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Undeniably God




Edom Will Be Humbled

Thus says the Lord God concerning Edom:
We have heard a report from the Lord,
    and a messenger has been sent among the nations:
“Rise up! Let us rise against her for battle!”

For those who don’t understand God’s principles of self-defense, read the Bible.

Battles are not only prevalent, the Creator himself guides many in how to win them.

Who decided Israel has no right to exist?  

Besides the fact the Muslims in Gaza never wanted Hamas there to begin with, Israel is defending itself and has every right to do so; and without the permission of anyone.

Hamas began this fight and now are wondering how they are losing so badly…..Well, you won’t see this headlining the top news makers:


God is changing their rockets course in mid-air? Reports from certain terrorists shooting the missiles watch in disbelief as their aim is thwarted by the God of Israel.  Some are now questioning whether “Allah” is really real. For sure “Allah” hasn’t shown up.

The world, including our own government is questioning the on-going fight over the Gaza strip. Blaming Israel for the deaths of many Palestinians is backwards. God is winning this battle for them; and no one is going to stop him. You would think after centuries of this ridiculous idea Israel is just going to disappear off the map, their enemies would wise up and realize God is on their side.

Hamas continues to fuel this fire using innocents as human shields, placing artillery in schools and public parks and allowing the worst photos to be seen as propaganda. These are sick cowards and the news media is feeling sorry for them. Excuse me? Would the world of television show Israeli deaths if they were losing?

The other headline is Egypt is backing Israel; but you won’t read that on the front of the New York Times or catch it on CNN.

An unlikely ally? Yes. Since the Egyptian’s ousted Mohammed Morsi and his dictator regime, the new government has changed the rules. Hamas is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood which is now an enemy of Egypt.

Egyptians are angry that Hamas is killing other Muslims; the Palestinians are their brothers. Many are questioning whether these atrocity killing terrorists serve the best interest of Muslims.

But what is most disturbing is a Hamas spokesperson is shocked the Muslims are supporting Israel and the West, America seem to be siding with Hamas? HOW EMBARRASSING!

 In the last few days Egyptian soldiers have discovered 13 new tunnels leading into Israel.

And I have never listened to Howard Stern but let’s give credit when it is due.  He recently confessed his Jewish roots along with a public rant beginning with these words:

“If you’re anti-Israel, then you’re anti-America. They’re the only democracy over there, the only friend we have who’s willing to fight and stand up for what’s right.”

God’s love for Israel stands. And we as Americans better wise up and do the same.







3 thoughts on “Undeniably God

  1. This is very interesting. I find myself not watching near as much news as I used to. You have the believers and the non all making their own point of views heard. All I can do is pray. God is in control. God knows why and how this is going to turn out. God help our country

    • Hey Terry, I posted this about Israel because God wants the world to know how much he loves his land and people. Israel is being taunted as the enemy in this battle and God isn’t going to stand for it. We as Christians need to be speaking out in support of Israel; God says in the Bible, “I will curse those who curse Israel, and bless those who bless Israel.”

  2. HAH I love it!! We are literally watching written history unfold!! Glory to God!

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