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Do you have a dog?



If you do be prepared to have your home owners insurance revoked.

Also no back yard trampolines, pool diving boards or slides. Forget those swing sets your children love to swing on. Either they won’t write you a policy or cancel it after they have taken your money.

7 years in this house with a pool and never an issue with writing a homeowners policy, until now. Why? Money.


If you want a good laugh, spend some time shopping around to hear what insurance agents will ask you. From my experience, most companies are more concerned about that yappy or very large dog positioning themselves to guard your front yard than the brick front steps one could easily fall on breaking their neck. They don’t charge extra for dangerous steps, just dogs.

Yes, this is really happening folks.

Part of my job in this household is finances. My husband can account for my penny-pinching inherited trait that has paid off more times than I can count. So when we received a home-owners renewal policy in January that a rate hike had kicked in within one year I decided to look around.  In the last 12 months SC policies jumped 12%.

Sorry to say even the agent who tried so hard to find us a great policy has now been placed on a complaint list. He was excellent. We had a great, fun conversation and he wrote us a dream policy. Arrowhead Insurance had no problem taking my money on January 15th; the entire premium in one transaction only to write me a rather nasty letter with an ultimatum.

No apology or “let’s talk about this.  “No chit chat.” (James Bond: Goldeneye)

After a strange inspector shows up a few weeks ago I receive a cancellation notice Tuesday due to our pool slide.  Never mind the locked fence around the pool; they want the scary slide gone.

The option given was we remove this 2000$ slide, send them a photo that it is removed and they would reinstate us. After speaking to “Mary” at Arrowhead I knew I didn’t want them to keep our money anyway.

Hours of phone conversations between the agents company and the provider, we are simply stuck in the middle. For the record the slide will remain.

An investigation into the conversation between me and the agent is in progress. If he asked about a slide I would have told him we have one. He wouldn’t have written a policy knowing Arrowhead was an arrowhead.  This particular agent had a good record of writing insurance. I was told he would now be reprimanded; they would work within to repair the damage. So much for helping me find another policy and/or the difference in price it may cost us.

Sorry, sorry, sorry were the words from the woman in the complaint department. Sorry, but that doesn’t pay for this debacle and the extra wasted time I am having to put forth to be an excellent customer.  I guess being excellent counts for nothing these days. (LOL)maxicat08

It may come down to insurance companies revoking home owners for their disgraceful, mean spirited, biting cats. If they knew ours I’m sure they wouldn’t consider writing our policy.

The moral to this story is don’t get a dog.

Proverbs 13:11 “Wealth obtained by fraud dwindles, but the one who gathers by labor increases it.”


2 thoughts on “Do you have a dog?

  1. This may not be consolation for you but it’s better that the slide issue come out now – albeit the agent should have made sure it came out before taking your money- – then when you needed to file a claim only to be denied because you have a slide – sad that insurance companies can take thousands of dollars from us only to spend thousands of dollars to find every way to deny having to give us money for which they should be obligated to give us. praying God would smooth this one out for you!

  2. OH Mercy! What will they think up next? Sounds as if you have taken it in stride. I suppose you turned the slide. Uoops I meant side, as in cheek. Good Girl!

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