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Broken spirited? Get up. (Part 2)




No one enjoys getting kicked. Even worse is the layers of kicking after the initial kick. No one is immune, but the degrees and timing can have major consequences or setbacks.

The flesh can’t get up on its own for long. It doesn’t know how, is totally ill-equipped and without restraint.  Temporarily it may be able to ward off beatings and get right back up but many variables aid in that goal. These inconsistencies or fluctuations waver, change or likely disappear leaving the stalwart standing alone.  

The fool believes they are born smart, intelligent and able to take on the world. And even larger fool is the one who grows up still believing such a lie.  The day arrives when the walls come tumbling down and the flesh is left as a pile of dead skin. Lifeless.Rottenecards_2957358_qvw4xjsdxr

The “skeleton” asks the question, “how did this happen? I had it all.” That is your pride speaking.

You missed his call. His memo; his text.  His book remains on the bedside table collecting dust.

You failed to listen or just weren’t listening. You ignored the truth and never invited him in for that morning cup of coffee and personal conversation.

So you begin your pity parties; self-loathing and whining.  Playing the victim appears to give some attention back to your “land of me” (Tucker Carlson) lifestyle.  But as time passes these implementations lose their substance and appeal. Your desire to fulfill them becomes a drag on your system; a circle of endless pain with no solutions.  Stuck, trapped and hopeless becomes your daily walk.  And you have to where to look or go…..

Or do you…..


5 thoughts on “Broken spirited? Get up. (Part 2)

  1. great post!!! lots of thinking in it

  2. “You ignored the truth and never invited him in for that morning cup of coffee and personal conversation.” I love this line!

    I was just having coffee with a friend this morning and we happened to bring this up. She said that, for years, she refused to eat breakfast or have coffee before spending time with the Lord. Just recently she realized that she could invite God in and they could have a meal together. Jesus broke bread when he walked the earth. Why wouldn’t we want to follow his example and continue to break bread with our loving God, “inviting him in for that morning cup of coffee and personal conversation”?

    Great post!

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