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And God chooses who? (Part 1)

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The political season is in full swing.  The election is 6 months away. The media is not worth watching. The mudslinging is more like a mudslide and differing opinions are chaotically being thrown around like tennis balls at the French Open. (Begins May 22)

What does all of this mean?tennis

A changing of the guards?

We are reaching a new milestone?

A new wind is blowing?

Whatever the answer, you can smell it, taste it and feel the atmosphere changing.

Depending on your viewpoint, determines which side or position you follow.

Is the blind leading the blind or is it crystal clear?

Are we a nation of directives or a nation of followers?

What does God think about this election?

Probably everything since he is Sovereign.

Psalm 22:28 “For kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations.”

Since the Bible is true and is God’s word, He has already decided who will be the next President. If God chooses our leaders what does that mean?

It means He is in charge.

But what happens when God appoints a President we don’t like or agree with?oval-office-c1996

Our leaders are a reflection of how we treat God.

So, if we have ignored God, thrown him out of our schools, homes and government what does that mean?

It means we had better get on our knees and repent, fast.

It means He has taken His hand of protection off of our land and allowed havoc to enter.

It means the only way evil will go away is if we turn back to Him.

I don’t know about you but the state of our nation is definitely in a mess. It’s so obvious we have turned away from God and he let us have our way. However, that doesn’t mean He has given up on America. Quite the contrary.

I believe America is and will be a catalyst for one of the greatest moves of God in history.

I believe we are in that process now because God knows the darkness that surrounds this nation is overwhelming and evil to the core.

I believe we are on the verge of a great change for the Kingdom of God to run over the evil that has tried to take over.

So who will lead us?

To be continued…..




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