Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

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I am waiting for God to show up in America.

He has shown up in Israel and from what I have read he owns a lot of property in that region. That must mean he has no intention of leaving.

Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

In the midst of threats, deception, lies, undercover spying, political targeting and scandals, plagues, and major battles God is working behind the scenes.

One important lesson I have learned over the years about God is he has his own time frame of accomplishing his purposes.  Most of us would agree he takes too long, doesn’t have any idea how difficult it is for us or if we will ever get through our present crisis.

This is the fine line between God’s goals and his mercy and grace. We have to remember his son gave the ultimate sacrifice; and that couldn’t have been easy for God.  So it isn’t like he hasn’t been there and done that.  We have no possible comprehension of God’s viewpoint of the Cross of Christ which aids in giving humans a different perspective of their current position.

Posted on facebook yesterday was a photo of a Hamas terrorist hanging two small Palestinian boys by the back of their shirts on a fence. The children were screaming and crying as this man made them into human shields.

The IDF found a tunnel with 16 exits about a mile long into Israel. It was wired with electricity, phone lines and piles of explosives. The uncovered plot was trained terrorists would enter Israel through the exits shooting and blowing up anything in their way kidnapping civilians to use as bargaining chips. And this was one of many tunnels the Israeli army have discovered.  www.jta.org


Here in the US of A we are experiencing one crisis after another and our President has basically “checked out” as Governor Mike Huckabee said.

The Ukraine is fighting for its life.

“King Putin” is slowly losing his crown but in the process wreaking havoc for many people.

Ebola is killing people.

Our border is saturated with sick, scared children who have no idea why they are here or what happened to them on their journey before they arrived.

Our border is an open door to gangs, thugs and terrorists?

Shall I continue or is this enough bad news for one post?

The good news is God’s timing is always perfect. He is never late but rarely early. (mom use to always say that)

It certainly appears the world is almost unbearable, about to blow or how can it get any worse?

Maybe it is what we don’t know God is doing that bothers us.

He appears to have “checked out” of America? The Ukraine? Liberia? www.nytimes.com

We don’t know what he does when Hamas uses innocent children and women as human shields.

We don’t know if he shows up in West Africa during an epidemic of a killer disease.

Has he been in the Ukraine? What did he do to help the passengers of Flight 370 when it went missing? Did he try to stop Malaysian Flight MH17 from being shot down by Russia?

Has God been in the White House lately? The Halls of Congress?

What if anything is God doing about the border crisis?

How could a good God allow so much evil and suffering?

Humans tend to jump to conclusions that God is MIA, unaware or simply uncaring.

Maybe if you spent time getting to know him he would tell you what he is doing and where he has landed.

Maybe if people would read the Bible, pray and enjoy some quality time with God every day he would share his ways and thoughts.

Maybe if we would focus on Jesus love and compassion we would find our assumptions of him have been wrong all along.






6 thoughts on “MIA?

  1. For me, I have to remain to keep my faith that God knows what he is doing. Mean while I need to make sure I am doing what I need to be doing so that when God comes, I am ready

  2. “How could a good God allow so much evil and suffering?”

    The quick answer: He has to allow it because He honors His word.

    We should be the ones who are asked, “Why do we allow so much evil and suffering to exist?” We have the gifts, the authority, the Word, the Holy Spirit, the Greater One living in us, and an open invitation to pray and fast. So what are we doing?

    Thanks. Great exhortation.

  3. Truly a great reminder to all of us in times of turmoil and trouble. It’s so easy for us to get focused on the problems rather than on what God may be (or may already be doing) with the situations going on. I’m reminded of when Jesus called Peter out onto the waves, but began to sink because he took his focus off the One who had enabled him to walk across the water in the midst of the terrible storm. Thank you for sharing.

  4. It is another reminder of prophecy being fulfilled. In the end times people will be heady, high minded, lovers of self, lovers of pleasure… And there will be wars and rumors of wars….I can only say let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus!

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