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Are you playing offense?



Think about this.

You are dangling from a very high cliff. The ground below is pure rock. Falling would be your demise. Would you be thinking about the idiot who tried to run you off the road the day before?baby

You are lying in the hospital sick as a dog. The pain is so bad you can’t move. Would you be thinking about the hateful words your best friend spoke to you the week before?

Your fun day at the zoo was ruined by a bad fall. Not only did you break your leg, observers laughed at your clumsiness. Would you be thinking about how it hurt your feelings they made fun of you while you are laid up?

The moral here is we take offense at the least little thing these days. But when it gets down to the nitty-gritty and life’s hardships, those insulting provocations become trivial. It’s a matter of a wrong perspective along with an attitude of arrogance.feelings

Our society has become a haven for “rights” or “causes.”

Ingrained is a sense of what belongs to “me” and no one else can touch it. Possession is 9/10th’s of the law or so it says but when that possession becomes an obsession, harm prevails and someone is bound to get hurt.

Whatever happened to sharing? Many prefer fighting over ridiculous frivolity to get their picture on youtube or the local newspaper.  The heck with being nice, it doesn’t get you on national TV with your own show….That requires rioting, protesting and killing. Of course the media thrives on shocking the audience all in the name of ratings. And better ratings means more money……

The game of “offensiveness” has become daily rhetoric for the sake of getting attention or filing law suits. Court dockets are full of cases that should be thrown out or never have happened in the first place. Crooked lawyers are making money promoting such court antics.

No matter the reason, society is on the offense; in other words, “how dare anyone say or do anything to hurt me.” Even our leaders are self-centered cowards when it comes to getting their precious feelings hurt.

Well, get over it.

Ask the women and children in Iraq about pain.

Ask those who live without clean water everyday what they are thinking about?

Ask those who have lost loved ones in war what they deal with every day?

Ask Jesus how it felt when he died on the cross for you.


 Graphic by https://churchgraphics.wordpress.com/

2 thoughts on “Are you playing offense?

  1. very good words! God bless

  2. You got right down to the ‘Nitty-Gritty of life as it exists today on this one. Great thoughts. Great writing.
    Grateful for you to be there for us.

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