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The “Iron Dome” of God

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As a Christian and avid supporter of Israel, the Iron Dome is a modern day technological miracle.

Receiving the September Issue of “The Jerusalem Post, Christian Edition” is the story of this literal “piece of work.”  I recommend reading the article written by Viva Sarah Press either online or in the magazine. It is well worth the few minutes to absorb this historical treasure.


Intrigued by this missile defense system as it exploded in the air it has not been given the credit it deserves. Discovering how much of Israel and its people were saved by this action packed invention is staggering. A few notable points made in the article are:

It has a 90 % success rate.

The world’s only dual missile defense system, it counters any attacks within a 43 miles range such as artillery, mortars, aircraft, helicopters and rockets by intercepting them in the air.

Some of the components were made out of a toy car sold by Toys R US.

Multiple threats can be intercepted at the same time.dome

A female around 5’2” inches tall and 105 pounds can activate the Iron Dome.  I’m available.

Less than 4 years the Iron Dome was completed.

Weather conditions do not affect the accuracy of the Iron Dome.

The word “Esthetics” was important in the strategy and scheme of things. In other words, make it look intimidating and contemporary.

Thank the good Lord the United States aided in funding for the development of this system.

It is one of a “multilayer” planned missile defense systems the Israeli’s are working on. The other two are the “Magic Wand” and the “Arrow.”

So who thought of this brilliant machine?

Brigadier General Daniel Gold.  He has a Doctorate in electrical engineering and business management. Using his education, intelligence and business sense he had missile experts and engineers of all ages working to create this master of war.

Called names by many, his motive was to save lives and he was in no mood to wait on any establishment to come up with a better idea.

Now there are 9 of them already being used in Israel and more to come. The surprising success rate during the Israeli/Gaza conflict is a stamp of prodigious proportion.  Since 2011 the Iron Dome has intercepted over 1000 hits.

Writing before about how Hamas was dumbfounded as they watched their own missiles change course in midair, there is no doubt of God’s intervention.

The success of the Iron Dome is a probable factor in the admittance of God’s place in the protection of his people.

Joshua was told by an Angel of the Lord to march around the Walls of Jericho. And the walls came tumbling down killing who knows how many of their enemies.  (Joshua 2)

2 Chronicles 20 speaks of how the Spirit of the Lord spoke to one of the Levite’s. The Spirit told all of Judah what, how, when and what to do in the face of 3 enemies.  Multitudes died; not one of Judah’s enemy was left and it took 3 days for God’s people to get all the plunder.

Joel 3:9 God tells his people, “Prepare for war!”

And how many battles did David fight? Lions, tigers and bears oh my?

God knew there would be wars and rumors of war. He wants to coach and train us for battles of all kinds. (Ephesians 6) The dispute of war is there is no dispute. Evil is unfortunately in the world we live in and we are either going to fight to win or die losers. I prefer to do it God’s way and win.

Now, who would have thought using a toy car from Toys R US would aid in one of the greatest military arsenals ever built? Hhhhhmmmmmm…….


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