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I Beg to Differ (Conclusion) Prepare to Surprise Yourself

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Without realizing it, I grieved 4 years ago when we were told by the surgeon immediately after he had cut a foot out of dad’s colon, the next 3 days were critical.  Hitting me like a brick this wakeup call set in motion that God had allowed me time to prepare for his passing. I am sure that is not the only reason but I was extremely grateful.

Informing my husband and daughter months after this major surgery I simply wasn’t coping I embarked on the journey of letting him go.

The following is what God taught me. Hopefully his guidance here will help others.


Begin seeking God immediately about letting go of anything especially other people. In other words; hold people loosely.

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you scriptures that will aid in giving you strength and whatever he thinks you need to deal with loss. Prepare.

Speak all that needs to be spoken. This is especially helpful for people who live away from those they love. Technology today grants no excuses for lack of communication.

Understand how temporary this life is on earth. We are truly passing through.  Pray for the salvation of those lost ahead of time.

Lean on Jesus. Place any fears, doubts, or worry at the Cross for him to replace with his presence and peace.

Understand our security lies in God alone; not people, places or things. If a “crutch” has been built, ask God to remove it and replace all protection, confidence and refuge in him. Get to the place where you go to God as your sanctuary.

Allow God to restore in our hearts that person in the perfection of Christ Resurrected. In other words he will become that one we lose.


The key is to seek and stay as close to God as you can.  These principles work not only in the loss of loved ones but many other types of losses.

I can promise you this works. The person, the child of my father that I asked to be at the day of his funeral showed up.  God gave me more than what I thought I would ever need. He endowed me with strength that I do not possess in my emotional and physical humanness. His peace and presence surrounded me when in the past I would have fallen apart. His compassion for knowing my loss was engraved in my soul. He knows what it is like to lose a loved one.

The difference surprised me.

The difference overshadowed any grief I had had in the past.

The difference made the present circumstances which had been a lifelong dread, very bearable.

The difference was all “Divine Intervention.”

The difference was all God.

All Jesus.


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