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Packaged Faith from the Sewer

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

From Dei Wellman on Faith: the young in Christ need to understand that it takes time to gain a relationship with Jesus — it’s not instantaneous. One has to work at a relationship, in order to gain Faith, to understand that God has got them in the palm of His hand. Learning and understanding and doing Provers 3: 5 – 8 takes time. James 1:6.http://ladydeidre.com

From Pastor Rob Barkman on Faith: It is one thing to want to believe that God exists and He is watching over us etc etc etc. It is an entirely different thing to come to an end of ourselves, where we see we have sinned against God, we can do nothing to save ourselves and we can only come before Him. Knowing that He must save us from our sins because we can do nothing to merit that salvation of our own doing. I believe this is the first step to God-given salvation. Our greatest need is to come to understand the person of God, His holiness and justice; the nature of sin and it’s fruits; and our sinful condition.


God just comes up with some of the most fascinating ideas. He performs what we don’t see coming. He adds parts of this and that and lo and behold we receive loads of what we didn’t ask for.

It’s kind of like “packaged salvation.”  We received it all when we accepted Jesus as our Savior but that is only the beginning.

Visualize a newly, endorsed convert. The enemy runs and hides, angels begin singing “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” and God gets to tear open another package of damaged goods so he can fix it.

The package comes with an index full of directions, plans and additions. Like most people, (especially men) they don’t read the directions! They ignore the detailed plans and the execution of those plans.

The process of repair can take a very long time. Some need to be sent off to a “repair shop” for an overhaul.

Others want reconditioning, reconstruction or replacement of parts.

And some, well they just need to learn how to read the directions.

No matter where you are in the packaging process, God adds qualifications or character traits to each follower as they mature. For instance; who knew God would provide a need for someone they didn’t think about or even know to do anything about because they were so busy doing what they were suppose to do to start with?

A few years ago I noticed a foul smell coming from our bathroom. It seems that someone prior to living in this house really liked flossing their teeth. Instead of throwing the floss in the trash, they threw it in the toilet! It became apparent the sewage line was backed up…….whew…..it was awful. Anyway I called a plumber and begged them to send someone ASAP. They did. He was as shocked as I was when he stuck the long, long, very long snake in the sewer line in the yard and came out with floss. A lot of floss. Wads of used floss. He shook his head and told me, “You wouldn’t believe what people put down their toilets.”

Writing him a check for his work, I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me to ask him about his family, and life. He had lost one job, but finally found that one. His wife had been sick for 5 years and could not work due to a brain tumor. He spoke of how he loved this woman and how he had taken care of her, but wished he could do more for her. All their money had been spent on medical bills.

He started to cry. Her washer machine had broken and she had to wash their clothes by hand. He told me he couldn’t afford to buy her a used one much less a new one.

I handed him the first check.

I handed him the second check.washer

Gazing at the 2nd check he asked me “what is this check for?”

I replied, “Go buy your wife a washer machine.”

Tears flowed from his eyes like a flood.

“I can’t take your money. You don’t even know me.”

“Yes I do” I replied, “You are a man trying to do the right thing. Now go buy your wife a washer machine.”

Hugging me and thanking God, he waved goodbye and drove off.

I refrained from telling Mark this story until……3 weeks later I received a letter in the mail from his wife. Now it was my time to cry.

The letter remains in my desk drawer as a reminder of how the Holy Spirit works behind the scenes. You see, it wasn’t about the money or the sewer backing up and it certainly wasn’t about me.

God knew what he needed. God knew how he had unselfishly cared for his sick wife. God knew this man needed a faith pick me up.

When we prioritize our lives with God, that which we don’t see coming, shows up in a package of faith he gives us. He takes care of us in areas we don’t have time or the ability to deal with because we are wrapped up in doing his work to begin with.

As God gives us the Gift of Faith, it grows with each and every one of his miracles he performs; and most of the time when we least expect it.

God will place people in our path, give us favor with those we don’t know and even use a stopped up smelly sewer as a reason to build not only our own faith, but to pass it on.


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Counterclaims to Anarchy

Ok. Something must be wrong.

All is well with the appliance industry here at home; or for the last week at least.

Nothing broke.

I was getting use to it.

That tempting thought comes and goes “you must be prepared.”

If I didn’t know better, there must have been an “appliance demon” hanging around.

The spiritual world has fought over less. Waging war is the enemy’s distraction; who knows he may have something to do with the breaking of our necessities.

Why wouldn’t he? He breaks everything else. Marriages, friendships, hearts, limbs, etc.

If God likes it, the devil hates it.

There is something to be said for our part in the demise of love, compassion and/or breaking a leg, but we do live in a fallen world.

Immunity to the evil one can begin to wear off as you get closer to God; not withstanding other attempts he may pursue. At least he gives you clues of his own ignorance or lack of innovational ideas.

The saying goes,

“If the devil continues to do a repeat performance in your life of misery, maybe he is running out of options.”

If he is attacking health issues, finances, relationships and appliances over and over, it is a sign he is unable to hit you elsewhere. Your faith has trumped his efforts.

Now, what appliance or technology do I have left that he hasn’t had his filthy claws after?

God has been given a bad rap for many of the ills/destruction/crisis we have endured. Automatically the questions arise,

“Why did God do this? Why did God allow this?”

The prince of darkness makes his rounds wreaking havoc any where he can. He waits on humans to sin, make a stupid decision or ignore God to crawl in through the door that is cracked open.

Within that crack lies the wrath of God. Our country is a good example.

If you kick God out, he will leave. And, he did.

The result is we pour heaping buckets full of indignation, anger and madness upon our own stubborn heads. Oh that we would wise up, and get it right the first time. It’s not like he hasn’t warned us repeatedly.

The other side of the hate and fury, God awaits with his loving arms open for us to come crawling back. Mercy maybe?

You know. That stuff we don’t deserve. That extended hand of redemption and care that only God can give?

God knew long ago we would need a way out of our own muddle. Even as the “wicked one” continues his last blaze of spoil and villainous atrocities, we are always given guidance for answers.  God’s counterclaim to his anarchy provides us with his ideas of how, what, where, when or who.

We are covered. Our job is to seek the cross, look to Jesus and pray. Unload on him the troubles we face; read his word consistently and repeatedly because our lives depend upon it.

1 Corinthians 10:13 “But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

Our lives do depend upon Jesus.

And so do my appliances.






Witnessing to the Witnesses

This week has been one for the record books.

The refrigerator died. We lost 80% of our food. Between 2 small refrigerators and a cooler we managed to salvage a few necessities. Once the fridge compressor quits; the cold air disintegrates rapidly ruining the food.

Unable to find where we put what or what was thrown out, plus trying to quickly find a new refrigerator has been exhausting

Waiting for the installer to bring my new fridge I heard a faint knock on the door. Thinking he had arrived, I opened it to find two, nice, sweet Jehovah’s Witnesses on my front porch. With the “Watchtower” brochure available and a kind smile, they were ready to perform their ministerial duties on this poor, unknowing soul.

Complimenting me on my porch full of plants, the conversation began with what a “green thumb” they remarked that I had. Of course, finding out I don’t have a green thumb and use to kill my plants regularly by accident, it was pleasing that they noticed.

The color of my flowers/plants brought the elderly woman to a point about Jesus. Asking me if I know the Lord was her next question.

Confirming my faith and deep love for God, she then began a quiet tirade of the “Watchtower” religion trying all the while to push their latest pamphlet in my hands to convert me.

She rambled on for about 10 minutes. After a while the other lady tried to shut her up.  2 other JW’s were waiting for them in the car.  Before I let them go, I remarked;

“I appreciate your visit. Since you are standing on my property at my door and you have just witnessed to me, now it is my time to witness to you.”

Shocked at my reply their faces dropped. It was obvious they weren’t use to this.

After informing them of how many Jehovah’s Witnesses have come to our door I decided by the 3rd year to learn about their religion. Revealing my own JW pamphlet, all marked up with red and blue ink plus verses from “our” Bible to boot, their mouths fell open.

Not trying to be a “know it all” I was just using my 10 minutes to show them the difference in what they believe, and true Christianity. Of course, both of them confirmed they were Christians too.

The following are a few of the red flags of the Watchtower and the major differences in Christianity

→They don’t believe in the Trinity. Jesus is inferior to God.

→God approves who will receive everlasting life. It is not a gift. Only 144,000 will actually go to heaven and rule with Christ.

→God only has the one name, “Jehovah.”

→Jesus does not heal today as he did when he was alive on earth.

→The earth will never be destroyed or depopulated.

→According to Watchtower, Jesus appeared to them in 1919 establishing Jehovah’s Witness as the only true religion.

The younger woman asked me how I knew what I knew and where my information came from.

The elderly woman was not at all impressed with my extensive knowledge of the Watchtower. At that point I informed them I had researched their religion with close to 40 pages of work that mostly came from the Watchtower writings and articles. It also includes websites of knowledge from ex-members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ giving personal testimonies of why they left, how they left and how many of them were shunned by their own families. To date, 60,000 a year leave.

She interrupted me on all these accounts and flat out told me I was wrong. She informed me how evil it was that God’s name “Jehovah” had been replaced by many other names in the Bible. She said she wasn’t going to heaven because she knew she was not one of the “chosen ones” but was very happy to remain here on earth. Both women strongly agreed God does not heal today.

I kindly responded by saying, “If God doesn’t heal today, then I shouldn’t be here. If God wants his people sick, then why do you go to the doctor? Do you take medicine? If God wants us sick and it states that in the Bible, then any effort you make to stay well is disobedient to him. Oh, and I am really sorry I won’t see you in Heaven, because that is where I am headed.”

The other woman grabbed her arm and thanked me for my time, but made it clear they had to leave. The elderly woman left with a snarl on her face.

I expected the resistance. Watchtower teaches them to avoid communication unless it is concerning their beliefs.

Sadly, the evidence of the enemy lies in the face of twisted words and wrong interpretations imposed on uninformed innocence. This is why it is so important to know the truth of God’s word.





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It’s All in the Oven

“Of course it would happen right now.”

Those few words are loosely attached to many events lately.

Playing cards: Of course I would end up with 2 aces at the end of a Rummy Game knowing he has the other one.

“Of course football takes precedence over tennis on CBS.” Ugh.

“Of course the only two shows I watch on TV come on the same night at the same time.”

“Of course the oven would blow up the day before the long Labor Day Holiday weekend.”

Yes, that is exactly what happened.

My mechanic told me, “I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.”

Cooking dinner Thursday, I switched the oven from bake to broil. Within seconds of closing the door, the top element blew up. It was so loud I screamed and jumped; like that was going to help.

The smell of smoke forced me to open the door only to find the back of the element had a small fiery flame. It all happened so fast I hadn’t turned the oven off. Once done, the flame died out.

Of course this would happen 24 hours before the long weekend. We had to order an element the appliance service hoped would arrive late Friday. We waited for his call.

Of course he didn’t call. Of course we can’t cook in the oven all weekend. Of course the part won’t be here until after Labor Day.

So what do we do? We hire George Foreman and Colonel Sanders.

The trusty little grill I bought a few months ago will certainly come in handy.

And Colonel Sanders still cooks some good ole’ southern fried chicken.

We make do. We make adjustments. We change plans.


Repairs aren’t made on weekends unless it is an emergency.

Appliances seem to know repairs aren’t made on weekends; they want to make us miserable and live without them.

There should be a law prohibiting needful items from breaking on weekends.

A repair shop:

The devil works overtime. He breaks things. Lots of things hoping to interfere with our joy.

I guess the devil doesn’t know George Foreman had a grill.

Or Colonel Sanders makes fried chicken. Even on weekends.

Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”




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A Tub Full of Garments of Praise

Laundry is never-ending.
Once you get a load finished mysterious
items get thrown into the basket to be washed.
The culprit is never seen adding to the dismal workload;
only the remnants of their dirty life.

Remarkably washing certain items such as money, pocket knives, cell phones, wallets, receipts, or foreign objects you have never seen before manage to escape the ocean in the machine. Or almost.

If you ever wash a cell phone let me know. The discovery made was a perilous moment but saving the phone was acquired through quick thinking and of course google.

Pocket knives have also made it into the tub. These tricky little tools manage to hide deep down in the pants pockets camouflaging their existence. This little mistake we will keep to ourselves. What some people don’t know won’t hurt them unless it begins to rust or fall apart.

In the summer clothes get thrown on the floor after the farmer has been to his garden. After a few hours in the dirt with the sun beating down on you, clothes begin to take on a dingy color, a pungent odor and are drenched in sweat. Whew……..the vegetables he brings home help to make up for the raunchy garb.

A great time of year for laundry is “deer season.” Yep. I have nothing to do with hunting anything unless it is my glasses or feisty cat.  Deer hunting season is about to start and with it comes a ritual of Camo wearing overalls, matching hat, gloves and long underwear in winter. Only these particular pieces of clothing have to be washed separately from everything else in “Scent Away.”

Evidently deer have a very keen sense of smell. Once given a lesson in deer hunting that I didn’t ask for I was taught you can’t wear anything on your clothes or body that has a scent, odor or smell. The deer will run the other way.

Not that I would think of doing this, but being a lover of all animals as I am, accidentally washing hunting clothes in Fresh Spring Lilac detergent would never cross my mind.

However nothing compares to the offensive stench of deep-sea, damp fishing clothes left in the sweltering oven like garage. This occurs when one forgets to inform the maid of the putrid smelling apparel. Once discovered, don’t ever wash with anything else and expect to use double amounts of detergent and hot water.

The question, “why do fish smell so bad?” is one for God.

Filthy, nasty clothes are not on my “favorites” list, but it is no match for our hearts.

God sees transparently through each one of us. What is the Bible verse?

Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

When God looks at your heart what does he see?

Isaiah 61:3 says, “They will be called oaks of righteousness,
a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.”

The Prophet was referencing the “Oaks of Righteousness” as representative of the
Israelites growing and receiving all that is good from God.

God wants comfort given to those in mourning.

Joy and beauty for ashes.

A garment of praise instead of despair.

And oak trees with firmly planted roots to grow and flourish for his own display.

Sounds like God is in the business of cleaning things up.

Sounds like God owns a Kenmore.





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