaming cats.

Misspelled words in emails from this so-called Microsoft Tech Agent.

His constant stuttering on the phone and anxiety ridden words.

But….this is not about what John the Scammer did to me and who knows how many others but how God immediately told me to forgive him.

Outside of wanting to ring his neck, calling him back and placing the fear of God in him, my gut instinct just told me to pray for this guy.

Sure, he’s a criminal but God still loves him just like He loves me.

I truly believe in his mind he is so deceived that as he attacks unsuspecting victims. By invading their privacy he thinks he is really helping them. I only think that because either he was an extraordinary actor or he was a nice criminal if there are any.

However, I give him no resolve, just forgiveness and many prayers that God is convicting him of his lifestyle of sin.

Beware of these scams. They catch people off guard and can if one is not quick and smart to steal what they can.

And Forgive.

Ephesians 4 31-32

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.








The WordPress Family Blog Award

family award

I have been nominated for a WordPress Family blog award by http://kingintraining.wordpress.com/ She is a wife and mother from South Africa. I love how God has brought the “family of Christ” from around the world through cyber space. Her words have inspired me from her “traffic issues” to her real life adaptations.  She takes her faith in God seriously and it shows in her writing.

I certainly do feel part of a family among all the Christian blogs I follow and who follow me. It’s almost the technological and modern way of fellow-shipping! LOL! Jesus has brought us all together which is a testament to his awesomeness. Jesus love us this I know!

The rules are:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others who have positively impacted your WordPress experience.

4. Don’t forget to let your WordPress family members know of your nomination.

5. Please pick 10 people that have accepted you as a friend, and spread the love!

Well, so much for following directions! I got carried away here because there are so many;  I hope I haven’t left anyone out.  I went way over 10 and have divided them into female blogs and male blogs.  I hope with this list if you haven’t connected with some this may help.  It is my prayer that we who have connected here, realize God’s hand is all over it.  He has given us an avenue to spread his word that has never been done before. He gifted each of us as a support system for each other; to offer hope as we live through at times horrific situations and a Family of God like no other.

In random order:























Male Christian Blogs














3 Awards: Shine On, One Lovely Blog, and the Blog of the Year 2012

I am honored and humbled to be chosen for 3 awards by Lori Schulz. Lori has a wonderful blog based around Christian and Children’s Ministries.

You can find her at http://www.lorischulz.wordpress.com

Since she has so kindly awarded me with the following 3 I will combine this post into one Great Award!

The rules are: write 7 interesting things, nominate the blogs you feel are worthy of these fantastic awards and notify them of their hard work!

The Shine On Award
The One Lovely Blog Award
The Blog of the Year Award 2012

http://lorischulz.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/screen-shot-2012-12-31-at-11-10-56-pm.pngScreen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.10.21 PMScreen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.11.32 PM

The Lovely Blog Award asks each nominee to write 7 interesting things…

1.  Eating too much chocolate, fudge, potato chips, Christmas cookies, and in general “Tis the Season” to overeat  shows up eventually!

2. I honor and praise the many Air Force/Army service people I am blessed to live around.  The other day I met another real hero.

3.  In my Property Management business I often need to hire general maintenance personnel for various jobs.  One home needs a painter. He told me he met his girlfriend who goes to our church on a Christian Dating site.  After dating for a year one of them had to move since they were 1000 miles apart and their relationship grew.  He now goes to our church too.

4. The summer after my Sophomore year in college I worked at Carowinds.  We had 2 perks outside of working 40 hours a week in 95 degree heat. We were allowed in the park anytime after hours for free. Also we were given free passes to ride any of the rides as often as we wanted.  Since that summer, I have never ridden a theme park ride anywhere.

5.  My favorite book of all  time (excluding Bible) is “The Testament” by John Grisham

6. Presently I am the lead witness  in a lawsuit. We have been dealing with this mess for over 2 years.  Please pray for a settlement outside of court.

7. 70 degrees today! yea!

I nominate:



Media 4 Life Ministries

Lady Deidre

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The Candle Lighter Award

The Candle Lighter Award

I accept this award humbly and with thanks to the Woman at the Well who extended it to me. This award defines a person of Faith and Steel; not a description I would give to myself. Believe me, there are times I would love to change some of the responses I had to certain events or circumstances where these two categories would have come in handy had I used them correctly.

God has used my failures to push me to learn from them probably because that was the best way God would get my attention! Don’t do that at home! There are much better classes to get an education from God like praying, reading the Bible, and doing what he wants of your own free will.

In order to be deserving of this award  you must possess FAITH of STEEL… You don’t have to do anything special for this award but if you know other bloggers who are deserving you should list as many of them as possible and go tell them to come get the award no strings attached.

This award belongs to those who believe, who always Survive the day and those who never stop Dreaming, for those who cannot quit, for those who keep trying and if you are in that category you are Entitled to this Award. So, in random order the following are Entitled:













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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, But Will He Come To Your House?

Let’s just  ask ourselves a question. Have you been good enough this past year to warrant Santa coming to your house?

I can already hear the “Ummmm,,,,,well,,,,,,maybe?” What is the definition of good? According to Merriam Webster dictionary it is

“A favorable character or tendency, agreeable, fit, suitable, pleasant, virtuous, right, kind, benevolent, commendable….etc.” Did you get the picture? or should I draw one? No, then you really wouldn’t get it.

Growing up I never once thought I wasn’t good enough to get presents from anyone, much less Santa. Had that happened I would have been seriously offended. I was a terrible liar, always ate my dinner, and was the perfect daughter. Why wouldn’t I be good enough? (please don’t contact my parents for confirmation on this or I will find you.)

In my little mind, I did wonder about some of my friends. There were these two boys who lived across the street who were always mean, rude and had big mouths. No one liked them.

I could include my older brother. He never let me play with his toys especially his baseball caps and gun and holster set. He never let me go in his room. He was mean and always wanted to fight. I didn’t like him too much either.

My cousin who was also older always picked on me. He wasn’t mean but made fun of how short I was. I knew something wasn’t right with him when he brought home a baby alligator and made it his pet. His parents were not too happy about this. He had this huge wash pan he would fill up with water for the alligator to stay in. Then one hot summer day he went to check on him only to find he had dried up from lack of water and died.

So far my family is not fairing very well in the “good” department.

There are many religions floating around who expect people to be good enough for whatever it is they offer. I am so glad I don’t belong to any of those. As perfect as I may be I still wouldn’t be good enough.

How can that be? How can a particular religion decide who is good enough and who isn’t? And may I ask who does the deciding? Once the decision is made what is their reward? So many questions.

Is it someone who is better than the rest of us? Have they passed all of the tests? For that matter who wrote the tests? Whoosh. I am exhausted just thinking about how stressful that must be.

Following Jesus doesn’t require us to be “good enough.” We will never be good enough except through him. We have the option to accept him and his deliverance or take a very long trip to Hell, Michigan. http://hell2u.com. Hope you got that one. If not, let me know and I will explain.

Jesus came to save us. Not just some of us. All of us. And he doesn’t expect you to be perfect when you ask. In fact, he meets us where we are. Doesn’t matter what we have done or when we did it. If we all had to be perfect to ask, I guess no one would get in the pearly gates. That should tell you something.

While you ponder the difference between Christianity and those other religions, remember this. No other religion offers a Savior who died for you. No other religion can save you. No other religion offers the Love of God like our Heavenly Father. No other religion accepts you as you are.

No other religion has Jesus.


WordPress, Blogging, Writing and a Revolution

These past few months I have been trying to blog everyday. Postaday2011 was the incentive.  Not that I have that much to say, but, oh…yes I do.

Blogging  is like writing what I am thinking about in the moment or if a revolution has appeared on the streets. (OWS) Those revolutions just seem to get me all riled up so a rant is needed to expose my zealous emotions for how un-sensible they are.

Blogging has become my passion. A few months ago it crossed my mind before I started how much I didn’t want to get involved with the obvious thoughts of others; especially those who may disagree with me.

Blogging does that.

As time passed, that nudging feeling kept creeping into my everyday life as if  I don’t have enough to do already. Somehow God’s nudge has become my message.

Writing for http://www.believersbay.com for the last year or so as a columnist got me thinking about this. The site is also on WordPress and presents a number of Godly  men and women who write whenever about God from a common sense standpoint. The editor and I are writing a book that we hope to finish by next summer.  That is if life would stop getting in the way so I could concentrate better.

I always wanted to be a writer. Had no idea what to write about until God showed me he wanted me to write about him. It has taken many years for me to know enough about God to be able to pursue putting it on paper. Or cyber space. Or the restaurant napkin. Or the grocery list.  Whatever.

Some of my topics have presented themselves as works of art; (don’t laugh). Others have been serious debates. One or two are strictly my opinions that may have lingered into temper tantrums.

Mostly, my blog posts have been to make a point about Jesus and how he has changed my life.  Re-phrase: or how he  is trying to change my life.  In genuine love I have tried to allow God’s humor to spill over into the scribble of the pages since he has been given a bad rap in the area as a clever comic.

You see, I see his humor. I am his humor. He laughs at us because he wants us to laugh at ourselves. God wants us to laugh with him. So why not write down his funny side so others can at least read it?

If you are like me, I never saw God as funny growing up. It was all “hellfire and ?”  So how was anyone going to see the sparkle of God’s love?

My understanding now of God is he is so creative and does it with such glee we are no match for his rivalry. Having said that, he would like us to learn he is far from grim, dour and gloomy.

You are smart enough to discern my journey has not been one of peaceful distinction. In fact my life seems to be marked by one crisis after another. Some are results of my big mouth; others simply fall into my lap without notice or permission.

Crisis finally sunk into my soul as a daily occurrence. Accepting crisis as a life sentence showed me to the door of God’s Comedy Club.  Once you enter, you will never be the same.

He may allow you to go through one maze after another, but he will shine his light with his whimsical genius so you can walk out laughing on the other side.

And while you are crawling this maze of survival, grab the latest piece of technology and start blogging.

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

Image via Wikipedia

Copyright December 2011: For all you blogging burglars hear this. If you so much as think about stealing a word from one of my postings on this blog this is how you will suffer. First, you will read the entire Bible through. Then you will repent of your sins, get on your knees and ask Jesus into your life as your Savior.

Once done, I will proceed to flog you, place you in stocks for a week and then decide whether your fate will be by either throwing you into the Lion’s Den or hang you in the gallows. Either way at least I will know where you are going or I will be satisfied knowing your thieving soul was saved at the last-minute.

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Squirming Defenseless Sheep

What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a whirlwind of opinions? How do you handle the act one puts on to force others to get what they want and you know they are absolutely wrong? What if you have all the needed information but are actually on the sidelines?

Use to be I managed very well at getting myself into trouble simply by trying to make things happen. It does not work. Don’t try it.

In the end you find a bigger mess and you are the one sinking in that boat with a hole in it. Now I can say that a few episodes of disillusionment may have worked in my favor, but there were always consequences that followed.

Not that I would boast about the many boyfriends I had, but some of those were results of entrapment. I am not proud of my genius for taking prisoners, but as the saying goes, “it is often about the chase.” And then it would be over for me. Quickly I would find out they were useless, whiners or boring.  The end being I left a trail of “broken hearts.” Oh yea, right. For every heart I may have broken, my own heart was broken by someone else.

I think the saying is “what goes around comes around?” I should slap myself.

It is so nice to be older and much wiser. yes, I am talking about me. But you have to understand how young and stupid I was to be able to say that now.  I think I will say it again with quotations this time. “It is so nice to be older and much wiser.”

You see, I learned from all those mistakes. If you make so many of them you are either bound to get it right or your on/off switch is broken in the off position.

God doesn’t want us to make things happen.  Why? Because he knows how it will turn out. If he isn’t leading the pack, they will miss their dinner.

We are followers. That is why Jesus calls us “sheep.”  Defenseless, timid creatures.  If he wanted us to sit on his throne I guess he would have made us all queens? Oh and a few kings for all you men out there.

Following Jesus is so much easier than making all those heavy decisions myself.

That way I can just sit back with a nice, hot  cup of coffee with Peppermint Mocha cream in it and let God lead Santa and his reindeer on their yearly, worldwide extravaganza. That way I don’t worry if Santa has an accident.  I wonder if Santa knows God flies with him? Why wouldn’t he? After all, God is a giver isn’t he?

No matter what the issue, God always does it better than we do. Sometimes he might not do it as fast as we would like, but there comes that teachable word again! Patience!  God must get a kick out of watching us squirm while we wait on him, because he is so slow sometimes!(lol)

God is also creative and somewhat crafty in his design for us. Just when I think I have figured out how he is going to accomplish this great task before me, he manages to surprise me again. I have made it into a game with him. I try to tell him how he is going to plot revenge at my neighbor only to find out he wants me to be nice to them.  You know that line that says, “Love thy Neighbor.”

God is a God of variety, fun, humor and he actually knows what he is doing.  Isaiah 55:8 says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

I will say it again. I am so glad God is God.

The next time you want to throw rocks at someone or take the air out of their tires, why don’t you ask God first? And when you get an answer to those questions, please let me know. I would love to hear what God has to say about that.


The Liebster Award

Thanks to my dear blogger friend Lady Deidre for nominating me and my blog for this prestigious award. She has been a true inspiration to me and has been nominated for so many I shall give her tribute. She is deserving of a great many more; maybe I will make one up.

Here is her blog address:http://ladydeidredotwordpressdotcom.wordpress.com

Requirements for this elaborate award are: Bring to light the person who nominates you by thanking them for all to see. Post on your site the wonderful Liebster Award stamp.  Find 5 of your blogging friends to nominate who have less than 200 followers but deserve to be recognized with Praise! List them(see below) so others will find their blogs and read them.  Oh and don’t forget to let them know they have been nominated. If it doesn’t make their day, nothing will.

1. Inspiration Avenue:http://www.jansimson.com

Written by a 19 year old, he is elusive for his age and upfront about his passions. I enjoy his humor, his mix of many different cultures that shows in his words. He is a true example for young people.

2. Denim Devotion: http://www.denimdevotion.wordpress.com

This blog is unique and colorful. The blogger has captured my heart with her honesty but also how she is developing as a Christian through her struggles. Her talent in writing is quite obvious and one for a good read especially for the long roads we all travel on.

3. Media 4 Life Ministries: http://www.media4lifeministries.com

Once you get to this blog, please read his testimony first. Then read some of his posts. You will see the miracle God has done in his life. If anyone out there, denies there is a Savior, they need to hear his story.

4. The Teen Theme: http://theteentheme.wordpress.com

This teenage girl is an example of what we mother’s want our daughter’s to be like. She may be young, but already knows many life lessons we adults deal with on a daily basis. In fact she deals with them better than some adults I know!

5. One Family Table: http://www.onefamilytable.wordpress.com

A wife, mother, christian and a doctor. She takes you through her journey of doing a balancing act with all she carries on her plate. It is a nourishing blog with creativity to spare. I like the fact that she is just plain real.