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A Scrabbling Witness



If you read my posts at all you will discover I love words. Give me English and Spelling over Math and Science any day. You would be sorry if you ask me to add or subtract.words

Words are powerful. Jesus is the word in the flesh. My admiration for the “written word” may have arisen out of my love for reading but also because words are descriptive in nature; beholding of meaning and can make or break nations.

God works brilliantly in our depths of despair. Maybe He was tired of my moaning and groaning unable to do anything for myself much less anyone else. He prompted me to look for a “Scrabble” game on my phone. This moment of enlightenment gave me the incentive to search. Hence, the games began.

You would think by now I would know of God’s elusive creativity better than I do. However he is always full of surprises if for no other reason but to send me off on a “Yellow Brick road” discovery.

Then God spoke.

“Even in your so-called useless state, I can still use you. Scrabble will become a witness to my Glory.”

And so it has.

Even as I have played this exciting, word game over and over I question myself,

“Is this a waste of my time?”

During the course of the last few months I have connected with other “word fanatics” from all over the world. India, Texas, the North east and Australia to name a few. Through this game God has opened communication between me and my opponents to share the gospel, encourage and one case give a prophetic word.

There are those who choose to use a “vile vocabulary.”

In those instances it gives me great joy to display words such as “God,” peace, love, sin, grace or joy! Immediately the tone of the game changes even without a dialogue. The game itself becomes the witness.

A farmer plants seeds to grow crops.calm

Scrabble has allowed me to plant seeds of words to create a harvest.

Go figure.

Acts 1:8

2 thoughts on “A Scrabbling Witness

  1. I’m a Scrabble player. My first post on Sue’s Trifles was about Scrabble. I’ve never played online, though and only challenge members of my family as a rule. And I do have my own rules about acceptable words, so put myself at a slight disadvantage if others are not so fussy. Sue

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