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Resurrection Day: My Sins or Yours?

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Its Easter weekend.

Many years ago Charlton Heston opened my eyes to the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection in the movie, “The Ten Commandments.”  I know, a movie? Yes. Having blogged about it before, it will always be a reminder of how God used an actor and a film to help me understand Him better.

Friday has passed. It’s now Saturday. The day after the crucifixion.outdoorsman_bible_cross

I’ve always wondered what went on from Friday after Jesus spoke those famous words, and Sunday after He had risen.

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

Gospel of Luke 23:34


Where was He? Was He still in pain? What was He doing for those hours between His death and resurrection?


I have a confession to make.

I have never watched the Passion of the Christ. A few parts of it, but very little.

I can’t.

It is too painful.

Every year at this time I pray and thank God for all Jesus suffered for me, for everyone. I am thankful God didn’t allow me to be alive and living near Golgotha when the actual event occurred.

I can’t imagine how the Roman soldiers handled throwing people to die on those filthy crosses; much less our Savior.

It’s sheer brutality at its worst.

Had I been around during that time and known what Jesus suffered, I can’t say what I would have done to those who physically nailed him. Thinking about it makes my blood boil.

I guess I should thank God I wasn’t there to murder one of them myself.

The truth is I am no better than they were.

I put Jesus on that cross, nailed his hands and feet just as much as any Roman soldier did. Their sins are no worse than mine.

That’s what makes Resurrection Day the most important day in history.

As I look around flowers are blooming with a beauty all their own.

The trees are bursting forth with green leaves.

The birds sing as they fly to our feeder.

New life is everywhere.

And so is Jesus.

He marched out of a stone cold tomb giving every living thing a fresh start.

He left behind death as a warrant for the enemy.

He brought life to a fallen world so that we, His children could shine.

Resurrection Day is total forgiveness.

How AWESOME is our God.



One thought on “Resurrection Day: My Sins or Yours?

  1. “Where was He? Was He still in pain? What was He doing for those hours between His death and resurrection?”

    If all of our sin was laid upon Jesus at the cross, where do you think He was for those three days and nights? He went to where we all deserved to go and paid an awful, horrendous price for us.

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