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America, the Great? Like Cows in a Pasture

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If you’re like me, in the natural the world appears to be falling apart.

There are doomsday fanatics speaking fear and dread into the hearts of many. Decades ago I would never have thought America would be so divided and making evil, good.

Supposedly, America is the greatest country in the world that has ever existed. It is only given that award by the Grace of God. It’s only the Grace of God that we will come out of this progressive, evil agenda being forced down our throats. And we have no one to blame but ourselves as we have allowed immorality and wickedness to set up “house” in our personal lives.

The church needs to wake up and I believe God is getting ready to shake us out of our sleep to accommodate His agenda.

We may be living in the end times but so was Paul. It’s just further down the pike of our earthly calendar. There is much work to be done and many souls to bring to Christ so personally I don’t believe the end is as near as many proclaim.

However, that doesn’t mean fear, dread and panic aren’t igniting flames of more hatred and disharmony. It is.

That also means we as Christians need to pursue God seriously in an intimate manner than ever before. Our relationship to God is the answer.

For myself, it has been a battle of emotional valleys. Some mornings I wake up and fear is hanging over my head like a bucket of water about to be dumped all over me. Shaking it has been like fighting against that which I can’t see but so aware of its revolting presence that I cry out to God for relief off and on all day long.

Folks this is real. Trying to explain it to those who have never experienced depression or anxiety is like talking to a bunch of cows in a pasture who only know how to “moo.” I say that with all respect for our “milking” buddies.

I do know this battle is external. The enemy is unhappy with any progress we make therefore attacking us with whatever he can come up with. He is only capable now of annoying repeats.

So let me tell you what God spoke to me this morning about this dilemma.

For years I have been reading 3 verses over and over. They are:

Joshua 1:9

2 Chronicles 20:17

Isaiah 41:10

Now I know my quick thinker of a brain is a little slower than it used to be but it hit me as I read them right in a row they said almost the same thing? Nahhhhh…does God speak like that?

“Do not fear, nor be dismayed.”

That’s it in a nutshell.

I wonder if God is trying to tell me something.

Like, don’t be scared. DON’T PANIC? Don’t fear or dread what you see; just trust Him?

I googled the word “dismayed.” It’s defined as

“Very upsetdisappointed, or annoyed about something surprising or shocking that has happened.” To cause to lose courage or resolution (as because of alarm or fear) or to feel consternation and distress.

Well, that’s just too much to handle.

Which is why God tells us to trust him. He created the world out of nothing.

Told Noah to build an ark which saved him and his family.

Sent plagues to Egypt.

Parted the Red Sea.

Sent manna from Heaven to feed the Israelites.birds

Kept the Bible alive for centuries and has performed miracles every day since creation.

Feeds the birds?

Enough said.



One thought on “America, the Great? Like Cows in a Pasture

  1. The scriptures I pray for people who struggle with depression and fear are 2 Timothy 1:7 and Romans 8:15.

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