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Pentatonix: The Little Drummer Boy

If you haven’t heard this version of “The Little Drummer Boy” please do. It gives me chills.

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Law? What Law? (Part 5) Grace, Grace and more Grace

Antipas has captured, beaten and chained “John the Baptist” to a pole in a smelly, dusty dungeon. Fearing competition, Antipas wants information about this “Messiah” John has been preaching about.

He approaches him as a scathing mocker about to bully his enemy. Antipas asked this “forerunner of the Messiah,”Jesus-baptism

“So where is this Messiah coming from? When is he coming?”

John looks up at this son of Herod and with a smirk on his face replies,

“He’s already here.”

Yes. He is. Some 2000 years ago John spoke those words and today they are as true as they were then.

Jesus is alive; breathing the Holy Spirit of grace to each and every one who follows him.

His birth was the beginning of the transformation from the Old Covenant of Laws to the New Testament Covenant of the blood of Jesus.

2 Corinthians 3: 6 “He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant–not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

Grace was born when Jesus was resurrected.

The unmerited favor of God; his divine assistance or kindness given to us as a gift. We have done nothing to deserve it. Grace is favor with God through his son Jesus.

If you are like I was, the term “grace” wasn’t in my daily vocabulary. Not because I didn’t like the word, but understanding its true meaning had not been on my to-do list.

But once it is understood, humility takes on a whole new meaning.

The feeling is indescribable. Smallness becomes reality with a covering of unearned affection. Truth becomes a shield through the helplessness we suffer daily. Acceptance releases the strings tied to our sin. Independence is once and for all a thing of the past.

Grace is taking that walk down the Via Dolorosa.

Grace is following his blood stained steps as he carried his own cross.

Grace is believing Jesus did what no one else could ever do.

Grace is the mystery of God, namely Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. (Colossians 2:2-4)

We are no longer judged by the law. We are viewed by the “Eternal God” our “Everlasting Father” through the pain and sweat of the one he sent to redeem us, past, present and future.

Grace is an overwhelming love that God established in each of us through Christ. He is rooted and established in our hearts through faith giving us power and strength from Heaven above. (Ephesians 3:14-19)


The law no longer applies.

The law could never fulfill what we needed.

Grace did and won.

“It is Finished.”


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Todays News or is it just Heartburn?

Nothing surprises me anymore.

The world is in chaos.

Obama care is now attacking Catholics? Is that smart? Maybe they should pick on a smaller group of people. The Catholics are fighting back. YEA!

I just read where couples can  go to the Netherlands to the “Divorce Hotel” and in two days walk out divorced. I wonder if they sleep in the same room?

Then there is the article on “Show your pets some love.”  What about all those divorced couples who just left the “Divorce Hotel?” Don’t they need love now more than ever? Our cat is showered with love. OH, they want you to buy your pet a Valentine gift. What about me?

Of course there is the mess now with the Susan B. Komen organization. I have never given money to them and for sure I won’t now.

English: Mostly Red Peppers

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Don’t eat hot chili peppers. They cause heartburn. What? Like I didn’t know that? Anybody with half an esophagus has felt that heat!

Starbucks announces 12 drinks on their “secret menu.” A secret menu? Recipes from customers and employees that are kept quiet. LOT OF GOOD IT DOES ME! WE DON’T HAVE A STARBUCKS!

I know we need diversions from the everyday political drama, wars and infomercials,  but woe is us.

My cat is not getting a Valentine present.

Don’t need another divorce.

Don’t like hot chili peppers so I am off that hook.

Where, how much and to whom I donate is between God and me.

The discussion of contraception being sold by Catholics is not even up for discussion. or shouldn’t be.

“Starbucks?” well, I am just mad at them. The owner must not think my town is worth their coffee. So they have lost my business! oh, that’s right. We don’t have their business.

So this is today’s news. These are issues I read on the news wire.

Does anyone care about hot chili peppers as if they didn’t know they caused heartburn? And why would a divorce couple to be want to go to a “Divorce Hotel?” Does your pet know when Valentines day is? Do you think God cares what you do with the money he gives you? Do you think the government would like to be run by the Catholic church? Do you think Starbucks cares at all what I think?

News is not always news. Some issues are reasonable, some are useless pieces of information, others are necessary. Some are the result of a Godless society.

The days of “That’s the way it is” by Walter Cronkite are over. Days of unbiased, respectful news are long gone.

English: Walter Cronkite takes the helm of Con...

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The political divide has taken over; and I for one want to see a different kind of news with a different kind of country.

The prognosticators speak as if they are God.  The media tell you what they want you to believe. You know the saying,

“What you hear most is what you will believe.”

If you aren’t careful, listening to the wrong things will take over your life. It is brainwashing. Manipulation.  Mind control.

Soaking your brain in a daily dose of the news can alter your thinking.

News is not the only limitation here. Entertainment, books, movies, tv are not excluded from mind control.

This is why we need to clothe ourselves with God’s word. The Bible is the truth. It sets us free.

The good news is the saying, “what you hear most is what you believe” can also be true of God’s word.

Instead of drenching yourselves in less than helpful news, or useless TV or movies, or music laced with vulgarities, why not read the Bible?

You will see the world differently. You will see yourself differently.

You might even get your pet a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Or better yet, you might get a call from Starbucks telling you they are coming to your town.

English: Starbucks at West Coast Plaza, Singapore

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Grow Up? Why?

Yesterday I posted a semi-rant after watching a video from Facebook  from someone who believes the “occupy wall-street” protestors had every right to protest. Yes, our constitution allows for that. BUT WHEN DO WE GROW UP?

Most of those protesting appear to be young people; by that I mean younger than I am. Thinking back when I was their age protesting was not on my agenda. Maybe that was because I was too busy trying to graduate from college and get on with my life. Did I miss something? Oh yea. They want that on their resume!

“I was a Wall-Street Occupier. I sat in the cold for days on end, slept in a tent with no heat and ate bugs. I deserve a job.” I don’t have that on my resume. Will protesting be a requirement now to get a job?

Growing up these days is hard, I know that. I heard the other day we actually don’t make wise decisions until age 50.

If this is true what about the other 49 years prior to the big 50? Does this mean we don’t have to be accountable for ourselves? Does it mean we are excused for our stupidity for the 49 years prior to this?  I wish I was younger so I could be in this category.

For those of us who have already gone past the 1/2 century mark are we to be placed in the stocks  for working, raising children and paying our bills on time because we are held accountable?  Are we excused for the 49 years prior because I just read this on yahoo the other day? If so, that isn’t fair.

To be honest I know people who never grow up. Do you know anyone like that? It is as if they are stuck. I wonder if they want to be stuck. What happens before that magic day of accountability  when life slaps you in the face with something you can’t handle?

Do you run to those who are occupying wall street? Do you run to another unaccountable person like you? Do you run to the almighty government?

No. You run to someone who is accountable. You run to someone who loves you. You run to someone with answers.

His name is Jesus

Remember him? The one your accountable parents taught you about? The Savior who died for you on a cross that literally changed the world? The Lamb of God who is always with you and  will be with you when your life falls apart?

My advice: It is time to grow up America. Stop your protests and complaining and realize you live in the most blessed country in the world. You might want to do that quickly before it all falls apart because when it does happen you might be fighting  for that foxhole the atheists have jumped into.


When it Becomes Personal, Not just Business

I must be doing something right.  Joyce Meyer spoke that maybe God brought that person into your life to shave the outer crusts off of you.  Well, I feel shaven.  Just when you least expect it, someone shows up that you believe will  make a great friend or neighbor, only to find out it is all about them.

How do I deal with this person? What does God want me to do as they pursue relentless persecution and constant attacks to get what they want? How do I react when they walk out the door with a face of contempt and say, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. Just business.”

I guess I should feel like Jesus did. He did nothing wrong. He stood there while being questioned about claiming he was the Son of God and gave no response. His heart was in the sacrifice he knew he would give to receive the love of the children of God in return. He knew it would all be worth it.

Just as Jesus felt for us as sinners, I feel the same for those who don’t know him, or have no desire to know him. They are lost in a sea of themselves; their pride does not allow them to see they are not the only ones in the universe. The veil has not been lifted because they do not even know it is covering their eyes.

Returning to me doing something right. I kind of like the sound of that.  A few years back I would have reacted completely different towards someone who is sitting beside me throwing their verbal animosity and hostility in my face. This is a christian site so I won’t announce my declaration of war that I use to have because it would land me in jail but I also know it is not the answer.

Instead God has taught me the meaning of forgiveness which gives me freedom.  God has taught me to pray for my enemies. This releases me from trying to find the answers and let God take care of it. He has taught me that those who hurt, hurt others.  He has taught me that those who have repressed emotion have a great, spiritual need. He has taught me if I pray for those against me, he will fight for me. (Isaiah 49:25)

During this time of spiritual shaving the Lord showed me two verses in the Bible that lead me to believe he is not only in control, he is my vindicator.

Luke 21:14-15 But make up your mind not to worry before hand how you will defend yourselves. For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.

Proverbs 16:7 When my ways are pleasing to the Lord, he makes even my enemies to live at peace with me.

The truth always stands for itself. The real truth that is. I would like to think those who “contend” with us may be angels in disguise God has sent to do something other than shave us.  The shaving is painful, often annoying and bothersome to put up with. Unfortunately it works.

The flip side of this is at least you know those attempting to sliver into your life for whatever reasons are an application of God’s discipline even if we don’t like it. The result is God helps us separate the sin from the sinner and to view that sinner as God sees all of us including ourselves. That makes it all worth it.

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From No Room in the Inn to No Room at the End to Dwelling in the Shelter of the Most High

We have been blessed to own a Property Management business.  I have often wondered after doing this for many years what kind of house would Jesus want to live in if he could have had the choice.

 Here is an ad from the Salvation Chronicles:

House Wanted:

For whom? The Messiah

Type: 2 Story made out of stone with open roof.  Mark 2:3-5

Bedrooms: 1 (Needs a place to rest his head) Matthew 8:20

Bathrooms: 1

Kitchen: Full with all appliances especially a microwave for quick meals

Pantry: Large enough to hold food to feed 5,000 (5 loaves and 2 fish) Matthew 14: 13-21

Media Room: Get the message out. Matthew 28:19

Dining Room: Large enough for 12 guests. Luke 22:1-23

Laundry: The River Jordan

Garage: No (Walks everywhere)

Wine Cellar: (no) Uses water from kitchen sinks  (John 2:1-11)

Closets: (minimal) Personal appearance not an issue

Garden:  Prayer time (Matthew 26:36)

Courtyard:  Activity center for weddings, receptions and family gatherings

Workshop: Carpentry business (Mark 6:3)

Location: Subdivision:  Jerusalem Heights

 Near schools: Loves children (Matthew 19:13-15)

Churches:  Teaches Sunday School

Shopping:  Sandal and Cloak Shop

Typical housing in Jesus day consisted of one long room in the front and one right behind it. This was a result of the tents that were used prior to this time. Housing developed bringing about villages. Most homes had a courtyard with small rooms off of it and very few windows. Most windows were built on the second floor for a number of reasons. It was safer, and weather played a big factor. The houses were supported by wooden beams from one wall to the other.  Inside was constructed out of clay or plaster and often decorated depending on your family income.

A ladder was built leading up to the roof which was often used for sleeping when the weather was warm or for drying food. The rooms were usually small and dark so the roof and windows offered light.

Some used it for bathing; we all know who did that! (2 Samuel 11:2-4)

Jesus made use of the hole in the roof when they lowered the paralytic down to be healed.  I wonder how often that happened.

The Courtyards had various uses.   A Mikveh was like a pool of clean rainwater used for ritualistic cleansing. There was a cooking area with a fire and often a place to store utensils.  A covered area was built for animals. An open patio served as the center of activity for fun and festivities.

Only the well –to-do had furniture like beds and chairs.  Most sat or slept on cushions on the floor. Joseph of Nazareth was most likely as much a builder as carpenter since furniture was not in great need at that time.

Once Jesus began his ministry his life became almost nomadic. He and his disciples left their families and friends to spread the gospel. They didn’t have a Holiday Inn on every corner or a Chrysler 300 to cruise around in. Forget the specials at the local Applebee’s or even a burger and fries; food was not packaged in the grocery stores for a quick pickup after a hard day of preaching.

Life is hard enough without having a home to go to and that soft pillow to lay your head upon.

I guess in a way you could say Jesus became homeless but he knew his life as a peasant was temporary.

His palace was already built awaiting his arrival.

Oh, and one more thing. This palace of his is decorated with a pillow lined, golden chair that no one else has ever sat in but him.  The throne built only for the Messiah.

John 14:2 “In my Father’s house are many mansions…”

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Starting Over and Over and Over


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Starting Over and Over and Over

I had curly, red hair. My favorite things were baseball caps, toy guns, Barbie and Ken and those ugly trolls. Swimming was my obsession. Tennis was my first love. College gave me a Degree, four great years and long lasting friends. Property Management became my career. Matrimony was not what I expected. Giving birth was a miracle. Divorce was wretched. Single parenting was the best classroom I have ever attended.  Affliction became my enemy. Re-marriage was not my plan. At 48, I re-married. Moving was not our plan. We moved to another state.  I re-entered school to become licensed in Property Management again. I started a home business. I joined facebook against my daughter’s wishes. Finally began a lifelong dream as a Free Lance writer. Who am I? The child God picked to survive and master the art of starting over.

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The Unsuspecting Assault

When did God leave our educational system? Why did he leave? Is he coming back? These are questions that many Americans are finally asking. This is based on information I have been reading on forums and social networks like Facebook concerning the major assault of adverse theology in our Christian Colleges. Living in an area for 17 years and connected deeply with a very small Christian college I was unaware that quietly and slowly it was being stripped of its heritage, values, morals and most of all the Christian foundation it was created upon so many decades ago.

The atmosphere changed over the time period I lived there. The college was in the middle of a battle it was not prepared to fight. This endeavor emerged from those who had the desire to change the foundation of God’s church to meet the current ambitions of an American society that is caught up in a travesty of selfishness, greed and political correctness.

The fallout of the mess hit my family directly. My husband along with many who worked there were in various ways shown the door.  Basically, many good Christian families’ lives were torn apart by an invisible enemy that slyly crept through each facet of the campus like a snake. We and those others in the same boat had to pick up the pieces, and start over somewhere else leaving family, friends and many years of hard work behind. It was devastating.

At the time, I was not aware of the devious plan of the enemy. He would take one school and pick it apart and then move onto another.

Now, the fight has catapulted to a war in the backyard of my own Alma Mater. It was heartbreaking enough to be among one of the many who watched the decline of one of God’s great institutions. I cannot wrap my brain around the surge of in-fighting, bickering and name calling that has become the speech on facebook and other websites about the college I graduated from along with many of my family members dating back to my grandfather.

It makes me sad. We have allowed our greed, personal causes and selfish desires to run God out of our public schools, neighborhoods, government and now our Christian Colleges. It is one thing to be called a liar, yelled at through cyber space or questioned by many who decided they knew more than I did and I lived in it! I witnessed this demolition in one college; I don’t want it happening again especially where I received my degree.

In my effort to reach those that I hold dear through forums it became technological warfare. I was trying to warn them. This occurred in about a 24 -36 hour turn around that I was extended hate, verbal abuse and even informed by a certain past alumni who claimed to be “gay” he would not give another dime of his money to that institution until their liberal agenda was accepted. His sly attack on me started with a message that questioned the validity of what I had written. I have never met this man or heard of him, but he let me know in no uncertain terms that he disagreed with me almost as a threat.

As far as his withholding his contributions I am sure that God can get money anytime from anywhere and that his would not be missed.

Writing my entries on the forum I told them “the names may have changed, but the game is still the same.”It has just found a new home to do business. Apparently very few agreed with me and the ones who did not as I wrote lashed out at me with a vengeance. I had to make sure I was not on a secular website that hated Christians. No! I was on a forum of my own alumni from a Christian college! I became acutely aware that they didn’t believe me or that I had already been a pawn in this clever scheme of the devil.  We had “already been there and done that.”

This so bothered me that I lost sleep over it. I never dreamed that anything like this would happen to the cherished college of my family and so many friends that I thought were friends. The divisions are so thick you “can cut them with a knife.”

Within a 48 hour period of making the effort to warn this family of friends, the Lord showed me these words of his,

Titus 3: 9-11 “But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless. Warn a divisive person once and then warn him a second time. After that, have nothing to do with him. You may be sure that such a man is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned.”

The storm that is now on the other side of the horizon had worn me out physically and mentally but I knew what God wanted me to do. It is like watching your adult child make mistakes that you know will eventually catch up to them.  They refuse to listen because they believe they know everything and don’t need advice. God was telling me to leave this group to their fate. I had warned them.

Leaving the love I have for this great institution to follow Jesus I wrote my last entry. I warned them once more of the fate of our Alma mater if they didn’t stop the fighting. If a non-Christian had stumbled onto this particular forum they would have decided they never wanted to be a Christian if this is the way we act. No wonder our country is in the mess it is in. The Christians are setting an example that we are no different than anyone else. You cannot give what you don’t have, and if Christians do not exhibit the love of Jesus in their hearts even with each other, we have all lost. There was no love in the comments written that I could see; it felt like an all out attack on the Cross of Jesus.

In the end of my entry I wrote that the words spewing out on the pages of this forum were not making God happy. That was when God revealed to me the scripture from 1Corinthians 14:33, “For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace.” There was nothing peaceful about what I was reading or the actions being taken among those involved with the actual decisions of the future of this Christian college.

This unsuspecting assault would never have happened if Christians would follow the truth of God’s word; not twisting his word to meet our own agendas. Following God’s word as he wants us to understand it would show us how to live our lives so that we will know how to keep his institutions in line with what he desires.

So let me ask you again. When did God leave our educational system?  He left when God’s church stopped standing up for the truth. Why did he leave? He moved out of the way because he is a gentleman and will not force us to love him or to do his will.

Is he coming back? I hope so. But we need to ask him and really intend on doing things his way.

Article published on believersbay.com and theaquilareport.com

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Out on a Limb

When my daughter was young, we adopted a stray cat and named her “Whiskers.”  Her white coat of fur was laced with shades of brown.   The stray in her loved the outdoors but she enjoyed the comforts of home during the winter.

Whiskers was an experienced cat in the usual hunt but after having a few litters of kittens her speed and stamina were not that of a young feline.  If there is one lesson I have learned about cats is they are resilient and long suffering.  Our Whiskers was no different even being an older cat.

It was June 1994. We lived in the mountains of WNC in a basement apartment.  It was a very secluded area with much wildlife and foliage.  My daughter was visiting relatives.

The empty lot beside our house had pine trees that seemed to reach to Heaven.   Before I left for work I called Whiskers.  There was no sign of her.

Making my way to the empty lot next door I heard a faint cry.  Looking up, Whiskers was sitting in a tree that must have been between 50-75 feet tall.  She wailed as I called her name.

Overcome with fear as to what to do I called the fire department.  Laws prohibit them from rescuing animals.  They did tell me she probably climbed the tree to escape being caught by a wild animal.  The next 2 days I spent countless hours calling out her name only to hear her wailing become weaker and weaker.

My young daughter would be home soon.  I had to get that cat out of that tree alive!

God answers our prayers.  Maybe not as fast or the way we would like, but he is faithful.

As I stood calling her on the 3rd day a friend of mine drove by and asked what I was doing.  He got out of his truck and looked up to see my “Whiskers” in this very tall tree.

Almost in tears I told him what had happened. He looked at me and said, “Cathy, I am a tree climber.  ”I said “What?”  “You climb trees?” “Tall Trees?”

He said, “Yes, quite often. I can get your cat down in no time.”

Before I could fall on my knees thanking God he headed for his truck to get his equipment.  I called my office and told them I would be late.  God had sent someone to save my cat.

As I prayed for his safety, I watched him climb up this tree with boots, ropes and a pillowcase in hand.

He made it up to the limb “Whiskers” was perched on.  The closer he got to her, the more she moved away from him.  It was like watching a movie with a true life cliffhanger.  This rescue had drawn a crowd.

Finally, “Whiskers” realized she could not go any further out on the limb, so she started back towards him and he grabbed her.  Crying as he placed her in the pillowcase, he began to climb back down.

Once he was a few feet from me, he dropped her gently into my arms.  As I opened the pillowcase and took her out, I hugged her like she was my child.  It was apparent she was grateful to be safe again. After a check up, some much needed rest and food, she was back to normal.

The local newspaper got wind of this “great cat rescue” and she and my friend made the headlines.  My friend became an instant hero.

Whiskers lived a great life with us and brought us much joy.  I can’t wait to see her again in Heaven!

One moral to this story is you never know what people can do even if you think you know them.  There are hidden talents in all of us.

The other moral to this story is that God cares about our pets.  I had never met a tree climber before.  It was no coincidence this friend of mine who just happened to be a tree climber shows up exactly when I needed one.  Go figure.

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The World’s Worst Bridesmaid

Our daughter is at the age when her friends are getting married. She has already been in one wedding; the wedding that changed her mind about being in other weddings. The expensive gowns, tuxedos and wedding cake couldn’t keep the couple together.

The “pomp and ceremony” that goes along with most elaborate weddings is not something she finds worthwhile. She would prefer the bride-to-be to choose to get married in jeans on the sand at the beach or better yet to elope. That would relieve her of filling the position of becoming a bridesmaid. However I am sure her friends who plan to marry in the future will not feel the need to get her permission to plan their wedding the way they choose. After all, are weddings about the bridesmaids or the bride?

When you agree to be in someone’s wedding it should be considered an honor. Our daughter views it as a “rite of passage” to a world of the unknown. In our society of fallen marriages she has a point.

However, there are those couples that you know are in it for the long haul. Recently she was in a friend’s wedding that she grew up with.  The friend knows our daughter so well she understood her lost allegiance to the courtship of matrimony. In fact she was so happy she showed up to be in the wedding at all! Truly, it showed by the fact that my daughter absolutely did not want to do this how much she cares for her friend. Others who ask her are simply out of a bridesmaid.

Prior to the wedding her absence was noted at the parties she did not attend. Writing invitations with the bride-to-be was not a part of her schedule. Giving her time to help with the pre-wedding festivities was not on her to-do list.

Procrastination is her preference in many areas including getting her dress and buying her shoes days before the wedding. The dress was too tight in certain areas. Finding shoes to fit was difficult because of her shoe size. Of course the cost of the frock and footwear gave room for complaint not to mention the gas prices getting to and from the wedding activities.

The hairdresser styled her hair so she looked like “Goldilocks.” The groomsmen were more fun to hang out with than the sentimental bridesmaids who “ooooohed and ahhhhhdddd” over every intricate detail of this long awaited ceremony.

Worst of all, the bride to be bought herself a gift telling our daughter it was from her because she did not trust her to get what she wanted. The extremely hot June sun added to her apathy as she walked down the aisle pouring in sweat.

All in all, it was the love for her friend and the agreement she made a year before that brought her to this degree of loyalty. Repeating the performance for others may take an act of Congress to get her to do it again.

There is something to be said for the willingness to agree to the requirements involved in accepting the honor of being a bridesmaid in this day and time and society. Don’t get me wrong I am not in any way belittling the sacredness of matrimony or the ornate formality of the wedding itself. What is the desire of one may be the disinclination of another. It does not mean that either is wrong, just different.

This is how God made us. The differences can be good if we use them to benefit each other especially when it requires sacrifice. In this case the bride knew exactly what she wanted from beginning to end and set it all into motion. On the other hand is our daughter who looks at life with a free spirit of creativity and yet their friendship has lasted for years.

Many of you may be wondering how a mother can write about her daughter this way. Actually it was her idea. Much of what I have written represents thoughts she had about herself. She wanted me to print it.

Laughingly she realized her shortcomings for the prerequisite of a bridesmaid. I admire her for admitting the truth about herself. Some are called to be a bridesmaid and some are not. In her case she would rather someone else does it.

Then there is the bride who is her childhood friend. She has the patience of Job and took it all in stride. She made it clear to me that our daughter was a great bridesmaid and loved having her in her wedding. Others that were supposed to be helping the bride forgot to pack some of her most needed possessions! Most of all she has the great character quality of accepting people as they are. For our daughter that is a blessing and she knows it.

In conclusion, I would like to say how much I praise these two young women. Down through the years they have allowed their differences to support each other. I have observed quietly as they have grown up, their efforts no matter where they are geographically to be there for each other in time of need. The lighthearted camaraderie between them is contagious. Their friendship is so secure they pick up right where they left off each time they communicate. Time has no boundaries.

If we will allow God to pick our friends he will give us the best.

I have no doubt their friendship was made in Heaven.