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Broken Spirited? Get Up and Move



A broken spirit feeds every aspect of a person’s life. Depression sets in like a fierce lion on its prey. The hold it can get is so deep, lies become truths; sleep is impossible and fear turns into hopelessness. I know because I have been there and done that.

While limping through that path, I felt like a puzzle that fell apart and no one was around to put the pieces back together. Literally speaking, I understood the meaning of being broken spirited.

But….somehow deep in my sickened soul I knew my puzzle would be found. Little by little, one piece at a time the puzzle began coming alive.puzzle 2

How did I get from there to here?

The metamorphosis was a one-step-at- time with God leading the way. All I did was follow.

The Bible has and is my strength; my guide and the most inspiring book I have ever read. It penetrates my thought processes until they change or grow into what he is teaching me. His words actually build my faith when I don’t realize it. By that I mean when I first started I had no faith to speak of; didn’t really understand or know what it meant. Now, I am honestly amazed at the faith I have because it is truly supernatural. It isn’t anything I could get on my own; it had to come from God.

Here are some examples of where I was in my thinking to where I am now.

Use to be trusting in doctors took precedence over my health. Now, I believe God over any doctor or clinic. The issues that have plagued me over the years use to grieve me so much it would take a lot longer for me to get over them than it does now. God has given me a desire to get up and do what he wants me to do which aids in better health.

Getting offended by people was a spirit breaker. God has taught me how not to get offended by anyone or any situation. I am not bothered by the opinion of others towards me.

Instead of viewing people as they are in the natural, God has changed my thinking to see them as he does. This allows me to forgive easily and pray for them.

I look forward to every day now. Waking up is a joy knowing God has a purpose and plan already in his schedule for me.

Contentment and peace have replaced dread and depression.

Courage and boldness have replaced fear and panic attacks.

Wisdom and knowledge from God have given me understanding and discernment into the lives of others and circumstances I would not otherwise have learned.

Truth is what needs to be spoken and God has given me the mouth to speak it.

My entire outlook has evolved from being a victim to a victor; from the person who tried to keep the peace my own way to doing it God’s way. My view of life has taken on the truth that all things really are possible with Jesus; he is the answer to any problem.

The relationship with Jesus is the center of everything. When you embrace him, seek him and yearn to understand he is the best friend anyone can ever have, you will begin walking a bright, new path no matter what you are going through.

I have mentioned this before but in the movie “Joseph,” Ben Kingsley plays the part of Potiphar. His incredible talent adds to the storyline of Joseph’s plight and rise to the 2nd highest authority in Egypt. Once while Joseph was in prison, a conversation arose about his unjust incarceration. Mentioning it to Potiphar, his response was,

“Prison or not, Joseph is always free because wherever he is, so is his God.”

I am now free.chains

4 thoughts on “Broken Spirited? Get Up and Move

  1. What a beautiful testimony. So much of what you said I connected with as I have walked through my mourning and loss of income. I cling to your words and I keep reminding myself I cando anything through Christ because he lives within me. Thank you

  2. You’ve done such a great job of putting into words what depression and a broken spirit are! I also have been there/done that. As for you, God has been delivering me “little by little” from the depression that crushed me. And as I’ve heard some people say, “I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I used to be,” and I believe God who began this good work in me will continue it until the day of Christ Jesus. One Scripture that has been a real encouragement to me is Deuteronomy 7:22-23–“And the Lord your God will clear away these nations before you little by little; you will not be able to put an end to them quickly, lest the wild beasts grow too numerous for you. 23 But the Lord your God shall deliver them before you, and will throw them into great confusion until they are destroyed.” (New American Standard Bible)
    God bless you,

    • Hi Tricia, TY for your kind words! And like you God has delivered me little by little over the years in many areas of my life. Sometimes it isn’t fun either! LOL! But in the end it is always a great lesson learned and one for future testimony. God Bless!

  3. Great words for all of us to hear often. Thanks.

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