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Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth ….and you know the rest (Part 3)

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Civil cases do not require evidence to be handed over to either party prior to the trial. The judge made note to the jury that these types of lawsuits are not under the scrutiny of more serious cases. The atmosphere was much more relaxed than even I expected.

As I was called to the witness stand, our attorney began to question me about my years of Property Management experience and then into the timeline of the case in question.

He then came forth with the 83 pages of emails which caused the defendant’s attorney to stop everything demanding he and his client have the opportunity read over them before the case went forward.inboxfull

The entire court room was at a quiet standstill for the next 15-20 minutes waiting on them to finish. It was apparent the jury was getting fidgety.  The juror at the end closest to me looked over at me as if to say, “I can’t believe they are making us wait like this.” One juror who looked to be barely 18, was obviously not interested in being there much less what was going on with the case. I had a clear view of the judge. She sat there working, writing, looking at her computer, drinking water and at times texting on her phone.

My own opinion at this point was the jury wasn’t happy and without any further testimony would have voted against the defendant anyway due to their inconsideration of everyone else.

Finally we proceeded.

Our attorney had me turn to certain pages of the emails and read aloud to the court what the defendant had written. As he questioned me the timeline of events was his purpose. The reason being was the lease was signed on Sept. 15, 2011 but she was expected to pay rent as of October 1, 2011 whether she had moved in or not. My reasoning for this was at that point she had tied up this property since August not wanting me to rent it to anyone else. If I did receive a qualified tenant she wanted me to call her first so she would have the opportunity to rent it first. She couldn’t make up her mind what to do so I had to give her an ultimatum which I did.

The kicker to signing the lease was a list of repairs/requests she demanded be done to rent the house. Needed repairs are one thing but to demand the owner buy a new refrigerator and have the house cleaned again was another. He agreed out of the kindness of his heart and she signed.

Taking this into account, only 2 weeks before October 1st wasn’t enough time to get all she wanted done which was fine with her since her furniture wouldn’t arrive until the middle of October. I made arrangements in order for the repairs, the refrigerator to be delivered and installed and the cleaning after that. The house was professionally cleaned on October 7, and the carpets shampooed October 10th.  

These dates were the core of the case. Why?

Her attorney would use them against us. His argument over and over was

“The lease was signed on Sept. 15 and she paid rent October 1st but the house was filthy so she couldn’t move in.” Duh………

To be continued…..

Be still before the Lord
and wait patiently for him;
do not fret when people succeed in their ways,
when they carry out their wicked schemes.






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