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2015: My Year from Hell and How God rescued me (Part 1)


It was never my intention to stop blogging, but life got in the way with twists and turns I didn’t know existed.  From major Strep throat in the spring, to a busy summer of work along with the worst reaction to medication ever in my life to the virus from Hell, I am ready for this year to be over.

Suffice it to say I have had literally the worst sickness of my life. After 2 doctor visits and many tests run the diagnosis was a virus. Don’t let anyone fool you into believing a “virus” is something simple to get over.  I have been in the bed for 6 weeks and still in and out of it, but getting there.  Top this all off with a kitten we adopted that in the first 6 months of his life has torn the house up!

One main reason for not blogging is the virus has made me so dizzy at times I can hardly stand up much less do anything else. As time has gone by, that is diminishing and I am so thankful to God for his healing.

The good news was all my tests were normal. Unfortunately, there is no medication for a virus or a quick fix. If there had been I would have been all over it. Believe me when I say I have never felt this bad in my entire life. To be writing this right now, is a major plus to say the least.  As Joyce Meyer says, “I am not at all where I want to be, but I am not where I was.” That is my theme.

On the other side of this miserable coin is the love of God. The fact my tests were normal is a miracle considering I thought they would hospitalize me to start with.  Forget driving, feeding myself or doing anything worthwhile; I have done nothing but rest. Doctors’ orders.

However, while resting my new GalazyS6 phone came in handy more than I can say. Not only is a copy/paste app the greatest comfort while one lies in bed but God’s words splashed all over it is truly the only way I got through this.  I was too sick to read from my Bible which I love to do but my phone became a positive substitute.

Hours of laying alone I have quoted healing scriptures over and over until I would fall asleep. Days and weeks of crying when I didn’t have the strength to cry God’s word gave me hope and peace. Minute by minute I discovered the power in God’s word simply by meditating on it. The more I soaked myself in God’s word even in a state of total lethargy, the words proved themselves to be true and work.

A simple few steps from my bed to the toilet I would pray myself there.

The energy to get to the kitchen for a few bites of food of which I lost my appetite completely God’s word gave me the strength to live off of bananas, toast and applesauce. I am small but lost 5 pounds the first 3 weeks I was sick. I can’t afford to lose weight.

Moments of sheer misery when the dizziness and nausea would come in like a flood, God’s word was all I thought about. God get me through this. God get me through this.

I just read Jennifer LeClaire’s article from Charisma magazine about the very issues of being in “hell” while others around you are complacent and misunderstanding of your pain. Of course she brought our dear brother “Job” into the picture who is a prime example of one who is attacked and beaten not only by Satan himself but those closest to him.

I am in no way subjecting my husband or daughter into this rigid scene of battle because God supplied them both for me during this time when I needed them the most. They have been my lifeline besides God.  But even in their case, correctly diagnosing my distress for so long has been difficult for them. There is really much to be said about “walking in someone else’s shoes.”

From God’s perspective, I believe his permissive will in allowing me to go through so many years of hardships has been to teach me compassion, empathy and love for those who are hurting. These last 6 weeks have opened my eyes to understand those in nursing homes, hospitals and sick in bed for long periods of time how they feel and the loss they experience. I can honestly say I know it for myself now.

If I hadn’t known for absolutely sure God wasn’t ready to take me, I would have been begging him to do so, but He has other plans. Even my dear friend in Christ, Larry Nevenhoven prophesied this to me which has given me much hope to move forward.  He also reminded me God’s grace is sufficient to get me through this. Well, I had to find out what that meant. And I did. Maybe not exactly what I wanted to hear while in a dungeon of despair and lifelessness, but evidently God did.

One would never imagine the call of healing yet, the one who is sick knows better than those well, what health is. God’s supernatural grace and power is the only reason for it all.

As I feel I am moving into a state of recovery I must admit during these last 6 weeks all I knew was God. Whether it be from desperation, misery or a pit of depression even in my weakest moments I was crying out to God.

I truly know now what it means when you have nothing else but God, God is all I need.

And it doesn’t hurt to have a phone that lets you play scrabble in between God’s words.


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Oozing Flattery

At the end of the day we all must reconcile ourselves to the truth.

The previous post from Dr. Keith Ablow opened my eyes to the heart of the President. He is not alone in missing a core and vital foundation to life. Many join him in an endless, unsatisfying journey that lends itself to bitterness, affliction and a huge void.

What should have been a postmark of love and dependability as a child turns into a cold-hearted activity of revenge “searching for love in all the wrong places.”

In other words he has been deceived.george washington

Now, in the position he holds, the deception sits behind every podium and speech he makes.
In his mind he truly believes what he is preaching. Why?

He has no idea where else to look. Trust has become his enemy.

He is completely blinded due to a hard and broken heart and the inability to perceive he could be wrong. His award winning re-election (he thinks) gives him the approval to forge ahead with the anti-Biblical policies taught to him as a child. Only a minor portion of this country agreed with him; 90 million Americans didn’t vote which gave him the election.

What may be even more grieving is he believes his lies so much so he ignores anyone who tells him otherwise. Then, of course you have the millions who voted for him who stand in “awe” of his lies.

The State of the Union Address was blocked off my calendar. Clips, here and there reveal his speech was much of the same old rhetoric. His determination to rail in Congress for abusing his so-called “personal power” will be in for a lashing.  However, there are Democrats who may have agreed with him during his first term who may “fly the coup” this second term. They plan to stick around Washington long after he is gone. Pledging their allegiance to his “Highness” could backfire.

During a video of the President entering the House Chamber on Tuesday night he was performing the usual handshakes, smiles and gestures expected. As he walked down the aisle two women on the right were reaching out to touch or grab his hands.

Observing their faces it was apparent how much they admired this man. After engaging a moment of his time with these two the camera focused in on their responses.

You would have thought Jesus had entered the room. Composing themselves was not an option as they gushed and oozed pure idolatry. Lavishing flattery and adulation over him was enough to make you want to throw up.abe

He devoured the applause and tribute as his ego took another step up on his proverbial ladder of hero worship he built himself.

The sarcastic side of me finds it hard to believe any President would be President who thinks as he does or any other God-fearing American.

The devil loves a fence sitting Christian. One who claims to walk with the Lord, yet actions speak otherwise is fair game by his army of ugly friends.

2 Corinthians 11: 14 “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

The depth of antagonism, blame and hate filled audacity that comes when one is idolized lies in the pit of the “worship of evil.”  Stooping to this degradation as a nation lowers the level of protection, prosperity and success by God himself. He is incapable of wrong leaving the people uncovered and laid bare before the enemy.

The power the President hungered for has been given to him. Yet, the highest position in the free world will not do what he thought it would do. The void or emptiness will continue to deepen; the fear of being abandoned will remain. The dependability on the human government without God he has created will be the greatest disappointment of his life.

Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

So…..what will he have left to depend upon?

The people who voted for him? His liberal friends? A biased media who praised him into being re-elected?

The very people he believed he could finally trust will be the first to flee.

And the only one left beside him is the one who was there to begin with.





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Fearless Stability verses Empathetic Harmony

How does one acquire fearless stability?

Some people are just born with rocks in their head. Over time the rocks flow through their bloodstream lining the rest of their organs creating a force to reckon with.

An inner depth of dogmatism and resolve is a result of a personality trait automatically -built in. The sequence of productivity lends itself to their goals or purpose; and standing in their way is not a good idea.

Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”

This admirable quality has its down sides. Harboring tenacity and fortitude can be a pre-requisite to becoming a workaholic or a perfectionist if not kept under control. However, their presence under certain circumstances commands a certain adherence and backbone. One may benefit from their unleashing courage especially in a heated or potential volatile event.

The tenacious and unyielding vigor of one who possesses such an attribute are feverishly active, at times overbearing and busy. Slowing down is not in their vocabulary. Accomplishment is a noted effort by attacking head on lists of things to do in a day. They make it their business to get things done.

Many are not born with this natural instinct to be headstrong and determined but quite the opposite. This trait goes against their internal clocks of inborn characteristics such as empathy, the gift of mercy and harmony.

A daily to-do-list is not their agenda. Rather the motive for life in general is to offer emotional and spiritual help in the form of words; comfort and a lifeline of care.

Laid back and quiet, many are fine with a good book. Accomplishment is not an active duty as much as a fulfillment of offering peace and joy to others. Not necessarily hands-on but are happy to bake a cake or a casserole for a grieving family or a new neighbor.

The empathetic soul is one who thrives on uplifting conversation along with consoling the downtrodden or backslidden. Forget killing a spider; they will go out of their way to somehow get it outside as their sympathetic heart sees a purpose in its life.

Living in harmony is viewed as a goal in itself; keeping the peace is a job even if it doesn’t work. Contentment can be a detriment if given into laziness, but used as an example for good for those who do not know how to be content.

Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

The merciful are often labeled as lax or undemanding by the strong willed to the point of weakness at times. This can be misconstrued with a God-given gentleness and graciousness unknown to the discontent.

While both parties are needed in this world, God would prefer a balance of the two.

So, why didn’t he create us balanced?

My answer is the learning process requires his presence, guidance and direction. Much would be lost or never understood without it.

Isaiah 55:8 “”For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.”

This “meeting of the minds” is a God-given design. While he preserves the good qualities, he carefully and clearly shows us his way of changing or removing aspects of our traits that require his attention. Examples of these 2 opposites together can be an added dimension of study.

A fundamental component is a willing heart that is teachable. Pride doesn’t belong near this classroom and must be thrown out before one can become a student.

The end result are disciple’s in-training combining wisdom, knowledge and understanding of whom and what God intends them to be.

The faith journey of God’s intellect alters the fearlessly stable and empathetically harmonious to become fearlessly empathetic and harmoniously stable.

In other words, new creatures in Christ.





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Lost Tribes

Friday afternoon is not the time to go to Wal-Mart. Traffic is full of people who don’t know how to drive and they are all in a hurry.

However, having been stuck in the house for almost 3 weeks, getting out into the brash nerves and strained faces of those in rush hour to enjoy a TGIF I made the trip.

Once I arrived, and said “good morning” to the lady who greets everyone, I realized it was 4:30 in the afternoon. No wonder she flashed a scrutinizing stare at me.

Crawling with people, carts and motor scooters I weaved in and out of aisles of clothes, coffee makers and Valentine Candy.

My goal was to buy a new Vaporizer since the one I had “kicked the bucket.” Making my way to the nasal sprays, Benadryl and a vast array of allergy meds, the very few Vaporizers were stuck in a little corner at the back. The choice was one or the other so I took the other.

Heading to the dairy department, children were screaming, parents were fussing while military personnel picked out Valentine candy.

This trip was wearing on my soul. Yogurt was popular; 3 women and their carts blocked any idea of breaking their heated conversation over who was dating who or “did you hear what happened to so and so?”

I just wanted out. Give me my yogurt and let me leave.

Those words had barely left my thoughts when I recognized the whisper.

I stopped.

The propensity of his heart speaking to mine uttered the questions…..

“What do you see?”

“What is in front of you?”

“What is surrounding you?”

My first response would have been Greek yogurt, Chocolate Ice Cream and Cottage Cheese but somehow I knew that wasn’t the answer he wanted.

Strolling through the meat and produce section, I surveyed the areas.

I witnessed hostile frowns, quickened steps and irritated customers. Some counted their pennies as if to be living one paycheck to another.

Bored husbands followed wives around like puppy dogs. Young teens remained connected to their phones hoping their parents would hurry up and finish.steve harvey

One man spoke to an elderly woman, “Hi, how are you?”

Her response, “Oh just barely making it.”

Searching for a short line seemed improbable, but found one with one customer ahead of me. The clerk was an older woman. Turning to the side, she placed her hand on her forehead and closed her eyes. Informing me of the cost, she appeared to be in pain and the least bit interested in her job.

Lonely, discouraged people making an effort to get through one more day of this “hell” on earth. Living tragedies, misery and hidden agendas framed their worn out faces.

It was then God revealed to me how much I had been in my own little world while he opened up to me all these others were trapped in theirs.

My suffering was notably minute compared to the afflictions these souls harbored. Without knowing any hardships or distress of these shoppers, God made it clear to me how good I have it.

In the same reflection he reminded me of the harvest he is in the process of showering upon the earth. We, who he has called, will soon be tuned into the one of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit ever known.

Once home, I thanked God for daily shedding the veil from my heart. In the midst of tempers flaring and a store full of dejected ailing people, he communicated with me how I use to be one of them. By his mercy and grace only, he gave me an exit from the “lonely hearts club.”

God has and is planting his trained warriors in nations and areas where evil seems to be thriving. He works between the lines of hatred and the ranks of power hungry reprobates. In other words, he is transforming lives from the inside out.

Sometimes all God needs is a willing follower of Jesus to land their feet on the soil in a village of a lost tribe or the deserts of Afghanistan or Iraq.

Other believers he sends to Wal-Mart.





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Hope for the Hopeless

We spend our days hoping.

Hoping for what?red heart

A new car; boyfriend; a miracle of healing; new job; new spouse! LOL!

Have you ever hoped for something so much you would do almost anything to get it?

The levels are foundational depending on your goal.

I hope the neighbor’s puppy stops whining and howling whenever she is outside.

Many across our nation right now hope to get a job.

The shy high school kid hoped to get a date at the prom.

The boy across the street hoped his father would be home soon from Iraq.

Heather McCoy hoped to breathe normally; she got new lungs and she is on her way to receiving that blessing.

Fundamentally we can’t live without hope. Why?

It is something to look forward to. Hope is a reason to keep going. It is the means to an end. Hope is the future.

Romans 8:24-25 “For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”

From a personal standpoint I can honestly say we really cannot live without hope. Having experienced “hopelessness” myself, is one of the worst places emotionally a person can be.

The dark space it inhabits reeks of death. Lost in a sea of desperation, gloom and wretchedness this dungeon becomes a reality in and of itself. Trapped and unable to escape it yields an unbearable misery.

The only way to get out is God. Deliverance comes one step at a time, one day at a time but it will show up in between the moments the “hopelessness” rears its ugly head.

First and foremost is to never allow yourself to get to that point. Dig your heels into God’s word; pray and reach for Jesus on the Cross. No pill or therapy is a substitute for God and his awesome promises.

If there was ever a period of time our nation needs hope it is now. We stand in the midst of fiery trials, wars, natural disasters and a lost generation.

Obvious is the nature of need in our society. Grappling with surviving many don’t realize they are crying out for discernment and rationalization of why life is the way it is.

Hope brings the heart back where it belongs. Instead of wearing it on our sleeve, it is safe and protected where God created it in the first place.

Learning the ropes of climbing out of the pain of “no hope” is easy to recognize once you have been there. Yet many like me made it out only by the grace of God but his grace was sufficient.

Now on the other side or out of the dirt and mire gives a whole new meaning on what our focus should be. Shoveling off the filth our position changes to resting and remaining in the hope of God to bring us through whatever we face. Our perspective becomes a panorama of Jesus on the cross bearing our burdens for us.

Hope is set on a lonely hill where he did for us what we could never do for ourselves.

He arose 3 days later after defeating hopelessness in an array of glory and righteousness.

Darkness was beaten by light.

And that my friends is the “Hope” of the world.




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Snap, Crackle and Pop


As I regain strength I want to thank everyone for their prayers. I thank God for my healing and especially since I couldn’t hear. Noise of any kind sent a major singe of pain throughout my head. But interestingly enough…. as I was praying this morning my ears began to open up! It was like snap, crackle and pop!

This is a good time to write about something that is missing from what is being taught in churches…..Healing.  Why is that?

Jesus healed people everywhere he went. As he discipled his disciples they did too….Peter healed a crippled beggar. (Acts 3:6) People lined up on the streets hoping Peter’s shadow would fall on them to be healed. (Acts 5:15-16) Peter healed Aeneas (Acts 9:34) and raised Tabitha from the dead. (Acts 9:40)

Paul was given extraordinary healing powers. When the sick touched his handkerchiefs and aprons they were healed. (Acts 19:11-12)

God wants his people well and healthy. Why wouldn’t he?

If God wants people sick then why are so many running to doctors, or taking medicines? If he wants us sick or ill then we are disobeying him if we do anything towards getting well.

Unfortunately there are many who do not believe Jesus heals today just as he did when he walked on this earth. And by this I mean Christians too. One blogger all but blessed me out for writing that on his blog. This Christian retired Pastor who writes to aid in those suffering from emotional issues such as depression told me healing stopped with Jesus 2000 years ago and we should not as Christians go around telling people they can be healed for fear they won’t be!insurance meds

If I had to live believing that what would be the purpose? What kind of hope do you give people with that attitude? None! If we all believed what this man says, why would we pray for anyone to be well?

We can take medicine, eat right, exercise and have surgeries but ultimately God heals us. God intervenes especially as people pray for healing.

Bible characters such as Moses, David, and Paul could not have lived without God’s healing powers intervening on their behalf. Paul makes references to being beaten, starved and imprisoned in who knows what kind of conditions. How did he survive those conditions? How did Moses live 40 years in the desert without the local medical clinic?

It was the same with food. David hid from Saul in caves for months. David didn’t have a nearby cave serving up hotcakes and Starbucks coffee. Moses didn’t spend his time searching for Outback or McDonald’s hamburgers and French fries.

Did God want them to eat and be nourished while camping out in rat infested caves and dungeons? Or did he supply what they needed along the way…..

He did so for the Israelites as they fled Egypt. He provided all they needed from manna as food, to a cloud to follow during the day and a pillar of fire at night. (Exodus 13: 21-22) He also gave them shoes that never wore out.

God hasn’t changed.

And we don’t have to go far for coffee.





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Lights in the Deserts

Crews sharpen skills at Atlantic Strike

How do you respond when the words, “I don’t really have to go because of my injury” are not what you expected to hear?

“What injury?”

“I was hit in the shoulder by an IED while deployed in Afghanistan.”

A casual remark as if it was an everyday event. Maybe it had been to him.

I must admit I was somewhat surprised by his impromptu “matter of fact” emotion.

Years of traveling all over the world, he learned bits and pieces of Arabic, or Farsi as he rattled them off remembering conversations with Muslims.

5.5 years of living, breathing and attaining educated guesses from the Air Force personnel here is just that. They speak their own language and civilians like me always seem to be left questioning. Confidentiality is of utmost importance.

The need to be extra careful not to dive into a memory they prefer not to remember is a consideration I had to learn. Some deploy and come home a different human being not noticeable from the surface. It is a learned process for those of us in the minority here who watch from the distance. A 6 month deployment can reign in a mood that didn’t exist before they left.

A self-proclaimed detachment sets in as they enter back into a life they will never find again.  You can see it in their eyes; pain, sadness and fear stored inside heavy hearts.

There is a difference in acclamation depending on the rank. Most of our neighbors are or have been Majors, Pilots and Lt. Colonels.  The longer one serves reflects a character trait of strength and maturity rarely seen. Life is what it is wherever they are.

In the midst of political turmoil and hostility around the globe flowed words you will never hear on the news or read about on the internet. As the media and our government  continue to cheat the public from the truth producing an atmosphere of fear, a sense of anger arose in our den from this hero unknown to most.

My curious nature obscures my mouth at times, but I want to know what is really going on in the Middle East. The protection of God’s people and his land, Israel are sitting ducks surrounded by what would appear to be pure, unadulterated hate from all sides.

The stigmas created for a moment of ratings rattled this hero. The quiet fury this Christian officer revealed was to calm my nerves as he spoke the words I wanted to hear.

“I have been everywhere and especially the Middle East. 90% of the world is just like you and me. They want to be happy, healthy, and live calm, peaceful lives with their families and friends, and the Muslims are no different.”

Life changing words unspoken in the public arena that need to be heard instead of the urgent 10% getting attention they crave. In no way does this condone the 10% for the anguish and distress produced by “cradles of evil” in all facets of life.

However, doom and gloom has surfaced as excitement, adventure and the next best thing for the media/Hollywood,  content to exploit it for personal gain.

In the center of evil, courageous men and women of God step on soil that has never heard of Jesus.

Marking His territory with the Cross of Christ in reclusive habitations or underground bunkers they risk it all for the sake of lost souls who otherwise would never know the Gift of Salvation.

The light is still burning.

The candle is lit.god is awesome

What the devil doesn’t know is God planned ahead.

He has millions and millions of fluorescent light bulbs waiting to cover the earth with His Awesome Glory.




The Joys of Crossing the Border


The Minstrel in my Head

How I wish it were so. Instead are the sounds of rolling waves, back and forth, back and forth. The ballad is far from a serenade of a nightingale.

Yes, it is more like that of a crooner yodeling in my ears.evicted

This sad effort is of the one who has spoken debilitating thoughts to prevail my yearnings for the truth. This nave or monster roars as if he is the ocean with an alias name wishing to dwell in the depths of ear canals. It shall not be so.

This is a priority. What you hear, listen to or puncture your heart with seals your existence.

The good news is once you hear the songwriter’s articulate whispers the meddling voice of that dastardly beast becomes a no-brainer to listen to.

His tone is confident and understanding. He yields an intimate breath of life into yours with words of knowledge and wisdom. The presence of quiet is his solemn oath of peace. What he speaks is genuine, faithful and eternal.

Yes, it lasts forever.

Once you have met the great “I AM” everything changes. You want to go to war for him. You want to fight with passion for others to be unveiled as you were. Sharing HIM is all that matters.

Once you have crossed the line from a “soapbox from hell” to the flow of his breeze swishing by you, devilish angles become loathsome to you. Evil is now your allergen.glad your gone

Your personal aspirations to avoid sinister alignment of any kind become a sparring match for a “war horse.”  As you dwell in the shelter of the Most High he becomes your fortress against the villains’ darkness. Slowly, but surely you will rest in the shadows of the Almighty waiting and longing to hear his voice only.

Knowing his voice so clearly, you wonder how you missed it from the start.

If he is here now, where was he then?

Oh, but you see He isn’t the one who was lost. He stood beside you, behind you, attempted to block your way from the entrance to corruption.

It wasn’t until you allowed him to stop you, his voice became prevalent; a virtual sound of clarity and hope.

His words are his presence in the form of love. Like pearls, his languages of truth are secrets to his Kingdom.

So, the yodeling crooner is now a far off distant memory.

And the Minstrel of Heaven is the only melody playing in my Head.





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Knee Deep Blockheads

Knee deep in the media world is a conspiracy so loud and obnoxious we have overlooked one very important issue.brand journalism

Journalism use to be real journalism. You know: when political views weren’t at the forefront of a story or article. Oh, some may have been leaning one way or another but the war had not started and it wasn’t as noticeable as today.

Sad to say this but it is difficult to know who is a real journalist/reporter. Ratings have become the competition for no-news,
sick-news or whatever they can find to report.

For instance: Do I really care about the filth and unpatriotic insanity cascading from Michael Moore’s big mouth?

Or what about the “five mistakes people make when buying pet insurance?” Really?

Of course there is the toothbrush causing a delay at the Atlanta Airport. Investigators held up a flight due to a suspicious noise coming from a travel bag. Turns out it was a vibrating toothbrush.

But…sometimes it backfires. Yes, the newspaper in New York that splashed gun owners in their area on a Google Earth map have been referred to as “insanity.” Ex-burglars turned criminal investigators reported “having a gun list is like gold.” Why would anyone rob a house with guns in it? The following link is the story which is actually funny but not really.


Air Force One: Protected

Air Force One: Protected

Escaping the Middle East crisis, worries of nuclear war, crime and violence is virtually impossible.  There is always another accident waiting to happen, natural disasters one after another and a new strain of flu. The devil is front page news.

Our technology as advanced as it is allows for much more to be seen than ever before. Stress and anxiety surround you first thing in the morning before your feet hit the floor; I would label it “misery overload.”

And then…..one of those many random questions you asked God 2 years ago shows up with an answer(s).  A fleeting moment of thought becomes a “brain freeze” because that particular question results in a jaw-dropping, shock absorbing divine utterance you didn’t see coming. A one sentence deliberation that changes your outlook completely.

After digesting a resolution that confirmed to some degree your own position, it is so powerful it rearranges the priorities of what you think, how you think and future responses.

As we recline in our recliners observing the people we do not know, it is easy to assume what we view as genuine, or concrete. Listening to opinions, political views rammed down our throats and pictures of the unimaginable is a marketing tactic gone awry. Feed them what you want them to hear over and over until they believe it. Listen, read and pour into their conscience a wrong so wrong, dwelling on anything else is impossible. Doing so would place you in the “pool of intolerant inconsiderate blockheads.”

Unexpected forerunners from high places somehow land in your path and awaken a deception the devil has unfortunately mastered. He laughs as many fall prey repeatedly to his lies, fraud and double-dealing.

What he doesn’t know is the stamps of wisdom God has placed in the center of what appears to be the most insufferable conditions.

Hebrews. 4:13 “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

Those stamps of wisdom are cementing their footprints of God’s truth in the sand of the hearts of many right in the middle of the devil’s wake. He just hasn’t figured that out.




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