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Playing with Fire: What is a Soldier?

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As I sit and listen to the Secretary of Defense make his case for a trade of a military deserter with terrorists, it is a relief to know who the Father of Justice is.

God hates injustice. (Psalm 37)

The question just arose from a Congressman to Sec. Hagel,

“Have you weighed the cost of what it would be if we have to find and capture these 5 Taliban leaders again?”

Secretary Hagel was almost speechless when he answered, “well, no.”

Should this question have been an assumed notion?

Obviously not or this trade for Bowe Bergdahl would not have occurred.

The reason the White House never consulted Congress before this trade was finalized is because it would not have passed a majority vote.

Never mind the members of his military platoon who were there and the testimony they have given; Sec. Hagel all but called them liars yet he wasn’t there when Bowe decided to leave. He wasn’t present when Bergdahl’s co-workers went looking for him and 8 died doing so.

And why was Bowe Bergdahl captured by the Taliban and held prisoner for 5 years?

Facts just don’t add up.

We have a VA Hospital scandal of maximum proportion where who knows how many of our veterans died at the hands of evil people who declared to be God themselves.

We have yet to find out why 4 men were killed in a raid in Benghazi that should never have happened.

We have a Commander in Chief who has cut salaries, benefits and more jobs in the military while the world becomes more dangerous, belligerent and unsafe to live in. Recently I was made aware of 50 contract jobs of employees at our base here who some have worked for years that are on the chopping block. Yet we pay welfare/food stamps/Obamacare for people who don’t work but can.

We have hundreds of children being dumped in Arizona by a President who is using revenge against Governor Brewer in conditions unfit for animals.

The list of ill-fated decisions from the Obama Administration goes on and on. Pandemonium in the White House.

The argument is we don’t leave a soldier behind no matter whether they desert or not. And do we trade them for known terrorists during wartime? We are in a war(s) aren’t we?

So what determines a soldier?saeed

Those who wear uniforms and fight for the freedoms of their own.

Those who don’t wear uniforms and fight for the freedoms of their own.

Why aren’t we fighting to release Pastor Saeed who has been in an Iranian prison for over 2 years who has been beaten over and over?

Why aren’t we fighting to release prisoners held in North Korea who are being held for “Acts of Treason” against the government there?

Why aren’t we fighting to release a marine held in a Mexican prison?

Why aren’t we fighting FOR our armed services at home and deployed instead of  treating them like traitors? 

Why aren’t we fighting for our Veterans on our own soil? 

Aren’t these men and women also our own?






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