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Who Are We?



If you sell your soul to the devil don’t expect to get paid. Ask Al Gore. He sold his TV network “Currant” to the Qatar government.  According to the latest news he is now suing the Qatari Family for the 65 million they owe him for that sale.


It reminded me of what Brian Kilmeade said the other morning; “Atheist are passionate about what they don’t believe in.”

As my father always said, “if you play with fire you’re going to get burned.”


Isn’t America full of educated, sophisticated philosophers?

Isn’t America loaded with intellectuals, Ivy League Graduates with degrees in the double digits?

Isn’t America an innovation leader of technology, solar power and the Muppets?

And the general public wonders why America is sliding down the slippery slope of moral decline, political illiteracy and passing laws our government should read first to find out what is in them.

Honestly, some days I can’t believe what people talk about. Useless conversations about who had the best “selfie”, perilous decisions made out of nomadic behaviors and water cooler gossip about the Kardashian’s is enough to make one wonder “is this really America?”

Sadly, this isn’t funny.

America’s grip on reality has been lost in the translation of deception, lies and Global Warming.

Right has become wrong and wrong is now right. We have voted into leadership golf champion wanna-be’s to messengers of hate based theology.

Many have given a foothold to the enemy allowing our nation to seemingly fall apart at the seams.


God is still on his throne. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He keeps his promises, and his word still stands.

America may have left or tried to push God out, but he remains loyal to his love for our country. We have and are suffering due to our sick society, but he has had plans for us before we were created and he shall not allow his word to become void. (Isaiah 55:11)

I believe God is moving, restoring and activating manifestations in the supernatural realm many of us have waited for. He doesn’t want us to be intimidated or fearful because he has shut doors of the past dry season and opening doors of fresh rain to be poured out on his people.

He is separating the sheep from the wolves; exposing corruption one scandal at a time and ushering in the flow of the Holy Spirit to change hearts to his truth.

There is no doubt the enemy is relentlessly on a rampage, yet God has equipped us (Ephesians 6) (Isaiah 41:10) for war. Praise him, thank him and pray for the peace that passes all understanding. The devil is helpless when God’s saints are at peace.army

Who Are WE? God’s army.



8 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. great read – well written – you make very good points and raise very, very, good questions! God is not going to hold us innocent in all this….for we are the ones that have allowed the enemy to gain so much ground – against his every warning! But when God wipes the slate clean….the immoral ones will not be the only ones wiped off the slate…..those who know God and still allowed the enemy his way, will be wiped off as well! Favorite line: “Right has become wrong and wrong is now right. We have voted into leadership golf champion wanna-be’s to messengers of hate based theology.” God said: they will say good is bad and bad is good did he not? So good to see you writing – a blessing to me for sure! 🙂

    • TY for your encouragement! I have been in the battlefield for so long now I want out! LOL! Thank God for his presence; we are so blessed to have his love and share his prophetic words with us otherwise I would be a mere wreck instead of a wreck! LOL! No he keeps adding little things here and there to remind me he is very definitely around and that is hope! I am excited to see what he is going to do next! God bless!

      • amen…..I have learned to be excited when things are frantic…because I know that God is in the middle of it with working for me……if nothing is happening then….nothing is happening…know what I mean? 🙂

      • I had to come back and read your words here. So right on!
        God is shaking things up. I doubt the enemy has a clue what is about to hit!

      • the odd thing is…..Satan does know – in fact, I believe he knows even better than we do…what amazes me is that he still persists as if there could be a different outcome!

  2. love every word you said, thank you for making this post

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