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How much do you love America?




At my age you know the difference of the last 10-15 years and what life was like prior to that time. I have observed over my lifetime evil take a slow, but very progressive leap into changing this country to a nation that hasn’t been this divided since the Civil war.

Let me warn you of my candidness in this post. As a Christian who has been through Hell for decades, I know the goodness and grace of God to be one of the Almighty’s greatest gifts to mankind. He is now using that gift for America. 

We don’t deserve God’s grace. America left God in the wings of liberalism and far left ideology as many listened to the devil instead of the Holy Spirit. As a result, America is where it is now which is on the brink of destructing itself.luke

God has a mandate for America and that mandate is part of our saving grace.

Our founding fathers built the Constitution on Godly principles so that America could be the example for the world of who Jesus is.

We have a job to do as the church to bring that message to the world. That can’t be done if America is lodged in pure evil.

America was created to support Israel.  Our present administration is full of Muslim components who have set out to destroy Israel and anyone who supports them.

I have listened, read and observed many prophecies about the future of this great country.

As a prayer warrior myself, God showed me early on in this election that Donald Trump was His choice to be President. 

I wouldn’t have chosen him but I am not God and neither are any of you.  I grew up in a stoic church that would never have accepted Donald Trump except to take his money.

God does want he wants and chooses who he chooses to fulfill His promises.

This morning I woke up to the Holy Spirit telling me,

“Anyone else who was running for President couldn’t reach the voters that Donald Trump can.”


Because he hasn’t been a Christian long.

He employs diverse people to work for him.

He can cross the aisle of politically correct jargon and reach those who are wishy- washy in their thinking.

He can reach those who have been hurt, ridiculed and left for dead by the present government and church in the wake of a faltering nation.

He is bold, outspoken and as Lance Wallnau described him, “a wrecking ball.”

So be it. Isn’t that what Mary responded with when the angel told her she would be the mother of the savior of the world?

IF you don’t believe God can use Donald Trump to do the “Christian” work needed to rescue America, then read the Bible. It’s full of adulterers, murderers and frauds who became God’s handiwork.

Moses was a murderer. 
Abraham was an adulterer.
Samson was an adulterer who ate honey out of a dead bear which was prohibited by the Nazarene theology.
Solomon had over 700 wives and 300 concubines who led him astray.
David was an adulterer and a murderer. 
Elijah decided to quit his calling.
Matthew was a thief.
Peter denied Christ 3 times after spending 3 years with him.
Paul was a Pharisaical terrorist who regularly persecuted and killed many Christians. 
And we all know about Judah.
All of these men are examples of us. 
All of these men were chosen by God. 
All of these men changed the world.  
God gave a voice to a donkey.
He can use anything and anyone to accomplish his purpose.


Dr. Wallnau has written a book and spoken often in the last 2 years of his journey in this political arena which by the way he didn’t ask for. God chose him

 Donald Trump is running for President because he loves America, not because he chose to.

Dr. Wallnau has described him as having the Cyrus anointing and has met with Donald Trump on many occasions. He has even spoken about how he feels the anointing of God on Mr. Trump when in his presence.cyrus

I hear the church screaming with that last sentence. Get over it.

And especially read Isaiah 45. King Cyrus was raised up by God to deliver the Jewish nation from who knows what. He wasn’t a follower of God.

“This is what the LORD says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him and to strip kings of their armor, to open doors before him so that gates will not be shut.”

That pretty much sums up what Dr. Wallnau says God is doing and I totally agree. It’s no coincidence that God used the 45th chapter in Isaiah to describe the wrecking ball who could very well be the next President. President #45. With your help.

The two platforms couldn’t be any more opposite.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the difference.

As Christians, you have no excuse not to vote. If you don’t you are in my opinion choosing to deny your faith.

If you aren’t a Christian, you still have a God given right to cast your vote even if you don’t know that.

Voting for a 3rd party candidate is voting for Hillary Clinton.

The key here is to seek God for the person He wants all of us to vote for whether you like the person or not. The reason? Because God knows what’s coming and He is giving us the opportunity to filter through the evil that the enemy is perpetrating on America. We live in a fallen world; one we can choose to be protected by and guided by God to overcome.

Leaving God out of this equation is a sign that we don’t believe God can do what He says He can do. It is a belief that God can’t change people which undermines His position.

How much do you love America?

Then vote. And vote for the candidate (s) God wants you to vote for. 


8 thoughts on “How much do you love America?

  1. As Christians, you have no excuse not to vote. If you don’t you are in my opinion choosing to deny your faith.

    Hey Naphtali, love your article. As a Christian who has many reservations about Trump (but who is still voting for him as an anti-Hillary vote), I have to say that I never thought of him as a Cyrus- a tool of God. I don’t believe that Trump is a Christian. I base this on his emphatic statements in which he calls all the women coming against him, ‘liars.’ I don’t think they can all be liars. Where there is smoke, there is fire. It would be better if he had just admitted how he was in the past- a playboy. Everyone knows this about him. And he now promises to sue these women- all of whom have lesser means than him. That is not what a Christian man would do. So, I don’t believe he is a Christian man. However, seeing him as a Cyrus, a tool of God, is interesting.

    I do have to object, however, to one statement you made in your article. I can’t go as far as to say that a Christian who refuses to vote (or who votes for a third party) is denying their faith. I truly think you might reconsider that statement, Nephtali. It is not for us to say such a large thing as that. But the rest of your article is very helpful for many Christians who are hurting because they feel they are voting for someone who is so clearly a man who is not after God’s heart. Thank you for such an interesting and Biblical perspective! Susan

    • Hi Susan, I’ve already been called out on that one! Ty for reading this. There are many Christians sitting on the fence here. There are times I believe may of us unintentionally deny our faith. I know I have. But we are either with God or we arent and if we are with God we want what he wants. In this case I believe He has chosen Donald Trump to be President. He certainly wasn’t on my radar for the Oval Office but if God wants us to vote for him we should obey even if we don’t like or agree with that decision.
      If you listen to the video I posted with Patricia King and Lance Wallnau you’ll understand more of where God is coming from with Donald Trump. There are a number of pastors, prophets etc. Who have spoken or had dreams regarding Mr. Trump becoming president. Vana Lawyers is one who had a dream a year ago where God showed her he would be the next President. The Cyrus story is huge here and about the only common sensed one!!! We all sin and we all need to forgive. Even forgive Donald Trump. If you listen to the video you’ll get a whole different view on God’s reasoning. Ty for responding and God bless you!

      • Well, let’s put it this way, Nephtali, if God intends Trump to be president, no man needs to do anything to make it happen. It just will. God doesn’t need mankind to do his bidding on earth in order to move the world as he pleases. Of that, I am quite sure. If Trump loses, then it won’t be because people didn’t fulfill their Christian duty. It won’t be because God failed in his mission due to a failed U.S. Christianity. I hope you can see that. If that were so, it would mean that Almighty God needed men in order to fulfill his own will on earth. The Bible makes it very clear that this can not be so. Our obedience has nothing to do with God’s power. Our obedience only affects our own destination- heaven or hell. One way or another, God does what he wills. Literally. So, if Trump wins, then you and others like you will be proven correct. If not, then you will be proven wrong. That’s the trouble with making such definitive prophecy as you are making. If you say you know God’s will in such a manner, then you stand to lose face very soon. No one knows the mind of God like this. I can’t help but believe that Hillary will win. Not because she is good, but rather, because she is so evil. The Bible speaks of the end days. It doesn’t speak of good days. It speaks of a worsening of times, not a bettering of times. From the Biblical perspective, it seems to me that the world must become ever more evil. The ‘saints’ (you and me) must become ever more helpless before the Beast. The ‘mark’ must become ever more pressing. Israel must become more and more isolated and alone. The Middle East must become ever more violent and unstable. Politics must degrade and WWIII must become ever more possible. All this must happen before the Beast can stand at the Temple. Jesus said to watch the branch for the softening and for the formulation of buds. I find it ironic that the Arab uprisings are called the Arab ‘Spring’. Jesus said that the ripening branches were signs of the ‘spring’. Just a little irony there, don’t you think?

        Does any of this mean we must be in the end times? No. But with technology being what it is, the Mark is possible now. If it’s possible, there is no reason not to implement it. All that is lacking is the political ability to do it. Hillary is already expressing her ‘dream’ of getting rid of the United States in favor of an American Union- or, what she calls the ‘Open Western Hemisphere. Translation: a new currency and a new ‘entity’ like the European Union. And everyone’s voting for her! One world government, here we come! The ol’ microchip is a minor footstep away.

        It’s hard to imagine that we can get better and then get worse again, that’s all. And even if we do get better for a small bit, we have to get worse again. All you have to do is be a close observer of the world to see that. There is nothing we can do to stop the evil forces pushing the world right now. Only Jesus can help us.

        I’m not being pessimistic. I’m being realistic. Such is the situation in the world right now. Which seems to describe exactly what the Bible talks about in the end times.

        Electing Hillary is exactly what would send us through the tipping point to the fulfillment of all the rest of these prophecies, not Trump. Hillary would mean the full isolation of Israel. Hillary would mean that we lose in Syria, for example. This would put an ever stronger Iran and ISIS right on Israel’s Golan Heights. Hillary would mean that Israel would lose confidence in the U.S. brokered UN treaty for the Golan Heights. The violence from the Syrian conflict is already spilling over, with Hezbollah attacking Israeli businesses there. The Bible prophecies say that Israel’s final property lines will include the Golan Heights. I believe that Israel will end up in the Syrian war, without American aid and will retake those lands. If Trump is our president, he would support Israel. Thus, they would not retake the Golan Heights. Thus, the prophecy would not be fulfilled. Don’t you see? They must take it according to prophecy. And only Hillary would betray them. Also, Trump would make sure to win in Syria. Only the Progressives want to destabilize the Middle East. It’s all part of destroying Israel.

        Bottom line: if Trump is elected, biblical prophecy can’t come true. If Hillary is elected, biblical prophecy can come true. Trump would signal a reversal or slowing down of prophecy; Hillary would signal a speeding up of prophecy.

        So, how does God work? toward prophecy or against it? I don’t know.

        But my gut feeling says Hillary will win. But in the end, WE WILL SEE, won’t we? Just thought I would share those thoughts with you to show the flip side of the argument. Susan

      • HI Susan, I love that there are fellow believers like yourself so passionate about God. BTW I read your bio and loved it! You have quite a spiritual journey that is one that needs to be told….hhhhmmmm a book maybe? As for the outcome of this election you’re correct about God doing what he wants, but He won’t force His will on anyone which means He uses people that He has chosen to fulfill His will. If you listened to the video you would hear that we are in what they described as a 3rd Crucible. Where God literally imparts Himself into a crisis so to speak. That’s what Lance Wallnau, and Patricia King said. If you read the Elijah List you will find many prophetic voices saying the same outcome. As with them I don’t believe we are at the end; the end times, yes, but I believe there are generations waiting to be born. I’m 61 and have and still believe God wants me here for many more years. I know that by all that I’ve been through and facing death. I shouldn’t be here, but it’s by God’s grace that I am. Which is the aspect I was referring to about the denial of faith. It’s only been in those times when I simply couldn’t go on that I began to tell God, “I can’t do this anymore.” It changes the way a person thinks when death is at your door. Maybe you know that. But as God is sovereign and in His almighty grace He restored my belief system over and over. When you’ve been to hell and back, you either get with God or not.
        As for the end times again, there are way too many people on earth right now that haven’t even heard of Jesus. In fact I read there are over 100 indigenous tribes around the world that simply can’t be reached physically that have no idea about Jesus. That in itself is another reason I believe the actual end isn’t any time soon which is why I believe we are in the midst of the 3rd and last great awakening. There are too many lost souls out there waiting to be found.
        I have felt for the last few years and it hasn’t changed that God is getting ready to turn it around. In my years of questioning whenever I have laid something before God and repeatedly brought it to His attention for an answer, if that sense of “knowing” hasn’t changed, then it is God’s plan. Not once has it been that what I originally thought He was telling me, turned out to be different. That is not boasting by any means, but that God is God and I am not. So my initial belief even back in 2012 after Obama won, was that this next election would be God making a major move back to the cross of Christ for this nation which sets into motion years of God’s restoration. Not only do I believe Donald Trump will win, but it will be a landslide victory.
        So tell me more about yourself? What do you do? And please keep responding if you want to. It really is refreshing to be able to throw out the thoughts about God!

      • Well, I am a writer, as you know, but I am also an artist. I currently express myself through jewelry. Mostly because that seems to be the easiest way to make a living from my work. Not that it has been easy! lol. In any case, I agree with you about the number of people yet to be reached. But there is a technology being implemented right now that will change everything almost overnight: Google Balloons. These are high altitude balloons that will carry servers in our stratosphere. These will connect even the most remote parts of the world to the internet. No jungle will be too far. In that moment, we can bring Christ to the entire world in an instant. Every church can sent their ministry to every spot on earth with very little money. Just a ministry team and a screen. Imagine that. So, reaching that population with the Word will happen sooner than you think. The one world government will happen very quickly as well. I give it 20 years at the longest. Just look at how much has happened in 8 years. I never thought I would see Israel abandoned by the USA in my lifetime. And yet, it has happened. I never thought I would ever see a major part boo God on national t.v.- and yet, it happened right before our eyes! You are right- your generation will probably pass away before these things happen. But I look at my children and I tell them: “You will probably be the generation that must lead when the end comes.” I think they will in their 50’s and 60’s when the worst comes. I think we are the generation that teaches them. I feel it strongly in my bones- I feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. That is why I am so passionate in my writing. I must teach. I must implore. I must be a wake up call. That is from where all my passion stems. It is an urgent call from the Holy Spirit. If not their generation, then soon. The technology is ready. The one world government will soon be ready. The world population will very soon all hear the Word. The Temple is already being built. The Mark is technically ready (unless they also want it to be biologically integrated- in which case, it has a few more years to go). Everything is almost ready. I am of the belief that evil is impatient. Once the Temple is rebuilt, that will be it. The Abomination will seek to go there quickly. That will be the ultimate sign, I think. And that has some time to go. Right now, there is still debate about the correct location. But the architectural plans and finances are all drawn up. The builders say that once the location has been determined and secured, it will only take 2 years to build it. The greatest difficulty now is that most people believe that the Muslim Dome of the Rock is built upon it. Some now say that the real location of the Holy Temple is elsewhere. I hope this is so. If not, then there will be war in Israel that will level the Dome of the Rock. I look at the Syrian war and can’t help but believe that it might very well lead to that war. But we will see, right?

        All we can do is watch closely. Thank Jesus for all these signs. We have a lamp to see and that is a great blessing for us. We are not blind. But we need also to remember never to fear- God is always with us! I am comforted with that. It’s so good to discuss these matters with you. I only advise to be careful with prophets- ensure they glorify God. I know you know that. Susan

      • Hi Susan, I am just now getting your reply. It took a few days, don’t know why. I see where you are coming from but still believe what God has put on my heart not from others. Paul said he was in the end in his day and that was 2000 years ago. I still think it will be many decades before the end; possibly generations. I’ve been waiting for a new technology with our phones; it’s called P-cell. It will give cell phones pure unlimited internet data equivalent to an entire company per phone. It has already been developed by some Silicon Valley guys who are waiting to implement it. However the phone service companies don’t want it because it will ruin their ability to charge for data. We didn’t have cell phones when I was even in my 40’s. Now I can’t live without it.

        Just to change course here I wanted to tell you I read about what happened to you at West Point. I am so sorry you are going through what you are. I believe you because when I was in my 20’s I went to an interview for a job. I’ve never run out of a building as fast as I did that day after the owner sexually attacked me. I told no one. He was married and didn’t seem to think what he was doing was wrong. I have finally spoken about this 4 decades later because of what happened to Gretchen Carlson. I had never met that man before nor did I ever see him again but it was devastating. He didn’t rape me but it was headed that way had I not started beating him up so I could run away. He was a small man. When he realized I wasn’t going for his advances too he backed off enough for me to escape. I can’t imagine how you’ve dealt with your situation; and that you quit West Point; which is highly unusual. That man should be ashamed for trying to clear his name by denying it and forcing you into court. Of all the military personnel I’ve met here which is a lot, only one Lt. Colonel turned out to be such a difficult example. She lost in a court case back in March against my client that took 4 years to get there because she kept lying about being deployed. She was suing a 20 year pilot over unpaid rent. She found out after losing a whole lot of money she should never have let it get to that point. I tell you this hoping the same will happen in your case. I pray that you will be completely exonerated and that he will have to pay you! God is the great vindicator. Look what he did for Joyce Meyers! He has vindicated me more times than I can count and he will do it for you too. And there is a book waiting for you to write once he does this. God bless you friend, and know that I have your back here. Cathy

  2. oops- please erase the first sentence of my comment- and this comment! I just copy and pasted it there to remember it!!! lol

  3. OH, and Susan, we live a few miles from a very large Air Force /Army base so I know about the life of military personnel. I applaud the service. It has been a true eye opener for me living here where being a civilian is the minority but I love the people. Most of my clients are in some way connected to the base here so I’ve learned from them. God bless you girl!

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