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The Line in the Sand

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Right before I sat down to blog this morning, the Holy Spirit told me to write about
“The Line in the Sand.”

So I asked him, “What do you mean? What are you talking about?”line-in-the-sand1

As I went around the house tidying up after the weekend I ventured to my phone to connect on Facebook which I do off and on all day long. My Facebook preferences are set up with Bible connections, pastors and daily devotionals. Along with the varied postings of our elusive felines I gain much knowledge about God from it. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook isn’t my source but a great connection to God. It’s all in how you set it up.

Jennifer LeClaire is a prophetic voice who often writes about the present times and how to follow Jesus as we walk through them. Charisma magazine had just posted what she’s written about Orlando. Having just written about that last week, it has weighed heavily on my mind so I believe God wants to continue this conversation.

She writes about the wicked spirits over places such as Orlando. The Jezebel spirit, witch craft and Satanism are in obvious cities over this nation. Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York City, Detroit are a few that seem trapped by evil.

As I wrote before, demons tend to migrate and stay in one place. Their obvious position here is to keep anything Godly out.  They simply can’t stand the presence of Jesus near them.

I agree with Ms. LeClaire that the church has given a pass to these demonic strongholds. Instead of standing on God’s word and casting them out, mainstream preaching for decades has avoided the confrontation of getting involved.  My 61 years of living has shown me two different Americas. The one I was born into and grew up in and our present day wickedness.

Getting to this “line in the sand”, I believe the Holy Spirit is telling me, it’s time for this to change. God is ready, moving and shaking things up to eliminate that which has “grounded” itself in humanity. He knows life can’t go on without it.

Divisiveness has become hatred.

The written word is the next person we can destroy.

Killing each other is an everyday event.

Secular religion claims humanitarian efforts as the answer. While those are needed, it won’t heal the land or the hearts that dwell within it.

Oswald Chambers says our belief in God has been for his cause, projects or the next go to meeting. The idea of altruistic causes becomes exhausting.

We are to be completely, sold out and abandoned to the person of Jesus Christ. In that relationship, love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, joy, peace, healing and the list goes on and on that we become the heart of God. Out of that secret place He teaches us who we are in Christ so that we can be that to others.

I believe the heart of God is the line He wants us to draw in the sand.

John 21:16



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