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Do you? In a court of law?gavel

I always thought if you didn’t it was perjury.

If you’ve never testified in court it’s quite an experience.

Recently I was the lead/main witness to a landlord/tenant lawsuit. Believe me, I pray I never have to do this again, but as I ponder the events now, I see God’s hand was all over it.

Let me back up with the history of this case.

This lawsuit began in the fall of 2011. Since that time the plaintiff and defendant have been going back and forth with their lawyers trying to settle. Due to the nature of involving military personnel the courts are more lenient when it comes to a trial. The reason for that is deployments. If one is overseas the judge will put it off until both or all parties involved can be present.

Personally I question the truth behind so many deployments but that is only my opinion.

The case consisted of the defendant signing a 3 year lease only to back out and demand her security deposit and the (1) month’s rent she paid. What she didn’t see coming was the owner/plaintiff sued for rent unpaid. The agreement was she would be let out of the lease as soon as I could get the house rented, but until then she was responsible for paying the rent whether she was there or not.

She didn’t like that idea. Or came up with all kinds of ways to help me re-rent it until it wasn’t fast enough so she came to my house and made it clear she wasn’t going to live there and would sue the owner for what she had already paid.

Never mind that she signed a 3 year lease and held the house hostage for over 6 weeks while we accommodated her petty demands.

Most of the military service men and women we know here are making sacrifices the rest of us never have to make. They are the real heroes of our nation along with their families who are often left behind while they go overseas to fight for our country. They have my total respect for their difficult jobs and years of active duty. However, that doesn’t allow them the right to break the law.

November and December of 2011 no one had rented the house so she was expected to pay the rent. That never happened. I finally found a qualified couple who leased the house as of January 1, 2012 which set her free from any further obligation.  

South Carolina law is very clear with contractual agreements. You don’t break them simply because you want to. Some circumstances are allowable; one being military personnel receiving orders to move to another base which is quite common here. Most landlords will work with the tenants if necessary to provide a way out if they are civilians but a new agreement must be reached.  A basic truth is to try to reach a happy compromise. But then beware of those who are never happy.

To be continued……





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