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3 Awards: Shine On, One Lovely Blog, and the Blog of the Year 2012

I am honored and humbled to be chosen for 3 awards by Lori Schulz. Lori has a wonderful blog based around Christian and Children’s Ministries.

You can find her at http://www.lorischulz.wordpress.com

Since she has so kindly awarded me with the following 3 I will combine this post into one Great Award!

The rules are: write 7 interesting things, nominate the blogs you feel are worthy of these fantastic awards and notify them of their hard work!

The Shine On Award
The One Lovely Blog Award
The Blog of the Year Award 2012

http://lorischulz.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/screen-shot-2012-12-31-at-11-10-56-pm.pngScreen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.10.21 PMScreen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.11.32 PM

The Lovely Blog Award asks each nominee to write 7 interesting things…

1.  Eating too much chocolate, fudge, potato chips, Christmas cookies, and in general “Tis the Season” to overeat  shows up eventually!

2. I honor and praise the many Air Force/Army service people I am blessed to live around.  The other day I met another real hero.

3.  In my Property Management business I often need to hire general maintenance personnel for various jobs.  One home needs a painter. He told me he met his girlfriend who goes to our church on a Christian Dating site.  After dating for a year one of them had to move since they were 1000 miles apart and their relationship grew.  He now goes to our church too.

4. The summer after my Sophomore year in college I worked at Carowinds.  We had 2 perks outside of working 40 hours a week in 95 degree heat. We were allowed in the park anytime after hours for free. Also we were given free passes to ride any of the rides as often as we wanted.  Since that summer, I have never ridden a theme park ride anywhere.

5.  My favorite book of all  time (excluding Bible) is “The Testament” by John Grisham

6. Presently I am the lead witness  in a lawsuit. We have been dealing with this mess for over 2 years.  Please pray for a settlement outside of court.

7. 70 degrees today! yea!

I nominate:



Media 4 Life Ministries

Lady Deidre

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Vine Of Life News

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Becoming Me

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The Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

Posted March 9, 2012 by Cathy Craig Neil


The Sunshine Award!!! YEA!

I want to thank rebecaurora  who nominated me for this award, I just feel blessed and thankful !!

You can quickly link to Rebecca’s blog by clicking on her name in the above line.

Rebecca is an inspiration from our younger generation of bloggers. She has great taste in clothes, has a beautiful family and loves the Lord.  You will enjoy reading her words of grace.

I love this award and feel so honored and humbled that Rebecca sent it my way. The Lord has shown me he wants people to understand his funny side; the side the world seems to have left out. He has a great sense of humor so it is with great pleasure that I write to humor him!

I will answer some questions, as this is part of accepting this nomination:

  • Favorite colors: Blue and Green
  • Favorite animal: Cat
  • Favorite number: 7
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Peach Tea
  • Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • My passion: Loving GOD and loving people
  • Prefer getting or giving presents? Giving. God has already given me all I need.
  • Favorite pattern: rainbow
  • Favorite day of the week: Friday
  • Favorite flower: Dogwood

There are many Sunshine bloggers out there in WordPress land; some of you have already received it so here are some new ones!









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The Genuine Blogger Award

I would like to thank my dear blogger friend Anne from www.freedomborn.wordpress.com for nominating me for this award. Anne and I have become close even tho in miles we are continents apart. God did this. There is no other way Anne and I would have made contact without God bringing us together through blogging. We both have a kindred spirit of love for God that I truly and deeply cherish. Anne has a testimony you will want to read about. She is a woman of God who has lifted me up. Her strength of character and courage is contagious as you read her posts.  Her tough love for Jesus is teaching me how to respond differently when hurt, or criticized. She is a warrior for Christ if there ever was one.  She is inspiring, caring and a great teacher of the Word of God. Believe me, she knows the Bible! I think the world would be a lot better off with a whole lot more of Anne’s around! 

The person who Created this Award has asked that no rules be included  if we present it to others, we are free to attach the Symbol for this Award or not, I have chosen to post her Link if your interested in saying Hi… Just Ramblin  http://justramblinpier.wordpress.com/genuine-blogger-info/ 

 So what are  genuine Bloggers?… To me as a Christian, it is when we believe in the Truth of what we Post or in what we say when we leave a comment.  God knows our hearts and even if we don’t get it right to start with  He  knows when  we will even before we do. He delights in those who we seek to uplift Him because He knows we will be  blessed for doing so, He created us that way and whatever we do for Him when it is genuine is valued,  appreciated and rewarded  How good is that! 

Many bloggers on WordPress fit this category. I am so please to communicate with men and women in Christ from all walks of the earth, literally! The following are a few I nominate:
YEA to all the nominees!
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The Just Kidding Award

I would like to thank my dear blogging friend from Australia, http://freedomborn.wordpress.com for allowing me to share the Just Kidding Award. Anne is like my neighbor that I have known my whole life and yet we have never met in person! You feel like you have known Anne your whole life though once you start blogging with her. She is a true Christian encourager that always has a good word. Even when you finish a comment it is like we just pick up where we left off when we connect again. Anne is also quite comical and enjoys a good laugh with the rest of us! Please check out her wonderful blog for an uplifting read.

Laughter like all our emotions is a gift from the God, to have a good Laugh or even a chuckle makes for a  happy heart.
This Award is to thank those who bring a smile and chuckle or appreciate our humor and brighten our day as they chase the gloomies away . 
To receive this award you need to have a good sense of humor, and appreciate others who like to have a chuckle or laugh with you. There are no rules its just fun fun fun pick as many blogging fun friends as you want or none at all but do take time to  enjoy yourself  and appreciate others humor, there is no rush to finish, just enjoy each day in God’s way. 
If your not listed and you  would like this Fun Award for your Blogging friends to thank them, leave a comment or your name and URL below.
The following are a few of the many bloggers who make me laugh, have a witty side to them or are just plain funny!


The Kreativ Blogger Award

Wow, I have been nominated for another blogging award from The Mike Azer Blog. Thank you so much, I am really touched by this nomination and again I truly don’t deserve it. It’s really an honor to be considered a Kreativ Blogger.

For this award, I am required to share 10 things in random order you may not know about me. Then, I will have to pass this award on to at least 6 ( or more ) other bloggers. And here they are:

1. I walked to school for 9 years.

2. I achieved a Green Belt in Karate in High School. I was getting ready to try for my Brown belt and it was time to go to college.

3. Before I had braces, I had 7 teeth pulled out. 4 permanent and 3 baby teeth. Too many for my mouth. And you thought I was a big mouth! l0l After my braces came off I had 3 wisdom teeth cut out. ouch!

4. In college, I helped 3 other classmates steal the Shoneys Big Boy and put him on top of the Student Center. It made the local news, pictures and all. A fraternity decided to take credit for it. No one ever believed it was us.

5. In High School I ran into the back of my Latin teacher’s brand new Porsche. At least I have an excuse for not doing well in that class.

6. I do not like venison, Sauer Kraut, or Dr. Pepper. (Dr. Pepper tastes like cough medicine)

7. My favorite fiction author is John Grisham. His book “The Testament” is my favorite book outside of the Bible.

8. I am a middle child; an older brother and a younger sister.

9. I played many sports growing up including college tennis and volleyball. As a result I have sprained both ankles so many times I have lost count.

10. Chocolate cake is my favorite food!

The following 6 blogs are a few of the many who deserve this award.You might want to check them out!


2. keziahcarrie

3. goldenbible

4. mychristiancoffeeshop


6. TheRecoveringLegalist.com

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