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“Houston, still has a problem?”



Having lived in Houston for 5 years in the mid 1980’s, I can vouch that such large cities attract problems.

Thankfully Texas in general is thriving now but when I lived there it had hit rock bottom.

Shutting down oil reserves and companies all but killed the state and Houston was hit extremely hard due to its location near the gulf.  Job loss was so extreme Harris county had over 1 million homeowners walk away from their properties.  Sign companies, one of the few who made out well couldn’t keep up with the orders for “Foreclosure.”

Residential areas were lined with empty, trashed out homes changing the view of this huge metropolis into a visible “ghost town.” Literally, it crashed and burned.

Not wanting to be there to begin with the depressed market certainly didn’t help. Riding around planted a sense of sadness into the hearts of those who remained leaving me with a helpless plateau.

The realization that placing all you’ve got into one basket could have been Houston’s theme. In other words, diversify but only with God’s leading.

Thus was the instrument of panic.

The Federal Government at that time decided to buy oil overseas to safeguard ours. Now some decades later we are still doing so having been held captive to the Middle East providing them with billions in revenue; much of which has been used against us and anyone who doesn’t agree with the Islamic agenda.

Was it the right move? I didn’t think so then and don’t now. I witnessed firsthand the consequences of such panic.

Fast forward and Houston is once again the object of a city government trying to make something work than isn’t supposed to but mostly goes against Biblical principles.

Despite my dislike for being there, most “Houstonians” I met couldn’t have been nicer. They were hard working, caring, church going, and Bible thumping people with a southern twist to “boot.” Yes, they still love their boots, hats and trucks.

The outrage over Mayor Anise Parker’s efforts this week to stifle free speech by demanding Preacher’s send in their sermons for review is not only a selfish act of extreme proportions, it is unconstitutional and illegal.

If every politician chose some belief system of their own to use against a certain group or individuals as she has done, chaos would have consumed the human race by death. This is the very reason God had the constitution written as it was.

The latest admission was the change from “sermons” to “speeches” to make it sound irreligious giving the city council and Mayor supposedly a civil right to their evil deeds.

If she wants to be fair she should,

Require anyone who is claiming the homosexual lifestyle to never say, write or demean in anyway a Christian organization, or any other religious group of their beliefs.

Remove any or all information that may be offensive to pro-lifers, prayers in schools, patriotic monuments of veterans, and public buildings with Biblical references.

Stop atheists from suing any Christian group from upholding their beliefs in public forums and for that matter personal lifestyles.

The list could go on. But if any of these types of attacks are done the attackers should be held legally accountable and brought to justice.

As many in that area including Ted Cruz rally to stop this injustice, I can tell the Mayor and those who support her agenda heedful advice.

Texans are strong-willed fighters for Biblical truth.texas

She is picking on the wrong group of people.



2 thoughts on ““Houston, still has a problem?”

  1. excellent, well said, straight to the point!

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