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Something is missing. It has been for a long time.

Shuffled around, excused or lack of interest removed the Holy Spirit from God’s people.  Add to that recipe embarrassment and you have generations of Christians living in darkness. So who is supposed to be the light?

Interesting note here. When the Romans crucified Jesus they expected his word/gospel/teachings etc. to die with him.  The enemy had no idea God would use those who trusted him to spread it. Otherwise they would not have nailed him to a cross.

Sadly, without the filling of the Holy Spirit the Church has limited access to the abundance of God.  As with time, the devil and his forces have used every possible lie, deception and/or misguided effort to keep the people of God at a distance from the Holy Spirit.

Another interesting note. The number of fallen angels that fell with Satan hasn’t changed. Demons cannot procreate.  Yet, with 7 billion people inhabiting the earth at present you would think they had demonic gnomes or trekkies coming out of the Star Trek fan club.

Overtime hours of Satan has placed evil at the top of our list of news these days. Of course he enjoys the popularity and famous notoriety many in the media world are giving him. It adds to his so-called efforts.

“Gateway” churches have sprung up all over the world. Acceptance, or get them in the door so as not to offend anyone. Give them what they want to hear instead of the truth because the truth has become the greatest infraction of the human heart in our society. Forget punishment for wrongdoing; honesty and integrity are considered extreme. Another ploy of the enemy.


What he doesn’t know or see is the work God is doing behind the media scene.

An explosion of sorts; a colossal, solid work of art led by the Holy Spirit. God doesn’t need an audience to perform miracles, deliverance’s or the supernatural.

He does need hearts of faith in him. Churches willing to go beyond the Sunday Call of Worship into the realm of Heavenly reverence and adoration.

God needs groups of his people prophetically speaking, performing healings and utilizing languages given to them by the Holy Spirit.

The church needs to step up to the plate of Holy Spirit gift giving joy and teaching, apostleship and discipleship. Close the door of pride and open up the gates of Heaven.

God is well aware of the world’s mess. It isn’t like he wasn’t expecting corruption, death and religious wars to erupt. It also isn’t like he wasn’t prepared to win either.

He did his part. Now it’s time for us to do ours. He is ready to pour himself upon the mess and clean it up.

Invite the Holy Spirit into your life. Continue to pray, listen and wait.

One day you will feel a wind blowing past your face and you will know….

acts 2 




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