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The Spiritual Warfare Crisis




So how do we stand against the devil?

Literally speaking we have to wear him out. Humanly speaking this is impossible but Holy Spirit speaking it is a hammer on a nail.

Overcome by seeking God and his word and staying there. Focus on and apply his promises. Wear his armor and use it. Surround yourself with Godly people who have that personal intimate relationship with Him that adds to your army. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Read prophetic words of knowledge and allow God to speak to you even if it is through a donkey.

I thank God for the modernization of available prophetic words and wisdom. Many times I have found assurances and encouragement to keep prodding forward from the wisest souls on earth even if I have no idea what it is God is doing. It’s as if God is speaking directly to me through my laptop.

At my worst stretches in seasons, God has provided messages from prophetic leaders on public domains giving me exactly what I need to hear at that moment in time. And I have never met these people.

As I have mentioned many blogs ago patterns are significant. Why? Because it is one of the enemy’s only tactics to wear us down. Once we figure out how this works it is easier to deal with the miserable process. The patterns of his fight enable us to fight back harder and with greater victory.

It helps to enjoy reading. If you don’t ask God to help you learn how. Reading has always come naturally to me and is one of my favorite things to do. Insert here (God just reminded me) …..

John 1: 1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  The WORD BECAME FLESH!

So this should tell us how powerful the Word of God is. Not only has it lasted since before time began, no other book has ever been written comparable to it. Reading the comics doesn’t make them come alive any more than a romance novel. Maybe John Grisham? Naaaaaaa…..

Anyway when we learn God’s way of fighting the enemy even when we falter and we will, we get an A for effort. In other words do it his way and he will lead you through it.

 As you deal with the day to day hardships, refer to God’s word often. Think of it as Jesus actually speaking to you which is what is really happening.

Learn to fight God’s way.


2 thoughts on “The Spiritual Warfare Crisis

  1. Good post, The devil seems to never tire with me. Sometimes the harder I try to do good, the harder the devil tries to tempt

  2. I enjoyed your post – my wife and I are finding that we can’t ignore the warfare and that we have to keep learning, keep praying, keep preparing and battling in Christ. I’m so grateful for Christ death and victory!

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