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So I bought myself a ScanSnap



 It’s a new year so I decided to start throwing out the old and scan the new. 

The amount of paper stored of bills, notices, taxes and receipts were weighing heavy on my mind. Not that my mind has worked very well the last year but it sounded good anyway. Limiting the number of trees cut for paper is an ideal excuse. However for 2 people to have so much paperwork is hard to grasp.scanner

As long as I do all the finances here, my husband will allow me to buy anything to aid in this job since he wants nothing to do with it. The ScanSnap IX100 has already changed my life and is somewhat fun to use. Technology is remarkable.

It loads receipts of all kinds and scans them into my computer. The ScanReceipt program that came with it allows me to set up monthly bills, bank statements, and the dreaded taxes I will be doing soon. Once done, the shredder becomes my friend.

The parallel here is how fragile life is. We take a piece of paper and run it through a scanner and then throw it away. We don’t need it anymore because it has done its job. Lately it looks as if many take life for granted or choose those whose life really matters. If one group deems it unnecessary then get rid of them. The devil has people believing they are God.

After this last year of one affliction attack after another I am truly thankful to God for all he has taught me. One main lesson is “humility” of great proportions.  Realizing the importance of how unimportant so much in this life is brought me closer to Jesus than ever before.

In the midst of constant pain and weakness I have encountered the presence of God more closely than any other time in my life. His presence is often silent, but I feel his outstretched hand holding mine wading through the deep dark waters he has allowed me to swim in.  And it has really been dark. And cold. Yet I am more aware he is leading me towards dry land and victory.

Along the tiresome and exhausting swim he has dropped hints; words or aligned my thoughts with a prophecy I read. In fact I had a dream not too long ago that I told to Larry Nevenhoven for an interpretation that may have been different from my own. He texted back with his wife’s interpretation. I read a posting from theelijahlist.com where her interpretation of my dream was practically written in a prophecy from someone I have never met. The thing jumped off the page at me.

Evidently I am not the only servant treading water. Many postings and prophecies I have read over the last year have been along this same line of thinking because so many are sunk in the river of despair of one sort or another. The names may have changed but the miseries are the same.

The prophets are on the same page. The year of 2015 is a “turnaround year” for those of us who have or are experiencing “hell” on earth.  The Gift of “knowing” God has given me has been revealing such a deliverance for quite some time now. It’s as if I know a sudden change is in the next stroke I swim; the treading for breath is a rest in between following the Saviors leading; an underlying jolt of his love sends warm water to surround me.

God allows us to get completely alone; by ourselves absent from the world to see only Him. My life has been absent for a long time from the real world of earth. And what is so awesome is how much of it I don’t miss now. I have learned what is important and what isn’t and I thought I knew all that encompassed.  I have learned what doesn’t get done, can often wait.

I feel drenched in His peace and comfort that he is pulling me through and out to the other side.

The tide is turning; the faithful are moving and God is getting ready to shine.

Now, I have some scanning to do.


Luke 5:37

2 thoughts on “So I bought myself a ScanSnap

  1. 2015 is a “turn around” year? I like that and pray that it may be so in all of our lives.

  2. Treading water! Everything I touch goes wrong! Begging God to use me, blank walls. Keep telling God that I am getting older every day that passes.
    But my faith is STRONG!

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