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2015: My Year from Hell and How God rescued me (Part 4)

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After 2 doctors misdiagnosed me I am now waiting to see an ENT. Why?

My problem was not taking my allergy meds. Hence the result is most likely fluid in my inner ear. This was discovered by my speaking to my pharmacist, not a doctor.

You ask, “Why didn’t you take your meds?” Because I didn’t want to.

After so many sinus infections that included shots, antihistamines, decongestants and steroids more times than I can count I decided to stop taking them once the infections ended.

I know. I can hear you fussing. It wasn’t a smart decision and antihistamines are now on my agenda and are working. I’d rather be sleepy than dizzy. I’d rather be healed completely which brings me to my point in this post.

Reading lately about the “bigger picture” God has in store for us led me to ask Him to show me what is my bigger picture?  How do I see past this and what is His purpose?

Years of study, praying and meditating on God’s word and specifically His healing scriptures bewilders me that I haven’t received a miracle or instantaneous divine health. I know I can’t earn it. I know I can’t make it happen. It’s a gift. So I receive it over and over all the while rebuking the devil and his evil spirit of sickness topping my rants with Isaiah 53:5 and 3 John 2. So what am I missing?

God hasn’t answered that yet.

Or maybe I am trying too hard, or overstepping His efforts.

Maybe, just maybe He has a plan yet to be revealed to my slow simple mind.

Somehow I wish I knew why it always takes me so longggggggg to get somewhere, anywhere.

Suffice it to say I am lost in translation and wandering around some wilderness I can’t even give a name to.

The enemy has taunted me with his fiery deceptions along with a battle with my emotions.

I really hate the devil.

What I have learned is how God’s word works.

It is a steady peace which is a great weapon against the enemy.

A promise of hope.jesus

The awesomeness of His presence.

It’s as if Jesus is sitting in front of us speaking His words right out of His mouth.

That’s what it means in John 1: 14, “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”

Think about it. As we read the Bible, envision Jesus in the next chair uttering the very words your eyes see.

In the Bible mini -series there is a scene of a man walking along the river. He is dressed in a long, camel colored cloak with his head covered by the connecting hoodie. One knows it is Jesus himself showing up where John is baptizing new followers.

He walks with a casual but confident style.

His face is covered from the side view but His presence is overpowering.

His movements are those of a man on a mission.

I realize this is just a movie but this particular clip brings excitement to my soul.  Seeing the Savior strolling quietly yet with such grace sends me to my knees in awe of Him.

This flight of His passage even in a movie brings life to me as He really is. It may be an act in a film but it represents his true character. That of one who desires to be with us, teach us and love us through our journey.

His word comes alive as I read them.

His word is His word and none other.

His word is the same yesterday, today and forever which gives meaning to everything.

That’s it folks: that is what this life is all about.
















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